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Friday, March 1, 2019

KoopaTV's February 2019 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's time for a return to a (temporarily-retired) KoopaTV feature!

Did you know February is the shortest month of the year? ...You did? Yeah, everyone knows that. But did you know that despite that, KoopaTV in February 2019 didn't get the short end of the stick? Surprisingly decent month.

February was actually a fun microcosm of what makes KoopaTV a unique site, from that first week dedicated to Pancakes vs. Waffles, to an Enlightenment Movement article, and even some activism. Plus, caring about stuff that no one else does. Really hard to say that KoopaTV is like any other site you see out there. More on all of that throughout this newsletter!

Top Five Recommended KoopaTV Experiences of February 2019

There's no KoopaTV being a premium videogame commentary story without great experiences happening on a consistent basis! And that happened. Here's my evidence: the top five recommended KoopaTV experiences of February 2019.

(Everything on KoopaTV, whether or not it's on this list, is worth your time.) 
  1. After a Week of Pancakes vs. Waffles Articles, Ludwig Picks...  — Almost a cheating pick, but this article represents all of what happened with KoopaTV's gimmicky (and that's far from a bad thing) coverage of the Splatoon 2 Pancakes vs. Waffles Splatfest. Ludwig, of course, makes his pick in this article.
  2. Yoshi's Crafted World's Train-Building and Cow-Murdering Philosophies — Among many of KoopaTV's established canons and philosophies is that trains are a terrible mode of transportation, and cows are to be cherished. Yoshi's Crafted World contradicts those. We deal with it.
  3. Rawk Hawk: The Spirit Battle — RawkHawk2010's birthday present... Rawk Hawk from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as a spirit battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Featuring similarities between Rawk and Incineroar.
  4. Vote Ludwig Von Koopa For Biggest Troublemaking Koopaling! — Ludwig takes a Play Nintendo poll asking kids which Koopaling is the biggest troublemaker the wrong way, because he's losing. He lobbies KoopaTV readers to help him win.
  5. Generation 8 and the Galar Region: The February 2019 Pokémon Direct — Instead of doing a reaction log for a 7-minute Direct, Ludwig shared his initial thoughts on the reveal of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

All of those articles were presented in chronological order, not in order of greatness or anything like that.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of February 2019

After... complaining in the previous newsletter, I was much more pleased with the comments from you guys in February 2019! Here are the top three best comments during the month, presented in chronological order:

  1.  “I ordered a Pokeball Waffle Maker and it is supposed to come tomorrow as of this post as long as no one steals the package. Making waffles for team Waffles won't be as bad as having to set time for making the homemade salsa for Team Salsa.

    Ludwig probably gets asked this as much as a person who needs plastic straws gets asked about why they just don't use an alternative straw but is gluten free pancake/waffle mix an option so he can form an opinion for himself about this Splatfest?” — ShinyGirafarig
  2.  “Sven is the reindeer, Kristoff is the blond and it is spelled Arendelle but I am assuming this does not count for correction points.

    Me being disappointed in Ralph Breaks the Internet after how much i loved Wreck-it Ralph showed me that Disney is not very good with sequels in general.

    AT least this article was not connected any way to a certain fake Disney game.” — ShinyGirafarig
  3. “Solid reveal. The purpose is very clearly to show that it'll be a conventional Pokemon game, and they'll delve into whatever new features the game has later on. A good chunk of the internet is upset over it not being a magical open-world game, but getting one of those right wouldn't mesh with their traditional release schedule, which requires churning out a new generation every 3 years, which works for them in terms of keeping the series perpetually relevant in tandem with remakes/expanded re-releases. They get to annually milk the segment that buys everything, while still spacing mainline releases just enough to avoid franchise burnout, but it does make it harder to reinvent the franchise like Zelda sometimes does.Remember that both BOTW and Ocarina of Time had lengthy and messy development cycles that meant droughts for mainline Zelda entries, and while they paid off, time spent out of the spotlight can be a negative for a franchise. Gamefreak cares about money, not critical acclaim, and they have a very effective formula for making it that they aren't going to abandon as long as it works.” — ArdainianRight 

My only complaint about these comments is that they don't use the é in Pokémon or Poké Ball. It's important, folks. Otherwise, I like ShinyGirafarig's referencing of earlier KoopaTV themes in her comments, be it troubles with shipping companies, supporting salsa, and plastic straw activism. And while she can't get correction corner points for a guest post, she can still be recognised here as having a best comment. And ArdainianRight made very coherent and well-thought out points about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. And I liked responding to it, too.

As for the worst comment of the month...
  1. “The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought you have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention. Good lodge in Springs” — seomonster [their hyperlink omitted]
The vast majority of the time, I delete spam posts written by robots. They aren't likely to complain about censorship from that, right? But this spam post was so... unique in its approach (you don't see them since I delete them, but they're usually trite, generic comments about how good my article was) that the staff demanded I keep this one.

No, rather than play nice, they actually trashed me in our reaction log Bethesda E3 2017. I guess they're right that most of the log was whining about their presentation was,'s not like they actually read it. 

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 24 RESULTS!

And the winner of the $10 Nintendo eShop gift card is someone who has already been name-dropped here, and it's not seomonster...
  1. ShinyGirafarig — 64 points
  2. Kody B. — 43 points
  3. Lheticus Videre — 41 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 26 points
  5. BIG DOGGO — 22 points 
Congratulations once more to ShinyGirafarig. I'll e-mail you your card code after Shabbat ends for you. And now for...

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 25!

That's right. It's now Round 25 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! Everyone's favourite participation incentive contest where all of KoopaTV's readers compete to see who can contribute most to the site in the form of comments, guest submissions, requests, corrections, and more! See that page for all the information you need to know.

The prize for Round 25 will be one $10 Nintendo eShop gift card code. That's it. One prize. For first place.

Duke it out.

KoopaTV Feedback Forms and Quizzes Returning: XVIII!

After being gone for half a year, the 18th iteration of KoopaTV's famous Feedback Form and Quiz will be returning this weekend. These allow you to not only get big points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, but they also allow you to submit feedback to KoopaTV's staff directly and affect the site, as well as test your KoopaTV knowledge in a fun, multiple-guess way.

It's not available immediately after publishing since I haven't started making them. But they will be! Soon! And it'll be fun and you'll enjoy it.

KoopaTV Now On The Fediverse!

KoopaTV has opened up an account, maintained by Ludwig, on the Fediverse. That stands for federation universe. It's a bunch of social network servers that can be connected to one another. The technical details are a bit confusing to me, but it was explained to me that it's decentralised social media distributed in a way similar to e-mail. Outlook and Yahoo Mail are run by different providers through different websites and servers, but they can still talk to one another because they're “federated”. Different providers in the federation are called instances, and it's really easy to set up your own.

The instance that KoopaTV's account is on is called Free Speech Extremist, and you can follow us (me, representing KoopaTV) here. Honestly, the only reason I'm there is because the Nintendo fans at GAB, another social network KoopaTV is a part of, fled GAB because that site is quickly showing itself to be a good idea run by bad management. I won't go into too much details in here (I keep debating whether or not to write a dedicated article about it), but Ludwig got no less than three separate requests to follow the GAB refugees to the Fediverse.

I do it for the fans.

“KoopaTV has joined us! Now it's a party!” Says ArdainianRight.

I kindly ask that you don't look at some of the... other posts on that instance and associate KoopaTV with the opinions expressed there. We can look unsavoury all by ourselves without guilt by association. 

I've updated the corresponding pages about our contact information and knowing when we update. Which segues into...

New KoopaTV Vanity URLS

On other sites, if you go to their website url and put a forward-slash about or forward-slash contact, you usually can get to those pages fairly easily. Not on KoopaTV.

Well, that was the case until now. Check out and That's right. We're following best practices now.

Let us know if there are other pages on the site that we should make those vanity URLs for. Because there probably are.

Corrections Corner; February 2019

Right at the end of February, I didn't proofread my article on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield and I complained that Sword should be renamed to Spear. Unfortunately, at that part of the article, I wrote that the names were Sword and Spear, instead of Sword and Shield. Got a bit ahead of myself, which undermined my point. ShinyGirafarig caught that within five minutes of the article being published, before it was even shared to anyone. Point to her for enthusiastically checking KoopaTV at night for a new article! The error has since been corrected.

Share KoopaTV to your friends... and if they ask what it is, be sure to respond with glowing praise! Because KoopaTV deserves praise. And it has to glow. Shiny colours.

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  1. There was a time where I gave you until the morning of the next day to correct it yourself. It was the one where it was written that Team Trick won in error. Maybe I should do that again to make it more of a challenge for everyone.

    1. Maybe I should read my articles before publishing them.

      Maybe I should give you your eShop code.


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