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Friday, August 30, 2019

For Your Information: John Delaney Isn't Actually Moderate

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Look at his voting record and positions.

I think this is the last time I'll be able to write about former Maryland Congressman and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate John Delaney. He didn't qualify for September's debate. He doesn't have a chance to qualify for October's debate. Our 2020 presidential coverage, at least for the Democrat primaries, won't really extend past the debates...

Tulsi Gabbard also didn't qualify for September's debate due to rather arbitrary (but pre-established) rules from the Democrat National Committee. Disgusting Kamala Harris supporters made a #TulsiDidntQualifyParty hashtag, still having a grudge from when Tulsi Gabbard torched Kamala Harris in the second debate. They were posting happy black women .gifs or something. They might still be doing that. They're a bunch of vindictive people. Note that they know that what Tulsi said about Kamala is right, but they're so caught up in their identity politics that it doesn't matter.

But what about John Delaney? He opened up his second debate performance attacking popular-with-small-donor socialists Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That got him a lot of ire from progressives on Twitter during the debate, but there's literally no #DelaneyDidntQualifyParty hashtag. He just has a joke #Delaneymentum hashtag used by someone promoting a John Delaney drop out petition with thousands of signatures and has become the Democrat 2020 version of Jim Gilmore back in 2015–2016 with Gilmentum.

The John Delaney campaign has made an announcement stating it won't drop out because it wishes to tell the truth. We're all about the truth on KoopaTV. Levity, too.

Here's the truth.

John Delaney isn't a Republican in disguise. He's not even a moderate. He's an extreme, anti-Trump, big government left-winger just like the rest of them. 

John Delaney is pretty much where President Barack Hussein Obama was six to eight years ago. Believe me, back when that guy was in charge of America, KoopaTV wrote all sorts of negative things about him. We considered him a far-left extreme guy. Now President Barack Hussein Obama is considered a “moderate” like John Delaney and Joe Biden. Since then, Democrats and other socialists have been working hard to shift the Overton window—an important concept representing the spectrum of acceptable political discourse—far to the left.

While he was a Congressman, from 2017 to 2019, John Delaney voted with the stance of President Donald John Trump a mere 34.4% of the time. On any issue that the President has a stance on. The conservative Heritage Foundation gave him a lifetime score of 12%, and his last two years in office a 9% score. He voted party line 95% of the time, while the average House Democrat did so... 96% of the time.

I guess relative to other Democrats he's 1% less crazy than the average, but in absolute terms, he's still an extremist who wants to spend trillions of additional dollars (and think of the taxes necessary for that) to spend on inane climate fantasies, social welfare (including on illegals, which he favours amnesty for) and government takeovers of various industries, including healthcare, guns, energy, and really everything (especially retail and restaurant) with his minimum wage plan. He literally doesn't believe that the federal government should be bound to balancing a budget.

Those aren't moderate positions, or really Democrat-lite. That's standard 2019 Democrat Party stuff, put in a weird, bald, grinning package. While John Delaney talked a good moderate game on the debate stage with his rhetoric, he only looks reasonable compared to who else he's standing next to. It's the equivalent of a super-hardcore gamer saying she'll play for 24 hours straight without breaks, vs. a super-hardcore gamer saying he'll play for 24 hours straight, but take one bathroom break and one snack break. They're both on the fringes of commonly-accepted behaviour. (I've done 9–12 hours straight, though.)

As for why there's no hashtag parties celebrating his lack of debate stage presence? Well, it's because the party already happened, and he was the host of it:

John Delaney commitment to Black America Detroit photo op
Did all of these people know that John Delaney was using them for a photo op
for the purposes of having a banner image on his “Commitment to Black America” campaign web page?

Ludwig isn't sure why he was fascinated enough with John Delaney to write an article trashing him on a videogame website. There's just something mesmerising about the guy. He was banned from discussing Astral Chain or Pokémon Masters on the site by the other staff members because he's “embarrassingly ignorant” on those topics. Ludwig does know that he wanted to use the phrase “Overton window” at least once on the site.

Here's what September's debate was like without anyone to root for.

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