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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Driving The News! *Update June 20*

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - So it's officially out today.

This is it guys! We've accelerated to the finish line: Mario Kart 8 is officially out today. Now, some people took some shortcuts: The street date was broken in many places (the Mario Kart 8 community is proof of this). Now, we're all on a level racetrack. It's time for Nintendo to rev up for the next cup!

Now, you can get the Wii U bundle for $330! Comes with a Deluxe Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and other stuff like a Wiimote+. Plus, if you register Mario Kart 8 within the next two months on Club Nintendo, you can get another game! For free! Via download code! And you can get Deluxe Digital Promotion eShop credit on both games!

Almost makes me wish I waited until now to get a Wii U. ...Not really, it's been fantastic for over a year.

There's other news, though! If you're in Japan (and chances are, you're not), there is Mario Kart 8 DLC available! Keep in mind that it came out the same time as the rest of the world there. Behold!

UPDATE: It's coming to America and Europe this summer, too.

Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz GLA Compact SUV DLC
Mario paid for the Mercedes-Benz (or stole it) with money stolen from Koopa Kingdom.

Of course, King Dad is well-known for having a better car.

Remember this?
Anyway, the DLC is free. So, it's a Mercedes-Benz. So much for that plumber being a "working man." That's all a lie. He gets hugely expensive cars as a "gift". Maybe he broke a Mercedes-Benz executive's legs. Or jumped on their heads. With Mario and luxury involved, we have the right to be suspicious.

I mean, according to their own Japanese commercial, Mario just jumps into the car and starts driving. You know, the exact same way some unscrupulous characters do... Kind of curious that the commercial supports vehicular homicide! Good thing the Goomba at the end provides comeuppance!

The best reason to get Mario Kart 8? I'm in it. Want more reasons? Maybe the Metacritic rating is high enough, or at least the content of those reviews is pretty convincing! (Since you should be wary of a lot of so-called professional reviewers...) It's also the Wii U's second real online experience. The first being Monster Hunter 3, and we're not including Call of Duty and stuff.

Ludwig isn't going to buy Mario Kart 8 Day 1 so don't ask to play him. He's actually terrible at the series. Perhaps he'll pick it up when he goes to Best Buy on June 11. If you do finally get a Wii U, friend Ludwig at NNID PrinceOfKoopas, and Follow him on Miiverse! Just don't send any blank friend requests.

More DLC for this game is on the way!
That DLC was implemented horribly.
Ludwig prefers planes over cars, anyway.
These free Mercedes exports are actually part of a plot by Mario and the CIA to assassinate drivers with remote-access technology!


  1. On August 26th. I Sure Do Need To Pick This Up For My Birthday Present. I Am Best At This. Also I Expect Doing My 1 Lap Time On N64 Rainbow Road With Tilt Effects. It Is Really In Retro Cup

    1. (What's with the capitalizing every word thing?)

      August 26? But... then you'll miss out on the extra game offer!
      Unless you already have 'em all, I guess.


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