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Friday, August 2, 2019

Thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 4.0.0 and Splatoon 2 Version 5.0.0

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm terrified of fighting HERO!

At the remaining days of July, we got updates to both Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's the final major update for Splatoon 2 (and very possibly the last minor update as well), though Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has many to come.

Splatoon 2 Version 5.0.0 Thoughts

There actually isn't a lot to say. As promised at the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019, version 5.0 would deliver a Splatfest Turf War mode in Private Battle (the local multiplayer mode), featuring Splatfest stage music, the Shifty Stations, and prior Splatfest team ink colours. This presumably also includes the dreaded white ink. Fortunately, I will never experience Private Battle in Splatoon 2, so this isn't something I gotta deal with.

There is also the Splatfest Tee Replica as a new shirt, which makes the Ability Doubler gear ability permanently available. It's a bad ability, but at least it's not permanently gone.

That's it from a content perspective. Shooter weapons got stronger against the Booyah Bomb's armour, and there were some modifications to the Shellendorf Institute and New Albacore Hotel stages that I don't care about. The Octobrush weapon in Salmon Run also got a big buff (though the patch notes misspelled “swinging” as “swining”) with 50% more damage. That should make it somewhat more usable now and make Salmon Run shifts with the Octobrush not an auto-skip decision. The Inkbrush is still unaffected, unfortunately.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 4.0.0 Thoughts

You probably care more about these thoughts than the Splatoon 2 ones, don't you? Well, alright. There's some rather insignificant additions (like World of Light getting a Very Easy mode—I haven't played Easy mode, but I've heard it's already a breeze). Slime got a $.75 Mii Fighter hat that's very reminiscent of the ChuChu Cap in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, which is my preferred outfit.

Slimes are also represented along with many other elements of the Dragon Quest series in this update: 

Three Blue Slime Victory Screen animation Hero Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Now this is DLC I can support.
The Hero later appears and ruins it though.

The Hero—really the heroes from Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest VI, and Dragon Quest VIII (best design)—is playable now, along with the Yggdrasil's Altar stage that flies around the world of Dragon Quest XI and spoils it.

Hero has extraordinary power, and I'm scared to fight against him. That's not just because we are on opposing Splatfest sides. His charged neutral B, Kafrizz, is a massive fire blast that does over 30% damage with ridiculous knockback! His charged side B, Kazap, brings a bolt of lightning down to his blade and then he does a spin attack with super armour! I've lost to people who have just picked up Hero because of Hero's crazy attributes. Plus, he can randomly critical hit on his smash attacks. His special moves use up his MP metre, but that's easily rechargeable with the great disjointed hitboxes on his A moves.

Hero's down B move, Command Selection, is incidentally the least scary part about facing against him. He's too busy thinking about an attack and doesn't actually go through with it. Hero is a threat with all of his other attacks, though.

Meanwhile, my poor Ivysaur got nerfed and feels terrible to use, mostly because of Razor Leaf becoming much slower to use. Razor Leaf was Ivysaur's best move, and now I don't know how to use Ivysaur without it!

Version 5.0.0 also added an online tournament mode. Unlike in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U which had constantly cycling tournaments, right now there is only one tournament ruleset available at a time, and these rulesets last days. The one present as of writing is a total disaster:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Tourney mode free-for-alls items
This picture is Robin's last shred of relevance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now that they are made invalid by Hero.

Items on Medium on all stages, with two stocks and a two-minute-thirty-second timer. Four-player free-for-alls. That's very difficult to win—even moreso with people's laggy connections. One time I was put on Venom—the Star Fox stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee with four areas of the Great Fox to fight on due to the wings—which just encourages camping and punishes approach. Of course it ended up in Sudden Death... and the camera happens to zoom in on the top right when I had spawned in the bottom left. Well, that screwed me over, even though I had by far the best performance (from a damage given perspective) of the four players!

These tournaments do have the potential for competitive—or at least, non-stupid—rulesets, at least. ...But whether Nintendo will want to ever pursue that remains to be seen.

And yes, anything that's 2:30 long is a stupid ruleset, even if it's 1v1 and no items. I'm still capable of winning these, of course.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ludwig Von Koopa champion winner final results online tourney mode Koopa#5969
Update for August 4: After the items tournament ended, it went to a 1v1 no items scenario, which I easily won.
I'm really freaked out by the blurred Samus in the background, though. She's watching me...

If anyone wants to give tips to Ludwig on how he can beat Hero, that'd be appreciated. Preferably specific to using Ludwig, Jigglypuff, or King Bowser. He's not sure about how he feels about Ivysaur anymore. Even though Squirtle wasn't touched and Charizard was actually improved, he feels like Pokémon Trainer is overall worse across all three Pokémon.

The previous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version was 3.1.0. Read about it here.
The previous Splatoon 2 version that got written about was 4.0.0.
These online tourneys have specially-themed events. ...Do they improve the tourney experience in any way?


  1. Ivysaur being nerfed ruined Pokémon Trainer? Now I am hoping more that an Advance Wars character is coming as DLC to have a new main so I can drop Pokémon Trainer for being a bad character again like he was back in Brawl.

    Did Team Order have the same ink colour as Team Friends? If so then the gold ink finally won against it.

    1. Ivysaur carried the others and is the Pokémon you should be sending the most time in.

      I don't think Pokémon Trainer is BAD now. For one, I'm clearly just not used to Ivysaur's new frame data and I need to practice more. For two, Charizard did get buffs, and I need to properly get a feel for those too.

    2. Also as for Order vs. Friends, I THINK they were different colours but I'm not sure.


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