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Saturday, June 1, 2013

KoopaTV Has Gone Through May!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A reflection and a look into what's to come.

While we haven't gone through a full 30 days here at KoopaTV, we have finished the month of May. It's June now! What does June mean? June is the biggest time for news in the videogame industry, thanks to E3.

One complaint that I haven't heard but I imagine you might think about is that KoopaTV is failing to provide articles on very current, relevant topics. Things like the Xbox One announcement went by without an article, only receiving passing references. 

We're not a news site, we're a commentary site.

That means what the news cycle does is give us more things to talk about, which does not necessarily change our time preference for wanting to talking about it. What could budge our time preference is if you request something, though.

KoopaTV is built upon you enjoying our staff's personalities, writing style, and opinions. We're nothing without it!

So expect more of that type of style for content. Now, we are looking for additions to the staffing team (primarily because I don't like the idea of writing 75% of the articles). Qualifications include:
  • Good and INTERESTING writing
  • Funny (and an ability to poke fun at oneself)
  • Good opinions
  • Passion
On that note, starting in June, we'll be taking and publishing guest post submissions. Those are from YOU guys! For more information, you should click here.

Here's a list of the top 5 articles we definitely want you to read from May:
  1. KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Nintendo Direct 5/17/13
  2. Could Smash 4's Newcomers Be Terrible?
  3. Coy Thoughts On Boycotts
  4. GameStop and Xenoblade 
  5. What is the Enlightenment Movement?
Of course, we want you to read all of our content (especially because we're self-referencing now)! And we love to hear from you through your comments. And tell your friends about KoopaTV too (do our advertising for us)!

Now that with the new Miiverse update you can see stuff without logging in, Ludwig can directly link you to his latest posts! Check out his (latest and lamest) attempt to promote Captain Vul!

For next month's lookback, click here!
For next YEAR'S lookback, look here!

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  1. (Yes, this is Early Installment Weirdness where a live log got into the list.)


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