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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kirby Super Star's Marketing

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The falsehoods continue to this day.

With Kirby Super Star, designed by Masahiro Sakurai and HAL Laboratory, now on the Wii U Virtual Console, a whole new generation of gamers are now playing this Kirby gem. Well, no, that SHOULDN'T be true. Kirby Super Star Ultra, its remake, was released just in 2008! And it's so much better.

Chow down on a ninja, and get Fighter! Chow down on a fighter, and get... Wing!

The game was marketed as saying that it has "eight games in one" (The Arena apparently does not count as a game). Compare to every other Kirby game which is, by default, one game in one. However, if one compares the amount of stages (and thus content), Kirby Super Star falls short.

The NES game Kirby's Adventure has 40 levels (4 + 5 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 +6 + Fountain of Dreams) and a boss rush arena mode, along with three minigames. Kirby Super Star has three stages in Spring Breeze, a boss fight, four stages and a final boss fight in Dyna Blade, four areas in The Great Cave Offensive, eight planets in Milky Way Wishes, and seven chapters of Revenge of Meta Knight, for 28 levels. It also has three minigames and a boss rush arena mode.

It's a valid comeback to say that the levels in Kirby Super Star contain more content and are better designed than the levels in Kirby's Adventure. But why not say Kirby's Adventure has four games in one and a boss rush?

None of this takes away from the fact that Kirby Super Star is an amazing game, of course. Its remake is the second-best game in the franchise (behind Kirby Air Ride). Unfortunately, its fans fall into the marketing. When trying to recommend via word-of-mouth to people to buy Kirby Super Star (you saw this on NSider and now again on Miiverse), they parrot that the game has sooo many games in it. They make it seem like the game has more content than it really has — One "game" in Kirby Super Star is equivalent to one "world" in a standard Kirby platforming adventure. Everyone should stop with this idiotic marketing ploy and promote the game on its actual merits.

Nintendo's product description for the Wii U Virtual Console release contains,
Our round, pink hero will have to journey through six main games and two minigames, finishing with the ultimate showdown in the Arena. Each game offers its own story and variation of platforming action, as well as unique environments and an assortment of enemies.
I wouldn't call these "main games" when you call a whole package like Kirby's Adventure a "game". Look how confused people get!

I was one of the people who answered the question, saying "relatively short". No one tried to persuade him otherwise.

Speaking of which, there is no doubt that Kirby Super Star Ultra is so much better than its SNES predecessor. Helper to Hero alone doubles the amount of content in the game. Since I don't want to double the amount of content in this article, I'll save a discussion on how much value was added to the remake compared to the original for another article.

Ludwig has the Kirby Super Star community on his favourites in Miiverse, although he considers his true home to be the Donkey Kong Jr. community. Go follow him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas! He is obligated to talk a lot about Kirby Super Star because he is the foremost Captain Vul fan on the Internet.

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