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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Devil May Cry Now Released on Nintendo Switch — Only $20

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Hey, it's reasonable.

At the start of May, I wrote an article declaring that CAPCOM's stylish action game Devil May Cry would be releasing to Nintendo Switch (first time ever for a Nintendo platform) in the summer of 2019. Today, it's now on the Nintendo Switch mere days after the official start of summer, and for only $20. It's still digital-only and will remain so.

I actually got attacked by this kid on MeWe for expecting Devil May Cry to release for a lesser asking price than the $30 Devil May Cry HD Collection on other platforms, because he insisted CAPCOM was fraudulent, scammy, and exploitative for allowing Nintendo console owners to willingly engage in commerce for pretty fair prices. Guess he's an idiot for assuming the worst.

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch available now for $19.99
MSRP of $19.99 on Nintendo Switch. Anything less than that would be...too low.

You're safe to take the advice I gave for the Nintendo Switch release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (which I later regretted due to the personal damage it does to Phoenix Wright's quality of life) and assume that CAPCOM will discount Devil May Cry by at least 20% by the end of the year in some manner of time-limited sale. Just in case $20 isn't low enough for you for this very classic action game.

I want to point attention to the “official web manual” that CAPCOM produced for this game on the official Devil May Cry site:

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch official online game manual instruction book guide
The entire manual is two pages, covering Basic Controls and Game Screen.

It's nice of CAPCOM to offer at least some kind of manual on their website, because unlike the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch doesn't even have built-in digital manuals. And they certainly don't have physical ones, not even for games with physical releases.

Since we last discussed Devil May Cry here, more third-party companies got franchises represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and some people want Dante or Leon Kennedy in over Phoenix Wright, assuming CAPCOM gets another character slot. I'm strongly in favour of CAPCOM getting the extra slot, but a lot of that is hoping that it's for Phoenix Wright.

Regardless, CAPCOM sure was eager to get Devil May Cry out in summer. Happy summer, then. Doesn't make any difference to me, though. Not like I get a vacation. 

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For more insight into CAPCOM pricing and trilogy-bundling philosophies, see this article, which discusses TWO different CAPCOM trilogies.
By August, Devil May Cry is 25% off.
You can get Devil May Cry for 50% off if you buy Devil May Cry 3.

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