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Friday, July 19, 2019

Mega Man 11 Instrumental Tracks ARE A Free Download; CAPCOM Summer Sale 2019

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Why wasn't there an announcement...?

Once upon a time, I wrote an article about CAPCOM's Mega Man 11 entitled, CAPCOM, Don't Keep The Superior Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Hostage. That was about the instrumental soundtrack that was a pre-order bonus for Mega Man 11 that is significantly superior to the in-game soundtrack. At the end of the article I concluded,
“I will not buy the game until CAPCOM gives me the ability to pay them additional money to get access to what they were giving away as a free pre-release bonus. (...Or they could provide it for free.)”

After that... well, we haven't heard anything from CAPCOM. 

Mega Man 11 Nintendo Switch instrumental stage tracks free download

However, at the beginning of April of this year (about three and a half months ago), CAPCOM silently made the instrumental soundtrack freely available as individual DLC, on all the consoles. 

Silence and soundtracks don't really go together, but you can download the soundtrack even without owning the game. (You can't use it... but it is free.)
Mega Man 11 Wily Numbers Instrumental Stage Tracks Nintendo Switch free download confirm
Sure, I downloaded it for free.
All that does is have a Mega Man 11 icon appear on my Nintendo Switch, where it says I need the game to play it.

Again, CAPCOM had no sort of announcement about this. This is a rather important thing to publicise, though. It's literally the difference between buying the game and passing!

I only know the instrumentals exist because I'm only looking at the Mega Man 11 Switch page because the CAPCOM Summer Sale has started, immediately after (and on some consoles, during) the Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales for games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. (Prime Day sales including through venues other than Amazon.)

And since all KoopaTV cares about is the Ace Attorney series, the discount this time is... a record amount!

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Steam CAPCOM Store 33% off Summer Sale 2019
From $30 to $20.

That's right, 33%. That's up from 30% for the PC version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy that was as of the Steam sale from a month ago/earlier this month.

Why is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PC and console release version) on sale constantly from E3 2019 to now? (This is literally the fourth sale in five weeks.) Isn't it obvious that it's my fault for my interference with CAPCOM's E3 2019 booth in the name of Phoenix Wright? This is unprecedented and abnormal.

I... I have to get Mega Man 11, don't I? Well... I'll hold off on that for now. Tonight I finally beat Final Fantasy IX (look forward to some article material in the future) and now I turn to my other titles in my Nintendo Switch backlog that have been sitting and waiting for half a year

But I will admit that Mega Man 11, given CAPCOM's generosity of making the pre-order bonus free DLC and not paid DLC, has gotten back into my mind's “hey I shouldn't forget about this” space.

One last bit of CAPCOM news: They announced a good-deal Resident Evil Triple Pack compilation of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6 for the Nintendo Switch for $60, releasing October 29. These games are/will be all individually priced at $30, so the bundle is a good value, and proves exactly my line of thinking on why they priced Devil May Cry on Nintendo Switch for $20 despite $30 compilations on other systems. Bundles are supposed to save money compared to the individual releases! The sum, in this case, is less than the parts... but when we're counting in terms of price, that's a good thing.

Ludwig is aware that this makes three articles out of five this week that are directly related to some kind of discount or sale... and two of them plug Ace Attorney. If you find this to be degenerate article material, you're free to state this in the comments section, and even the KoopaTV Feedback Form. Ludwig hopes he handled each article at least in an interesting way, however.

CAPCOM has another sale a month later.
CAPCOM then announces another Mega Man game with another soundtrack pre-order bonus.


  1. As a person who bought the bundle with the Mega Man amiibo that my daughter threw somewhere and I had not found since which came with the DLC soundtrack, glad you can enjoy it ingame as well.

    1. Well I didn't buy it (yet). >.>

      I didn't realise the game had amiibo support along with bundling an amiibo. Apparently for random health drops.

    2. Guess what? I finally found my Mega Man amiibo along with the Squid amiibo I had no idea I lost and somehow forgotten about. My daughter wanted to play with her toy food so I brought the bucket down and she dumped all the toys and out came the Mega Man and Squid amiibo.

    3. Is it okay to ask a Russian scientist to build one for me?


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