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Monday, June 24, 2013

Artemis Review - SUPER MEAT BOY!

By ARTEMIS - Because this game deserves a better reputation than it has.

Oh, this game. OH, THIS GAME. Infuriatingly difficult, but fun. SO FUN. It's Super Meat Boy by Edmund McMillen, folks. I'm going to review it to make you see what I see in it. Because this game is better than you might think.

GRAPHICS. How does it look? It's...terrific. Cartoony, gory, and vibrant. Never dull in its color scheme. 8/10 for not standing out terrifically, but being good looking at the same time.
Meat Boy is just a boy without skin, not a boy made of meat, for the record.

CONTROLS. Is it playable? The answer is yes. I find it harder to play with a keyboard, but it's just because there aren't enough directional buttons. It's easy to get into and the controls work fine. They're responsive, although they're a bit...too responsive. It takes a while to get used to. 7/10.

GAMEPLAY. Is it any good? HECK YEAH IT IS! I find its insane difficulty to I love this game so much. The gameplay is great platforming. Yes, the difficulty can be quite annoying, but the deaths always feel like it's your fault, not the designers. You leave blood trails along where you touch as you go, so you have a way to see "Oh, I jumped too late and was mutilated by a saw!" You only lose control if you're reckless, and you have so much fun playing that you don't realize how much you're dying (I DIED 8,000+ TIMES IN TOTAL) 10/10.

STORY. How does it go? In short, Meat Boy loves Bandage Girl. Bandage Girl loves Meat Boy. Doctor Fetus hates both Meat Boy and Bandage Girl and kidnaps Bandage Girl to get back at them. Meat Boy must save Bandage Girl. 7/10. (Not original in the slightest, but...meh. It doesn't need a story. The game has a simple premise.)

MUSIC. How does it sound? OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS SO GOOD SOUNDING. It sounds like something you might hear as a remix of an old 16-bit tune. From the moment you start the game it punches you in the face and then laughs at you. 10/10.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.4/10. Buy it and play it, because you will have fun.

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