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Friday, May 31, 2013

WHO is Developing Yoshi's Island 3DS?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This article is why KoopaTV will never be taken seriously by anyone.

So in a previous article I was really ecstatic that Yoshi's Island 3DS wasn't being developed by the losers at Artoon, because they don't know how to develop a good game. That begs the question: Who IS developing it?

To solve this problem, KoopaTV has claimed an exclusive interview with Nintendo Customer Support Representative, Mari Helm.


Hello, I was wondering who is developing Yoshi's Island 3DS. Nintendo developed the SNES one in-house, and Artoon developed Yoshi's Island DS. Since Artoon no longer exists, who is developing Yoshi's Island 3DS?

Thank you.

Mari Helm: 


Thanks for contacting us. I'm glad you wrote in with your question. Currently, we don't have the information you are looking for. However, once Yoshi's Island 3DS has a release date scheduled more information will come available. I would recommend you keep on eye on the latest Nintendo Direct announcements as they will have the latest information on upcoming games. The following link will direct you to the latest Nintendo Direct:

Additionally, Nintendo of America is currently active on both Twitter (@Nintendo America) and Facebook ( You may find your answer at one of those resources.

These sites allow us to share information and important announcements with our consumers. If you need help with one of our products or have any consumer service-related questions, please visit our support website (


Nintendo of America, Inc.
Mari Helm
 And there you have it. Straight from the source: Nintendo has no idea when Yoshi's Island 3DS will come out. They also have no idea who is making it. I believe the two problems go together.

If you have other ideas for interviews or connections to interesting people to interview, please comment! In the meantime, Ludwig will continue to look for interesting people on Miiverse, where you can follow him at PrinceOfKoopas.


  1. That is so ironic that Atari's problem becomes Nintendo's problem.

    Oh, wait, this became Nintendo's problem so long ago.

    1. Would you like to explain what you mean?

    2. Atari had a problem- the games were being rushed, and a lot of them became really low quality.

      That's not essentially what I mean- Nintendo's not exactly rushing it's games, but some of them are becoming low quality.
      *Mutters Indistinctly*

    3. Well with Nintendo, I've seen a lot of subjective things on the quality of their games.

      I think at KoopaTV we find more fun in thinking things suck (like Sticker Star) than actually acknowledging they're good (every Sakurai game) despite many people apparently enjoying Sticker Star.

      Now, for Yoshi's Island 3DS, we don't know anything about the quality or when development started. If we (or anyone, for that matter) knew who was actually developing it, we could have a timeframe for when development started. For example, we know that Smash 4's development couldn't have started until after Kid Icarus Uprising was done.


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