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Sunday, May 19, 2013

About KoopaTV Radio (And Listener Calling)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If you're a listener, then yes, YOU can call in!

One exciting aspect of the KoopaTV project is the new KoopaTV Radio aspect. You're probably wondering, "how is a blog a TV?" Well, to address that, we'll have a pre-recorded daily (by the way, "daily" on this website means weekdays) show that's exclusive to KoopaTV (uploaded on my YouTube channel)! So for all of those who enjoy the sound of my voice on my YouTube channel, (then again, my voice changes frequently from video to video) y'all get to enjoy a ten minute max talk show up to five days a week! Note: These may be uploaded at any time of the day and still be considered daily. It depends on my personal schedule for when I can upload and record these things.

So what's the format of the show? I introduce the show, and read off some of the Daily News Briefings posted by Kamek, along with giving some of my commentary on it. Since it is a talk show, most of the value is of course in my commentary, which may or may not be amusing to you.

Since an oral version of a KoopaTV article doesn't sound that appealing, I'll also respond to any listener e-mails. To send one of these, e-mail me with the subject line "KoopaTV Radio" or something like that. I'll read your e-mail on the air and respond to it.

But isn't some of the fun of a radio show the listener calls? We at KoopaTV agree, which is why we're also offering an opportunity for just that. Send me a Skype contact request at PrinceOfKoopas saying you'd like to call into the show. We'll set up a time, and I'll record the call. There will of course be a time limit because any given episode isn't going to go over the ten minute mark, but what you say will be recorded and what I say will be recorded and it'll be included in the radio broadcast. So while it is still pre-recorded, it's live in the sense that your call is unscripted. Please be constructive and thoughtful in your calls or I'll cut you off, though. And don't breathe heavily into your mic or anything annoying like that.

And that's that. I'll do my best to act like a right-wing talk show host! Except the subject matter is on videogames and the industry, not politics. ...I could talk about that too if you really want. Anyway, I wish I could pull off the following type of thing, but unfortunately, I can't. Not yet.

Before he starts chainsmoking to try to emulate Alex Jones and then die from throat cancer, be sure to follow Ludwig on Miiverse! His Nintendo Network ID is PrinceOfKoopas. His YouTube channel is neglected, but to see his wide range of voice-acting, go ahead and watch through his entire Let's Play of Paper Mario Badgeless!

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