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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Knowing When We Update *Updated June 2019*

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's really not hard.

So you really like us here at KoopaTV. You want to follow our content and know when a new article is posted. Well, there are several ways to do that:
  1. Put KoopaTV as your homepage. 
  2. Like us on Facebook. For every article that's posted, a new Facebook post is generated on that page with a link to the article! (Not recommended as of September 2014 due to Ludwig being banned from Facebook, and the Facebook page being deleted)
  3. Friend or Follow Ludwig's personal Facebook account, but be careful if it gets banned or something. 
  4. E-mail subscription. Click this link to enter your e-mail address to automatically receive the previous day's KoopaTV article to your e-mail inbox, with the article headline as the subject line. You'll be prompted to click to read the rest of the article at the article's page break. Your e-mail address will be shared with no one and will only be used for this purpose.
  5. Subscribe to button. This should give you a feed of new content with your RSS feed, if you use that. It'll give you pre-page-break content.
  6. Follow us on Twitter. For every article that's posted, a new Twitter tweet is generated on that account with a link to the article!
  7. Follow KoopaTV's mascots on Twitter. (The mascots got abducted.)
  8. Follow us on Tumblr! Right here! (KoopaTV ended its Tumblr.)
  9. Friend or Noise us on Ello! Right here! (KoopaTV ended its Ello.)
  10. Follow us on GAB! Right here!
  11. Follow KoopaTV's turtle mascots on Instagram! (The mascots got abducted.)
  12. Follow KoopaTV on the Fediverse! (From any other account you have on the Fediverse.) 
  13. Follow Ludwig on MeWe.
There is different flavour text from one social media account to another, so go love your favourites..

KoopaTV had a dedicated social media manager. She was pretty cool. Her name is Noxial. Read more about her here.

Noxial left and joined ISIS. Woops.

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