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Thursday, June 6, 2019

KoopaTV Staff to Fly to Los Angeles During E3 2019... To Find Phoenix Wright

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Tradition-breaking, but for an incredibly worthy cause.

You may have been wondering about the obvious lack of pre-E3 hype on for 2019. Everything has been going according to tradition, even the presence of the annual pre-E3 tragedy. It's not like the lack of Sony and Electronic Arts participation at E3 2019 would have us bothered, since we consistently aren't fans of their conferences.

So what is it? Well, it's because we knew the whole time that the Electronic Entertainment Expo wouldn't be our main focus during E3 Weeks 2019. Long-time readers know that every year of our existence (that's SIX years now) we've been supplying award-losing coverage of all of the major (and sometimes minor) company conferences at E3, supplemented by dedicated Nintendo Treehouse Live reaction logs. Essentially, we dedicated our lives so we didn't miss a moment of activity, and all of it was documented on the website. It was very popular with the search engines, too.

What are we doing instead? The whole KoopaTV staff is going to Los Angeles, which is where E3 has been based for a while now. But we're not going to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  No, we're going to search the streets of Los Angeles for disgraced and disbarred former attorney Phoenix Wright.

Phoenix Wright has been out of a job for a bit over a month now. He has joined the large (and growing) homeless population in Los Angeles, buried with student loan debt from law school. What's the point of spending what's probably tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in law school tuition only to be disbarred at the age of 26? All of that effort was thrown away.

It's not that we feel responsible or anything for Wright's misfortunes. In fact, we've been doing nothing but promote CAPCOM's Ace Attorney games, where every sale gets Mr. Wright a little royalty income.

And that's what we'll do more of. We'll find Wright and ask if he's okay. Then we'll try to bring him to E3 to convince CAPCOM to make a brand new Ace Attorney game: The seventh in the mainline series. We'd hate for it to be canceled due to Mr. Wright's ethical problems. Similarly, we'll bring Phoenix Wright to Nintendo's booth and try to convince them to return Phoenix Wright as a playable DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate like he's meant to be.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney HD hobo Phoenix Wright secret passage handy
We'll find a way into the Los Angeles Convention Center and get what we want.
Phoenix Wright is also an expert at finding small details no one else can.

Our goal is to rescue Phoenix Wright from the slums of Los Angeles. Away from all of the drugs and syringes found in the parks, and back to something resembling a better lifestyle. The only way to do that is to find him... and get him to E3. To reiterate, finding Phoenix Wright is our first priority. Our second is to break into the Los Angeles Convention Center and arrange a meeting with CAPCOM and/or Nintendo. Actually reacting to E3's actual events is tertiary.

As for how we'll get in? Well, while KoopaTV doesn't have press passes, we do have trespasses. This is the Wright thing to do.

Tomorrow, KoopaTV will publish the official E3 2019 schedule. There are some events that the staff will be able to cover in a satisfactory and traditional way, so more on that for Friday. Plus, the new E3 Weeks logo!

Here is the E3 Weeks 2019 Schedule and new logo.


  1. I hope that you guys are successful in your quest. I believe that the judge made a crucial mistake in disbarring Phoenix. There was no way that he would have known that the evidence was forged. Besides, it seems like the prosecutors can withhold crucial evidence or testimony whenever they want without facing any repercussions. It is only right that Wright receives a second chance.

    1. Important note: The Judge didn't disbar Phoenix, though he did end the trial. The Bar Association itself disbarred Phoenix.

  2. I wish you luck on your mission, though I suspect that at least eventually he'll be fine either way.


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