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Sunday, June 1, 2014

KoopaTV's Second May!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I better not make next month's title "Second June!"

We've done it, man. We've passed the one-year mark! We also broke another viewership record for May 2014. I'm not telling you what it is, but it's an important benchmark. We also achieved some records on viewership feedback. And that's great, since once again, we're entering the most important month of the year for gamers: June! E3 month! And KoopaTV is sure to have unique perspectives and analysis you won't find anywhere else.

Anyway, what's on the horizon for KoopaTV? Well, we're going to rigorously cover E3 this year. Like we did last year. Nothing else is really as important as E3, right? And Super Smash Bros. 4 with it.

We had some great and important articles in May 2014. Let's look at my top 5 recommended articles from that month:
  1. How to Buy Dual Destinies Underaged and More
  2. George Zimmerman Versus North Korea
  3. The Homodachi Tale: GLAAD Vs. Nintendo
  4. A Meta-Review of IGN's Rating System
  5. Memorial of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
But as I've been saying for over a year now, every article is worth reading!

By the way, when I do get Mario Kart 8 and get a download code with it, what should I do with it? Perhaps I should... hold KoopaTV's first giveaway contest? What do you think?

Speaking of your thoughts, we really love and appreciate it when you leave comments on our articles! And if you ever want to take it to another level and guest post, here's how to do that.

KoopaTV is very excited now. Nothing will stop us!

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We can also skip to May 2015... Wow, aren't we confusing in longevity now?

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