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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Wright Anything Competition; and Ace Attorney Trilogy Steam Sale

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Take that?

Way back, a week after my write-up of my encounter with Phoenix Wright and then CAPCOM at E3 2019 (but not at the same time), CAPCOM launched the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy “Wright Anything” Competition, henceforce known as the Wright Anything Competition. It's one of the few competitions that people from Quebec can enter. If you submit an original (made specifically for the contest, which invalidates the massive wealth of Ace Attorney content already existing on artwork, cosplay, or video to Twitter with #AATWrightAnything, a “panel of CAPCOM judges” will pick their favourites and get Ace Attorney merchandise. You have until July 5, 2019, 23:59 Pacific Time.

In the morning of June 23, I sent an e-mail to, which the contest's official rules state...
“20   Contact. If you have any questions regarding the Competition Rules, you may contact us in writing at”
Here's the e-mail:

“Definition of Video in Wright Anything Competition


I have a question on the rules for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy “Wright Anything” Competition and how it defines Video.
     iii.          A video of a sketch, skit, dramatic reading, song, or other short-form production recorded via video, no longer than sixty (60) seconds in length related to Capcom’s videogame series “Ace Attorney” (“Video”).

Does the video have to be a live-action recording with a camera, or can it be a digitally-created video?

Thank you,

Ludwig Von Koopa

That's an incredibly reasonable request for information. It's a simple clarification on the contest rules. Not a GOTCHA! question. Yet we didn't get a response. Probably because CAPCOM recognises that I'm the guy who barged into their E3 booth the week before and they don't want to talk to me.

Oh well. This article won't include a competition entry. You can't limit our creative brilliance into the span of a few weeks. That's why the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program goes on a running basis. It never ends, but it's merely divided into usually two-month increments for the purpose of giving prizes to people. Did you read yesterday's newsletter? It's good stuff going on there.

Meanwhile, CAPCOM is hosting a sale on Steam of a bunch of their games, including the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy port. As discussed in my article where I visited Phoenix Wright, it was being sold on the Nintendo eShop for E3 2019 at 20% off.

Right now on Steam it's already fallen to 30% off.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Steam CAPCOM sale July 2019 30% off
Perhaps the Steam ecosystem demands deeper and increasingly-outrageous discounts more than a console ecosystem.
...Or CAPCOM really hates Phoenix Wright and wants to butcher his royalty that the game falls 10% in three weeks.

Ludwig might use the GOTCHA! question as a forced Ace Attorney reference in a later article, such as a political debate, so just a fair warning to you now. He doesn't recommend you buy Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam at a discount, but he's simply relaying the information because he may or may not be obligated to discuss it.

Nintendo catches up to Steam's 30% off, while PlayStation and Xbox start out at 20% at the same time.
Steam immediately surpasses Nintendo within the same week, with a 33% off discount for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. 


  1. OBJECTION! The contest is called "Wright" Anything but it has no category for AA fiction? That's false advertising!

    1. It briefly crossed my mind that the Wright Anything competition should have writing.

      ...But apparently the maximum attention span the esteemed group of CAPCOM judges have is 60 seconds. Maybe that's long enough for a sonnet, I guess.


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