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Monday, June 30, 2014

Ask Capcom to Port Ace Attorney Investigations 2!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Fan petition! Whoo!

We would like to formalize our support, our demand, that Capcom bring Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to North America. I wrote in a previous article that
"I do think Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has the chance to be localized. It depends on us."
And I maintain that. Look at this Facebook event. Do what it says. It applies to July 1.

In the past, I've also written,
"And if Dual Destinies sells, then we can get Ace Attorney Investigations 2 in America! Oh, how sweet that would be! The first game in that spin-off series apparently did poorly, but Capcom is willing to give us another chance!"
Dual Destinies did sell. It met the lofty expectations. It should also sell more since it's a great game.

Also, one of the earliest guest posters here at KoopaTV (here's a plug for guest-posting at KoopaTV!) identified Ace Attorney Investigations 2 coming to America as one of the things I want the most.

It's high time I get to know who those dudes on the right of Kay Faraday are.

Now that I've briefly gone over my past wanting of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, (and you can just search "Ace Attorney" in the search-bar there to see how much representation we've given the series on KoopaTV), it's time for you to help and look up at the big words above. It's said to be one of the best Ace Attorney games. It's only on DS in Japan. We'd be fine with it on eShop, on 3DS, in America. Or Wii U. (Or both.)

There's a fan translation out there, buuuuut I want this done by Capcom. Legally. I want to give them my money. You should too. So on July 1, tell Capcom you want this!

Ludwig has a history of supporting campaigns he likes or starts. For more information on that, see our special Campaigns page on KoopaTV!


  1. Hi. .I have the biggest Ace Phoenix fan for a son. He is 14 and loves everything about it..he loves the OST's also. He has had 15 brain surgeries and sadly has to have number 16 in August. He doesn't know this yet. We actually bought him the 3ds from Japan and the gane but it doesn't quite do it for him. Thanks to these games he has taught himself quite a bit of Japanese. He is truly amazing and I would love this game to be released in North America.

    1. So looking at the age, has he played Dual Destinies?

      Why did the game not "quite do it for him"?

      We hope that your son's surgery is a success and that it will be his last, out of being better.


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