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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They Are The Alpha And The Omega

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Bow down before them! ...Meh.

I think you're all excited Pokémon fans. A bit too excited. Well, The Pokémon Company International has announced remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire with some Greek letters in there too: Pokémon Omega Ruby (OR) and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (AS). Here's a "trailer". As an aside, the official site got redesigned again to accommodate this trailer.

Notice Groudon and Kyogre look kind of funky. Also notice how it's playable in 2D, with "some areas also playable in 3D". So that's just like Pokémon X and Y, so if you weren't like me and happy about that decision, then too bad, no eye-popping overworld for you. I like my eyes in my head myself. Launches worldwide November 2014!

So, in the land of "this was supposed to happen", Generation 1 remakes happened in Generation 3. Generation 2 remakes happened in Generation 4. What was supposed to happen was that Generation 3 remakes happen in Generation 5. But nothing happened in Generation 5 because it only lasted 2-3 years. It was cut short.

In case you haven't noticed by now, Pokémon is an annualized release. Game Freak has been getting good at those. Remember when I finally got Pokémon X (for my birthday)? I said I would document my progress on Planet Koopa. So I did. It took me 5 months calendar time and 62 hours game time to beat the Champion. That's a long time, right? Well, sure, that makes the game worth $40. But it wasn't that fun, compared to playing through Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies quickly and eagerly.

I never actually liked Hoenn. Maybe it's because of the water. Or that I leveled up my Clamperl to level 100 because I didn't know how to evolve the thing. Back in 2003, accidentally discovering Regirock, Regice, and Registeel and looking up Braille to know about Wailord and Relicanth in your party was probably the neatest thing about the region. Actually, that was really cool. Yet the prospect of remakes was never exciting to me. KoopaTV contributor RawkHawk2010 always disagreed with me for years about Hoenn. He really liked it. It's just that Sinnoh was the pinnacle of the series. Perhaps that's why the announcement of these new games says it's "AN EPIC NEW ADVENTURE" with a "DRAMATIC NEW WORLD".

Here's my question. If they're remaking Generation 3, are they going to remake FireRed and LeafGreen too? Remakes of remakes? As KoopaTV guest-writer SongSing once wrote, remakes of remakes is pushing it. Yet I can totally see people being completely excited about it for their precious Charizard and their Mewtwo. Speaking of Mewtwo, this probably increases the chances of... not Mewtwo (forget him!), but a certain Grass-type (to complete the Fire and Water that Charizard and Greninja have) starter that KoopaTV would like to endorse for Super Smash Bros. 4.

It's Grovyle!

We don't want Sceptile. We want Grovyle. For representing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers (PMD2). Why? Because that was the best Pokémon game. The best story. Emotions. Probably music, too. And speaking of music, as always a good reason to endorse series representation, we would get remixed music!

Primal Dialga theme! ...And more!

Ludwig considers Pokémon to be one of his most favourite series, spending hours a day on the battle simulator Pokémon Online, where he owns the channel Fullmoon Island. Everyone but him is excited about this.


  1. Yeah, they better put Grovyle. MD is the best spinoff game- Maybe even better than the main games themselves.

    1. Of course it's better than the main games themselves!

      ...Conquest could've been too if they took story seriously. Oh well.

      I totally get WHY Hoenn is half water. It's because of the Magma vs. Aqua theme and it would be dissonance if the map was land-based. You know, just like it's dissonance that Earth is mostly water. Aqua and Magma were equals in-game, so the map has to be roughly equal too.

      Unfortunately the fun ain't equal.

      And I really do think they'll remake FR and LG.


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