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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Sonnet for Sakurai

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I wrote this for Rawk's Creative Writing assignment.

Once upon a time, my colleague RawkHawk2010 was in a college-level Creative Writing class. He was in an extensive poetry unit, and he needed a good sonnet. So I basically wrote it for him. He proceeded to drop out of the class before he got the grade on it! Ugh! 

So sonnets are ABAB-CDCD-EFEF-GG in format and should have around 10 syllables per line. For example:

So around this time, Sakurai broke his wrist or whatever and Super Smash Bros. 4 was in danger of being canceled. So Rawk requested that the sonnet be a serious topic, and separately we wanted to do something to wish Sakurai well. So I combined all of these conversation overtones into one product!

Get well soon Masahiro Sakurai
Your repetitive strained wrists hurt us all
For Smash Brothers Four we hope you don't die
Because without that game Wii U will fall.

Invigorate yourself with the fountain
of dreams and youth, with a perfect Brain Age.
Cease your incessant Twitterin'
You must Recover and get back on the stage.

It’s not a Spring Breeze or a piece of cake
To develop games and age in reverse
A dude might just trip and a wrist might ache
But that’s the way of the Wii Universe.

Namco code monkeys will burden your weight.
You'll be okay, heroes always arrive late.

Again, Rawk dropped out before we got the grade for this (followed by him dropping out of college entirely). His class did read it, though. I dunno if they liked it. Did you?


  1. Decent. I mean, half of them might not even know who he is. I dunno.

    1. Pffft, everyone should know Sakurai!

      HE'S A LEGEND.

    2. His games are a legend*
      japanese names are difficult for puny mortal minds.

      I'm on a sugar high, and that means nonsensical stuff.

    3. He's a legend too!

      As the sonnet makes reference to, he gets younger as he ages.

      He's like 19 or 20 or something here over 20 years ago:

      Look at him now.

    4. Or in one screenshot:

      (TVTropes notes this!)

    5. h-how is that...HOW THE HECK IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?
      Seriously, I thought he was a teenager when I looked at those more recent pictures!

    6. lol

      Yeah, do you agree that he's a legend now?

    7. Well, not to the masses, but yes, he's an enigma for sure.

    8. Then let's go on a Sakurai promotion campaign.

  2. While I do not think the teacher would like this, due to an assumed lack of knowledge on the ins and outs of videogames, I myself like it a lot. Especially that part about the Spring breeze aheheh. The extension they added to that song in super star is perfect. I wonder if there's a word for that, extending an already written song, then going forward with that extension as apart of the song forever. They have done this with Dedede's theme and i think they even kept the little bit they added to his theme in star allies, and brought it to forgotten land. Neato.

    1. It's called an arrangement + the original being memory-holed.


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