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Friday, May 24, 2013

What is the Enlightenment Movement?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The truth.

I mentioned in the opening introduction article for KoopaTV that "I lead the Enlightenment Movement, an educational revolution." I didn't actually say what that means. On Miiverse I mention that the Enlightenment Movement is "a public education campaign directed against certain plumbers." That's certainly more informative, but not complete.

The Enlightenment Movement is the name retroactively (and currently for our ongoing operations) applied to the intellectual arm of Koopa Keep, the organization I formed and commanded. Back in the day (2004-2005) on NSider, Koopa Keep started off as a fairly militant institution, trying to vanquish our pro-plumber foes by force. Eventually, Nintendo of America outlawed this type of warring from the Nintendo NSider Forums (wasn't our fault!), but Koopa Keep's message remained and its members stuck together. We still had enemies (the infidels — those non-believers who were patently against our mission and would defend their old way of thinking at all costs), and to win public opinion we had to outsmart them and save the saveable.

In non-fancy, antagonistic language, the Enlightenment Movement was also known as the "Mario is Evil" cult. We think the Enlightenment Movement is a better name. Makes us look less crazy.

This educational movement aims to widen and adjust the lens that people look at the events and activities that are engaged in the Mushroom Kingdom. We think that it's not an obvious black-and-white situation where King Bowser is some evil dictator and that red-hatted man is a heroic, admirable liberator. No, it goes much deeper than that.

KoopaTV will occasionally have Enlightenment Movement features. Just saying, these take a lot of time to make and come up with new material for. Back on NSider, Koopa Keep and its supporters collaboratively wrote giant essays that were attacked by the denizens of the Mario board. We hope with KoopaTV serving as the intellectual kingdom for pro-Koopa revisionist history, we'll eventually have an even broader base of people to expose our line of thinking to.

Truth-tellers going against the establishment are always portrayed as heretics. One changes the course of history by staying true to your convictions.

Ludwig hangs out on the Donkey Kong Jr. community on Miiverse, the most obvious opportunity on there to spread Enlightenment Movement principles. Follow him at Nintendo Network ID PrinceOfKoopas.


  1. First off, I wanna say you guys are horribly outnumbered in this movement.
    1) Why do you keep kidnapping Peach? Seriously, that's unnecessary and dumb.
    2) Why is Bowser still trying against the odds? He has been beaten 20+ times!
    and finally,
    3) Can I comment that Bowser loves flowers? I mean, look at Mario 3D land. He puts flora in many of his stages. He has even put some flowers in some of his Mario Kart stages!

    1. Outnumbered: All movements start this way (although we're far from starting, I guess)

      1. This'll be touched on over the course of many articles in the future because there are a variety of possible and justifiable reasons.
      2. This may also be touched upon, but one of the reasons is a personality quirk in his own plans.
      3. Yes. Flowers are wonderful. I once maintained a field of them.


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