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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Look Forward To E3 2015!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - June 16-18 2015.

How long can we stall until publishing our conclusive thoughts on E3 2014 and each company's presentations? ...I'm not sure. 

The Entertainment Software Association has announced that E3 2015 will take place June 16-18 2015 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Also known as, "the third Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday" of June 2015. Why the third week of June and not the second like this year? Beats me.

KoopaTV would like to make clear our stance against coastal elitists, especially those in California, one of the worst states in the United States (and arguably the worst). Thus, we've been wondering for a while, "Why does E3 keep taking place in Los Angeles?" At one point, it was in Georgia. That was nice.

Well, they have had contracts with the Los Angeles Convention Center for a while that lock them in there. But now their contract is expiring in 2015. And the ESA's president has stuff to say about it.
"E3 is a world class show that deserves a world class venue, [...] The Los Angeles Convention Center is no longer a top-tier property."
Now, I've actually had communications with the LACC before in my lifetime over non-E3-related matters. Nice people. The lady over the phone actually made me blush. It's a huge place, too, with all sorts of nice rooms. And there aren't any pillars taking up space in the halls. Lots of hotels around. The Smash Invitational tournament participants liked the accommodations, anyway.

We would love for E3 to move somewhere that isn't an elitist coastal city. Atlanta doesn't count as one of those. I personally think one of the most irritating things about the videogame industry in the United States is its choice to cluster around a small amount of areas. Especially California, which is why developers say travel costs are why E3 should stay in California. I mean, Los Angeles is represented by Koffing! You want to go there? You could go with someone cool like Beedrill and Salt Lake City, Utah. That's "world-class"... they had the Olympics there! (As Mitt Romney reminded us many times.)

We salute you, Mr. Romney. First, the Olympics. Next, E3! (Yes, we think E3 is more important than the Olympics.)

Ludwig voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, and that has everything to do with why this article ended the way it did. If you agree with Ludwig, or think he's full of crap, leave a comment and Follow him on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas!

E3 2015's schedule of events is here.


  1. I would love to see E3 move around the country... it would certainly make things easier for those of us afraid of flying... ^_^;;;

    1. ...Only if it moves around to the part of the country you're at. :p

    2. Let me put it this way... they couldn't possibly get FURTHER away than California (well, I suppose they could hold it in Alaska or go to another country...), so any change would be a help. XD

    3. I dunno, is 5 hours on a plane really all that different than 3?

    4. I meant it would be easier to DRIVE to someplace further east than California...

    5. Well, there's a chance it could be west of Los Angeles.

      ...San Francisco.

    6. I wonder if there's any space in... SEATTLE.

      (Nintendo and Microsoft would enjoy that.)


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