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Friday, May 16, 2014

Glorious Leader! Kim Jong Un Enters The Battle!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, I guess it's not the worst idea KoopaTV has ever covered.

North Korea is not finished being a topic of discussion on KoopaTV. Last week they attacked KoopaTV and American hero George Zimmerman, and now this week their Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama Kim Jong Un is going to star in his own videogame! It's the type of thing you'd expect us to make, but we're into making games like Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! instead, along with revealing George Zimmerman to be in Super Smash Bros. 4. Contrary to the title of this article, this has nothing to do with that game, but a different one.

The game, Glorious Leader!, is a side-scrolling shooter in the realm of the Contra series. It'll be available via mobile and PC, from the guys at Moneyhorse LLC. No one has ever heard of them, and this seems to be their first ever project. Their Facebook page has no introduction to themselves, just articles pointing out all their publicity.

One outlandish theory is that North Korea kidnapped a team to produce a game featuring Kim Jong Un, and they made an LLC just for it to protect their identities. I don't have enough evidence to dispute that, and I'm inclined to open a KoopaTV investigation into Moneyhorse LLC. This seems like something worth paying attention to. (Speaking of which, Choice: Texas is apparently playable in some capacity. We'll cover that later as promised.)

This kind of reminds us of another game we covered a year ago, Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution. The problem there, besides the game being bad, is that apparently the maker robbed his Kickstarter backers. We don't know how Glorious Leader! is being funded, but apparently it's being funded by North Korea itself. (Pretty shitty exchange rate if you ask me.) I wonder if Moneyhorse LLC can rob North Korea?

The game leans on the absurd, as you can see in their trailer:

Who knows if it'll be fun, but we'll cover it. If it's free, which it should be if it's being bankrolled by people who hate profits. Hopefully it'll make a social commentary like we did!

KoopaTV is currently working on a top-secret new game project that won't be unveiled until it's finished. Which game will get released first? Stay tuned. KoopaTV also makes social commentaries on games not meant to be social commentaries, so read around for those, too. They're fun.

Here's that Choice: Texas article we mentioned we'd cover.
KoopaTV delivers: Our investigation on Moneyhorse LLC.
We further investigate when Moneyhorse opens a Kickstarter!
With North Korea shutting down international free speech, what will happen with this game?
KoopaTV's game got released first, and it is indeed a social commentary. It's Defend Anita Sarkeesian!
This game will never be out, because the Kickstarter got canceled.


  1. Replies
    1. In case you're wondering, these dudes never responded yet to my inquiries. ^_^

    2. " I don't have enough evidence to dispute that, and I'm inclined to open a KoopaTV investigation into Moneyhorse LLC. "

      I did that.

    3. Oh, that part. I skimmed through it when I read this and the only things that got from this was: Kim Jong Un, game, Glorious Leader, kidnapped, paying attention, profit, social commentary and profits. :p

    4. I just realised I said profit/s twice O-o

    5. Profits are nice.

      Dunno if they'll get any.


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