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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The CAPCOM Store Grand Opening!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Featuring no Ace Attorney sellable items. (Not yet.)

Just so we don't get confused by similarly-titled grand opening store articles, the CAPCOM Store is a digital storefront selling all things CAPCOM—merchandise and games. Plus, there is a membership rewards program, which is sort of like what Club Nintendo used to be. (Nothing compared to the free KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, though!)

It just opened. Grand opening! 

Let's see what's on the CAPCOM Store. Fortunately, CAPCOM put together this awesome group artwork of their major franchises to represent the store:

CAPCOM Store Grand Opening Dragon's Dogma Monster Hunter Resident Evil Street Fighter Ace Attorney Devil May Cry
From back row to middle row to front row, left to right:
Grigori (Dragon's Dogma), Rathalos (Monster Hunter);
Arisen (Dragon's Dogma), Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2), Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2), Zombie Cop (Resident Evil 2), Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2),
Ken (Street Fighter V), Ryu (Street Fighter V), Chun-Li (Street Fighter V), Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney), Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney), V (Devil May Cry 5), Dante (Devil May Cry 5), GreatSword (Monster Hunter World);
Mega Man (Mega Man), Roll (Mega Man), Nero (Devil May Cry 5), Palico (Monster Hunter World).

There's just one problem with that artwork, compared to what's in the store.

All of those franchises are represented in the store except for Ace Attorney.

Monster Hunter has the most amount of stuff, with oodles of plushes, game configurations, figurines, and more that you can buy now or pre-order for when it's available later.

You can buy Dragon's Dogma. You can buy over a dozen different product configurations of various Resident Evil games. Street Fighter V and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition as well, plus season passes.

Want Devil May Cry 5? Go ahead and pre-order it. Mega Man 11? That too. Unless you want it on a Switch. Then you need to be put on a waitlist.

There's even Ominusha: Warlords, Dead Rising 3, and Ōkami HD.

But you can't buy anything for Ace Attorney.

How about the membership rewards? You can't buy them, but if you get enough CAPCOM points (good luck), you can redeem them! Well, there are artbooks for CAPCOM fighting games, Devil May Cry, and Monster Hunter. Nope. How about the figures? Nah, all Street Fighter and one Monster Hunter.

Surely a quirky series like Ace Attorney is in the Other category? Nope, Mega Man is there with the Mega Man 9 soundtrack, and Mega Man-branded headphones to listen to it with. (But there's no Mega Man 11 instrumental soundtrack!) There's also Dead Rising and Street Fighter pens, belts, and a Mega Man pillow that is obviously inferior to what Sleep Kirby offers.

Ace Attorney is the only series that is important enough to be on the shop's artwork, but not important enough to be actually in the shop.

Let's hope that changes soon. Perhaps with some physical Ace Attorney game cards? Or collectible items? Where are those OBJECTION! foam fingers they used to have? I'd buy that.

Come on, CAPCOM. We're eagerly looking forward to Ace Attorney stuff. It's the most important franchise you've got!

Ludwig recalls that CAPCOM actually did have a web store with a much different layout before this one, though it was mostly kept a secret. It had Ace Attorney things on it, though.

Compare the tones of these articles... this one was celebrating how a CAPCOM Executive put Ace Attorney at the forefront.
Ace Attorney has one representation in the Other category with the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
The CAPCOM Store centrally hosts the CAPCOM Summer Sale of 2019.
CAPCOM is using that picture for much more than their store, but as their general representative franchise picture. Except they selectively edited away the attorneys...
The CAPCOM Store had a grand closing as of May 1, 2021.


  1. "Ludwig recalls that CAPCOM actually did have a web store with a much different layout before this one, though it was mostly kept a secret. It had Ace Attorney things on it, though."

    Indeed there was. I preordered Okamiden from them so I can get the Chibiterasu plush keychain.

  2. "All of those franchises are represented in the store except for Ace Attorney."

    "Except for Ace Attorney."

    Ya dun gave me deja vu on that one, Ludwig.

    1. This contrasts a lot with my "CAPCOM Executives are paying attention to Ace Attorney!" article, doesn't it? I'll add that as a related article...

  3. I bought things from the old Capcom store, too. I think they also had an official store through... Zazzle, maybe?

    1. ...Eh?
      Was the old CAPCOM store not official...??

    2. No, it was. I meant it to clarify that the Zazzle store was also official (since Zazzle is a place where anyone can put a design on a shirt and sell it).

    3. Oh, hm.
      Seems like you didn't buy anything through that.

    4. I think all my Ace Attorney shirts came from there.

    5. ...I wannnnnaaaa Ace Attorney shiiiiiiiirt.


    6. Oh hey, it still exists!

    7. I'm going to assume that CAPCOM forgot this existed, since it hasn't been promoted or updated in several years.
      Made in 2010, updated in 2011, and that's it.

      2012 had Dragons Dogma, but that's apparently not even continued.,_skateboards

    8. Well... maybe they'll combine everything into the new Capcom store and get more merchandise?

    9. (Requires them to remember it.)

      With Zazzle, the merchandise doesn't exist yet. It's made to order. Custom.
      With the CAPCOM store, I suspect it's all already-made and sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

      Very different models. CAPCOM relies on Zazzle's technology to get the stuff made, so they can't move it off there.
      I would think.


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