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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Billy Mitchell MAME MEMO

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - No matter what the evidence says, Billy Mitchell is still my hero.

Today, a MAJOR memo that demolishes the “evidence” behind the much-debated actions of a heavily respected institution dropped:

The Billy Mitchell MAME memo, published for all to see in the Donkey Kong Forum. (Not to be confused with Donkey Kong series fan forum DK Vine.) 

For those not in the know of one of the three only good things to come out of the Video Game Awards 2013 (VGX 2013), Billy Mitchell is an amazing arcade game high scoring professional, notable for getting the first perfect score on Pac-Man. He also has records in other games as well, including Donkey Kong. There was a whole documentary of it (one of the best movies of any kind of all time, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters), and it continued ever since.

Well, Billy Mitchell was portrayed as a villain in the documentary (see embedded video below for why he's so awesome at that role, and is an awesome person in general that I want to be like), and people have long believed that he was using controversial/rule-breaking methods for his high scores, which brings us to the memo.

According to the memo, Billy Mitchell's 1,000,000+ high-scores in Donkey Kong arcade, previously getting him in the top 20 Donkey Kong scores, are fraudulent and are actually not done in the arcade version as Billy Mitchell stated, but a MAME emulator. Not only does that mean Billy Mitchell lied about how he played the game, but MAME is not a perfect replication of the arcade, and may also allow for multi-session recordings that can be spliced together to make it look like it was all done in one run.

Billy Mitchell star tie Donkey Kong Country Returns
Fortunately, they're not gonna patch out Billy Mitchell's tie from Donkey Kong Country Returns.
But with all of these ports, who knows?

These scores were done a long time ago and have always been the subject of controversy in the community, since they weren't performed live in front of an audience, or with a trustworthy referee. (Todd Rogers, who previously verified one of Mitchell's scores, is also the subject of scandal.) Now people want to go back and make sure the leaderboards represent valid playthroughs.

By the way, the memo conclusively provides evidence that Billy Mitchell lied. It does not conclusively provide evidence that Billy Mitchell cheated.

Billy Mitchell has not responded to these allegations, and I'm not entirely sure he still cares. He has a wife, kids, and some hot sauce to sell.

Billy Mitchell white suit jacket American tie
Buy some Rickey's World Famous Sauce. (If you think KoopaTV has outdated web design, look there!)

While Billy Mitchell's depiction in the documentary is quite a ways different than how he actually is due to selective editing, there must still be an element of historical and delectable scumbaggery if you send in fake records to be at the top. Ludwig wants to live by Billy Mitchell's example.

With regards to the Billy Mitchell statue in Donkey Kong Country Returns, the Tikiz will at least defend the statue from being demolished by the Kongs. There really are decent people on both sides!
Billy Mitchell's records were stripped away from him, but have returned... at least in Guinness. The Donkey Kong forum and Twin Galaxies are still against him.
Rickey's hot sauce isn't even easy to buy by 2020, and his website is just down.


  1. How could you possibly purposefully ignore the other memo that happened to leak today?!

    I'm, of course, referring to the memo that happened to be published on my Twitter profile (! Unbelievable, purposefully dodging critical information like that...

    1. Because it hasn't been declassified.

  2. This is the same guy who also sued Cartoon Network when one of its shows parodied him a couple years ago.

    1. Yeah, the judge in that case made a bad call, since that guy is obviously based on Billy Mitchell.

      (We researched it while writing this article.)

    2. Whom is this we?


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