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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Future of the Red Cap

By SONGSING - It's pretty worn-out already.

The Mario Brothers franchise is widely considered to be the most popular videogame franchise of like, all time. Its gameplay, while now seen as fairly simple and obvious, was quite the gaming innovation back in the day. I mean, it got to the point where you were this plumber going around and jumping on Koopas and such. While this may not universally be considered a good thing, it was very addictive! What worries me, however, is how much further can this concept be stretched?

Now, after the initial platforming games, Nintendo released a myriad of spin-offs. These included sports games, puzzle games, racing games, whatever the bigwigs concoct in their little spin-off factory. This way, a giant portion of all Mario games aren't even platformers. The nature of the side games produced makes them very difficult to elaborate upon without just repeating the previous iteration. For example, Mario Strikers was a soccer game that incorporated various characters and elements from the series. Its sequel, Mario Strikers Charged, could hardly be considered progressive gameplay-wise. It's still just the characters playing Mario-themed soccer.

The platforming games have had multiple iterations as well. Main progressions in this series include (are only) updated graphics and different, fun little elements to play with, along with some strewn-together "plot." Nintendo has made a risky leap with this series, though. Mario Sunshine and the Super Mario Galaxy games were 3D versions of the previously-2D platformers. I think this is a good direction to head in, but after the plumber goes to space, I'm still left wondering how much further this franchise can go on.

He's not satisfied with just causing mischief on his planet; he's gotta fuck up the entire cosmos!

All-in-all, my predictions for the future of this Koopa-abusing guy are: either games will be made to coincide with and showcase features of new consoles Nintendo comes out with, or they'll just keep upgrading and redoing old games until they've exhausted every single remake-able game, then start remaking THOSE games.

Or maybe they'll come up with something amazing. I dunno. Tell me what you think's gonna happen and/or how I'm completely wrong in the comments!

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  1. Well, 3D World certainly doesn't showcase the Wii U.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's a SEQUEL of 3D Land.

      All-new levels, power-up, music, characters (MULTIPLAYER), and presumably excuse plot.

  2. Mario 64 was good.
    Mario Sunshine was good.
    Mario Galaxy was good.
    It went from a castle, to a group of islands, to AN ENTIRE SET OF GALAXIES...
    So now, what's next...
    Mario Universe.

    1. Smash Bros. had the same problem where they took all the cool fighting names.

      Now look where that title is!


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