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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Splatfests Are Over. Here's Ludwig's Splatoon 2 Splatfest Record

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Was sticking by KoopaTV's team choices a good idea?

Well then, that's it. I'm pretty much done writing about Splatoon 2 at least once every month. The last Splatfest is over, and if the first Splatoon is any indication, that probably means I'm going to stop playing the game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to finally overtake it as my most played Nintendo Switch game. Fun fact... I've played Splatoon 2 almost triple the amount of hours I've played Splatoon on the Wii U. (217 hours for Splatoon vs. 585+ hours for Splatoon 2.)

Most of those hours on the Switch version were probably from playing Salmon Run, but playing Splatfests contributed a fair amount as well. I got to King in all of them! And as Nintendo would like to remind us in their Splatfest tribute video's description, Salmon Run shifts are still going to be a thing. 

There were 27 Splatfests in Splatoon 2 (in the North America region), counting the demo Splatfest. I wrote articles about all of them. Here's a table summarising all of my picks:

Pearl's Choice Marina's Choice Ludwig's Choice Winner
Cake Ice Cream Ice Cream (Marina) Ice Cream (Marina)
Mayonnaise Ketchup Ketchup (Marina) Mayonnaise (Pearl)
Flight Invisibility Flight (Pearl) Flight (Pearl)
Vampire Werewolf Vampire (Pearl) Vampire (Pearl)
Sci-Fi Fantasy Fantasy (Marina) Fantasy (Marina)
Sweater Socks Socks (Marina) Sweater (Pearl)
Action Comedy Action (Pearl) Comedy (Marina)
Money Love Money (Pearl) Love (Marina)
Chicken Egg Chicken (Pearl) Chicken (Pearl)
Baseball Soccer Baseball (Pearl) Baseball (Pearl)
Raphael Leonardo Leonardo (Marina) Raphael (Pearl)
Michelangelo Donatello Donatello (Marina) Donatello (Marina)
Raphael Donatello Donatello (Marina) Donatello (Marina)
Pulp Without Pulp Without Pulp (Marina) Pulp (Pearl)
Squid Octopus Squid (Pearl) Squid (Pearl)
Fork Spoon Fork (Pearl) Fork (Pearl)
Retro Modern Retro (Pearl) Modern (Marina)
Trick Treat Treat (Marina) Treat (Marina)
Salsa Guacamole Salsa (Pearl) Salsa (Pearl)
Heroes Villains Villains (Marina) Villains (Marina)
Family Friends Family (Pearl) Friends (Marina)
Pancakes Waffles Waffles (Marina) Waffles (Marina)
Knights Wizards Knights (Pearl) Wizards (Marina)
Hare Tortoise Tortoise (Marina) Hare (Pearl)
Time Travel Teleportation Teleportation (Marina) Teleportation (Marina)
Unicorn Narwhal Unicorn (Pearl) Narwhal (Marina)
Chaos Order Chaos (Pearl) Chaos (Pearl)

I sided with Pearl 14 times, and Marina 13 times. My choice won the Splatfest 16 times, and lost 11 times. Hooray for a positive win ratio!

Of my 14 Pearl picks, 8 won and 6 lost. Of my 13 Marina picks, 8 won and 5 lost. Overall, that means Marina won more Splatfests. I suppose that means she took my advice to stop leading terrible Splatfest teams.

I don't regret any of my decisions. I explained all 27 of them thoroughly, with very good documentation and reasoning. I believe that I am the only person to do this with this amount of effort—certainly the only member of a media outlet. Note that my objective was to choose the best team, not to choose the team that would win. ...We did still have a positive win rate.

It's been a pleasure covering these for you, even if some of the themes were absolutely terrible. I think the worst is still Pulp vs. Without Pulp. Well, the worst was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tournament. That got really repetitive really quickly, though we tried our best with it. I'm happy that besides that, sponsored Splatfests (at least in North America) were significantly less prevalent than in Splatoon (at least for Heroes vs. Villains you could ignore the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate advertisement to discuss the theme). I see people out on social media and forums trying to create their own Splatfest ideas, and they're almost always sponsored stuff like “Mario or Luigi?”

They totally miss the point of Splatfests with those ideas. A good Splatfest theme should be connected to core philosophical essences that everyone can have a response to. Asking your favourite Mario brother is quite exclusionary for someone who hates both... and it's the most basic of Nintendo fan pandering. You can do better than that.

Though now Nintendo won't have to for at least a few years!

Ludwig doesn't intend to have KoopaTV try to find some other thing to replace Splatfest articles with, though if you have something in mind... you're free to share and the site's staff may consider it. What was your Splatfest decision win rate? Is it better than KoopaTV's? ...Did you differ from KoopaTV on any of your picks, and do you think that was a bad idea?

Ludwig went over his Squid Sisters selections for the first Splatoon in that game's last Splatfest article.
There's a thought to replace Splatfest articles with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's event online tourneys. ...Ludwig says no.
Splatfests turned out not to be over. In 2021, Team Super Mushroom (Pearl) fought Team Super Star (Marina). Ludwig supported Team Super Star.
...But Team Super Star lost.


  1. Hopefully Splatoon 3 will have Coffee vs tea so I can rep Hawke and Black Coffee.

    1. If they're making a new society in Splatoon 3, I outright want things like Capitalism vs. Communism or Nuclear Power Plants vs. Solar Panels.

    2. If they are going to destroy themselves with anarchy, they then need to figure out how to reestablish a sense of order again after they find out that they can eat other sapient species without repercussions under anarchy.

    3. I think Japan is gonna have a bigger problem with the species eating one another with all of the suspicious food-related Splatfests they've had...


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