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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Best and Worst Nintendo Switch Online Discounts in the World!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The worst discount is more interesting to me, because that's the kind of person I am.

Hey, want to save money? Sure you do.

Normally $35 through the Nintendo eShop, the Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership is on sale at $28 instead of $35 at Target right now. Family Groups are how KoopaTV's members are all on the same plan—it's a quirk for being employed at KoopaTV. You can purchase this to stack with an existing family plan. If you want to be in the KoopaTV Nintendo Switch Online Family Group without being in KoopaTV's staff, the spot currently held by the winner of KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 22 will be up for grabs as the prize for Round 28 (September 1 to October 31...that's starting super soon).

If you're like me and haven't yet purchased the Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you're in luck. It's 20% off on Amazon at the moment. That means it's $20 instead of $25. ...Quite frankly, I still have a philosophical OBJECTION! to buying season passes without knowing exactly what's in them ahead of time. “You know what's in it! A fighter, their stage, and music!” No, I want to know what SPECIFICALLY is in it. If it's a Creeper from Minecraft with a mine stage with “Revenge” as the music, I'd rather buy all the other fighters individually than have that thing on my stage selection/character selection screens. Not all characters and franchises are created equally.

Hey, want to waste money? Sure you do.

Normally $20 through the Nintendo eShop, the Nintendo Switch Online 12-month membership is on sale at $25.18 instead of $32.27 at right now. ...I recommend you read that sentence again. marketamerica scam worst Nintendo Switch Online membership reverse discount rip-off
What the...? But yet... this is truly what is offering. I know, it sounds too bad to be true.
$32.27? No, you save $7.09 for $25.18! ...For a membership card that says $19.99 right on it.

That sort of thing is probably why, despite the excellent and premium domain name, is not among the eCommerce giants that make up the Internet today. Even the likes of KoopaTV can run a more competent eCommerce site than that.

Which of the three discounts written about in this article is your favourite? The 20% off the Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership, the 20% off the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass, or the 26% on the Nintendo Switch Online 12-month membership? (Ludwig decided that if a discount is “off” the price, a reverse discount is “on” the price.) Remember that if you're actively around and participating with KoopaTV for the next two months, you can get a 100% discount on a one-year Nintendo Switch Online membership!


  1. I do concede that it's more competent than many of those products in the KoopaTV Store are actually real? Because most of them, to me, fall under "who would actually buy this?"

    1. I'll leave that question to Rawk since it's his store.

      I just want to rant that Nintendo's eCommerce sucks too. I just did the Target deal and got the code for another year of family membership.

      In order to redeem the prepaid download code, I needed to give Nintendo a credit card/Paypal ANYWAY.

    2. Is it just me, or is this not the first time on KoopaTV that you've complained about this...?

    3. I complained about it before, but this is the first time I've complained about needing to do it to renew an already-existing subscription.


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