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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Benjamin Hunter Returns In Ace Attorney Trilogy Languages Patch; CAPCOM Publisher Sale 2019


Back in May 2018, KoopaTV first reported on the unfortunate mental health issues of Los Angeles prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. The prosecutor fled to France to die and took on the name BENJAMIN HUNTER.

A month later, we gave an update on Miles Edgeworth/Benjamin Hunter. He was still alive, though curiously was training an ape

After that, we haven't heard from Mr. Hunter. Many assumed he's dead, since that was his intention.

Well, thanks to the new language patch in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (available today on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch for French, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese), we've discovered that Benjamin Hunter is, in fact, alive. We found this out from a French (?) detective, Dick Tektiv. 

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy French Dick Tektiv Detective Gumshoe
“Exact, my guy... M. Benjamin Hunter en personne !”
Approximately means, “Exactly, my guy. Mr. Benjamin Hunter in person!”
Mr. Benjamin Hunter, in fact, still appears in the French courts. We're glad he's still alive. However, it doesn't seem like we were supposed to be aware of that information, and Dick Tektiv gave it to us inappropriately:

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy French Benjamin Hunter Miles Edgeworth inspector general inspection
“*groumpf* (Notre inspecteur est bon pour une inspection générale...)”
Approximately means, “*grumble* (Our inspector is good for a general inspection...)”

I'll note that Benjamin Hunter is making puns that Miles Edgeworth in America would never make. Edgeworth would grumble something about how the detective better remember that he has a (salary) evaluation coming soon, while Hunter is grumbling about inspectors being inspected (for salary).

I'd say the first thing they ought to collectively inspect is the 2019 CAPCOM Publisher Sale, alternatively known as the second CAPCOM Summer Sale of 2019. (The first CAPCOM Summer Sale of 2019 was a month ago.) This features all kinds of CAPCOM games at discounts, including Devil May Cry at 25% off like I said it'd be.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy 3DS is $11.99, as is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is $8.99, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is $9.99. Nothing new in terms of how low those discounts are.

For the new console (and PC) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, that gets more interesting. On Nintendo Switch, it's $19.99 (33% off) and the sale ends August 29. On the PlayStation Store, it's $19.79 (34% off). On Steam, it's 33% off but at $20.09. On Xbox Live, it's... $29.99 still, unless you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Then it's $19.49 (35% off). For all the crap Nintendo Switch Online gets, at least you don't have to be a subscriber to that to get discounts from the Switch's virtual storefront, unlike many discounts on Xbox Live.

It's unknown why all of these prices are slightly different, but I encourage you to buy on your favourite of those platforms.

It's good that Benjamin Hunter is alive. I don't know what became of his ape. I wonder if he knows what happened to Phoenix Wright... and his current struggles with homelessness. That might be why he's in France and not Los Angeles.

Ludwig should probably take his own advice and buy these on-sale games, but he'll wait for the winter sales. You should buy now though. Or buy after the sale ends so Phoenix Wright can get the most royalties.

The next Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy sale is in November 2019.
The next CAPCOM Publisher Sale is in February 2020, and Ludwig has screenshots of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy in French from his own playthrough.
Ludwig encountered Benjamin Hunter's ape in a July 2020 tennis tournament.


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