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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Launching KoopaTV!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is definitely gonna be interesting.

Today marks the launch for us here at KoopaTV. We've brought in a team of regular contributors, and from today forward you can count on our reporting and analysis of what's happening in the news.

We're going to have daily videos for you to enjoy. Not only that, but now I want to introduce you to our team of commentators who will follow the news and give you our take on a many-times-daily basis. They are:

Ludwig Von Koopa. You've heard of me, right? I'm the boss of Koopa Keep, and I will give you my insights regularly, and I'll also contribute a daily video commentary. I lead the Enlightenment Movement, an educational revolution. We don't think of things the way the usual person might, and we have personal experience for why we don't. I've had plenty of experience over the years building long-distance communities, and I pay attention to the pulse of the fanbase. 

YoshiRider123. A frequent contributor to NeoGAF and a moderator at NSider2, YR described our decision to add him to the team this way: "lol." Right. I am honestly a little scared. He was never actually in Koopa Keep, but that won't stop us. He's probably the most sane of the bunch as a result. I don't think he actually believes in the Enlightenment Movement, either.

RawkHawk2010. Rawk is quite the media figure in his own right. After years of posting on NSider, Rawk still does the occasional NeoGAF gig - including one post where he proclaimed his allergy to Miyamoto's toxic gameplay-first philosophies. Rawk was also with the DKVine for many years (those people with all the reports touting Rare characters), so you can depend on lack of sensibilities coming from Rawk. 

Kamek. Our chief researcher, Kamek's main contribution will be his daily briefing. It's a no-frills, just-the-facts presentation of key information you need to know every morning. If you want to be armed with facts to win the debates of the day, Kamek's daily briefing is a must. He's been with Koopa Keep for many years.

So we'll be ready to roll, and not a moment too soon with E3 starting and Nintendo Directs throughout. It's a great time to roll out KoopaTV, and a great time for you to join in the discussion!

Follow Ludwig on Miiverse at PrinceOfKoopas, or his YouTube and deviantART accounts by the same name.

YoshiRider123 is no longer part of KoopaTV.
RawkHawk2010 is on unpaid administrative leave.
We hired a new dude. His name is Vortexica.


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