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Monday, February 17, 2020

Exclusionary Ace Attorney Ad

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I know Phoenix Wright is disbarred, but what did Miles Edgeworth do to deserve this?

If you're reading this now, that means the February 2020 CAPCOM Publisher Sale is over. Did you take advantage of it? Did you completely miss being able to purchase Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy at 50% off? If that opportunity passed you by, it sure ain't MY fault. But it could've been CAPCOM's. Observe:

CAPCOM Publisher Sale Facebook Ad February 2020 Miles Edgeworth Phoenix Wright removed Steam discounts
Left: CAPCOM using a Facebook ad to target people interested in CAPCOM stuff, I guess.
Right: The CAPCOM Publisher Sale page on Steam that the ad leads to.
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are suspiciously missing from the Facebook ad, despite being prominently in the centre of the original artwork. (You can get a list of all of the characters in that artwork back when it was used a year ago for the CAPCOM Store.) CAPCOM's designer very consciously replaced the attorneys with GreatSword and Palico from Monster Hunter World, since I guess Rathalos in the background was going to be cut off and they needed some form of Monster Hunter representation since Monster Hunter was responsible for CAPCOM even being afloat for a while.

But there's a surplus of folks from, say, Resident Evil. Does the zombie cop really have to be there? As I mentioned in my header text, CAPCOM has every right to disassociate with disbarred, crooked Phoenix Wright. But Miles Edgeworth still has a viable career, and in multiple countries! Surely they could prevent a whole franchise from disappearing, and especially one with such an amazing discount behind it.

Can one extrapolate this purposeful Ace Attorney snuff and extrapolate that CAPCOM doesn't have any greater plans for the franchise? ...Sure. Should you? I don't think so. Though, after several years, I'm doubting that “Ace Attorney 7” ever really existed. We'll keep hoping.

The proper way to read the article title is that it is an ad that excludes ace attorneys, not that it's an ace attorney ad that excludes everyone else. It's not often that KoopaTV gets to make TWO Ace Attorney articles off of one event, especially a very limited-time sale, but KoopaTV is an Ace Attorney fan site with arguably more gusto than being a Koopa Kingdom propaganda outlet. Which permutations would you have made with CAPCOM's source image's characters to fit within the Facebook ad? Is Ludwig just trying to be an unwarranted victim? Was CAPCOM making up for Ludwig excluding everything BESIDES Ace Attorney in his promotion of the sale? Discuss in the comments section.


  1. It's one thing to be excluded from Super Smash Bros, but it's a whole nother level when the series' own publisher excludes Phoenix from their own marketing. Just imagine if it was another company, say Nintendo, and they excluded the plumber from an ad featuring their biggest franchises. As great as this sounds, it just would not make any sense. Then again, that is Capcom for you.

    1. Alright, you obviously know how to bait me regarding how wonderful it'd be to exclude a plumber.

      But you know who is in the centre of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter mural? Kirby. You know who isn't at the centre? That plumber. Or his brother.

  2. Why did the Facebook ad move the position of the Devil May Cry characters, too?

    1. What if the Devil May Cry characters are actually staying still, but CAPCOM instead moved Mega Man and Monster Hunter closer to the centre?

      Regardless, I dunno.


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