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Thursday, August 15, 2019

DuckTales Died For Street Fighter-cosplaying Duck Figures?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I think it's worth it?

Last week, CAPCOM announced that DuckTales: Remastered would be leaving digital storefronts on August 8–9, 2019. It's gone now from all consoles and Steam.

Nevermind that no one's been thinking about DuckTales: Remastered recently. In fact, the last time we did, it was March 2014 and it was an entire gaming generation ago. The caption associated with DuckTales didn't age well, I guess:
“Why leave DuckTales to die when it can see new life and new sales from new folks?” 

No explanation was provided, though Disney is probably responsible. It seems highly doubtful that CAPCOM woke up one day and decided to kill it off—though Disney likes doing that with licensing and expirations. Probably pretty similar to what happened to the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series on the Nintendo eShop. Either way, you can still redownload DuckTales: Remastered if you purchased it previously but removed it. No one is stopping you from still playing it. And, of course, good ol’ reliable physical versions still work.

Nintendo did their weird thing where they scrubbed DuckTales: Remastered from their website entirely. (Archived game page here.) CAPCOM still has their page up, because the game still exists. Developer WayForward (CAPCOM is only the publisher) still has the page up on their website, because the game still exists. ...I guess after this article is published those pages might go disappear.

Anyway, where those ducks have fallen (perhaps they got hunted, as was a popular sport back in the DuckTales heyday), new ducks have taken flight. And this remains CAPCOM-related, so this probably is a big conspiracy. Behold, the TUBBZ cosplaying Duck collectibles, featuring Street Fighter:

Tubbz cosplaying ducks Street Fighter Blanka Ryu Ken Chun Li Numskull Designs
There's a bunch of these Numskull Design Tubbz ducks from other media franchises, but CAPCOM is represented just by Street Fighter.
...For now?
(Left-to-right: Blanka, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li.)

Apparently, these ducks yell “QUACKOUKEN!” (In canon, not the physical product.) And you can see Ryu is about to throw out a Hadouken. But look at Ken. He's clearly using his flame-based Heavy Shoryuken.

If you try to buy any of these at, you'll find that... they're not purchasable yet. They are pre-orderable, however. “Estimated delivery mid/late December.” They are priced at $13 each and they are three and a half inches tall. That's taller than most amiibo are, but similarly priced.

As far as I'm concerned, they're much cuter than any amiibo is. They should be mandatory purchases for any Ryu/Ken player in Super Smash Bros... or, you know, in Street Fighter. I'm even considering buying one of them. Or multiple. And I'm actually fairly scared of fighting against Ryu and Ken.

My dream in the end, however, is for some Tubbz ducks for the cast of Ace Attorney. That would be so amazing. Please, CAPCOM? Well, knowing CAPCOM, they'd want a bunch of these Street Fighter ones purchased first in order to prove demand for any other franchise ducks.

This is exactly the kind of merchandise that the world deserves, isn't it? Don't you agree? Or are you more pessimistic about people having access to great things? Do you think that the souls of the ducks from CAPCOM-published DuckTales were harvested and turned into making duck forms of the CAPCOM-published Street Fighter cast? ...If you won't entertain that possibility, this article makes significantly less sense, so please think this way. Ludwig actually has several duckies that are presumably meant to be played with in a bathtub, though he keeps them on his shelf among amiibo and plushies.

Rawk Hawk has had a duck form already for a while now, and it's a KoopaTV film star.
DuckTales Remastered reappeared about seven months later like nothing ever happened.

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