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Monday, May 12, 2014

KoopaTV: One Year Of Laughter and Truth

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - With calls for our heads along the way.

The time is now: Today is the one-year anniversary of KoopaTV being formed! See for yourself. May 12, 2013 is now May 12, 2014. We're proud to announce some proprietary information for you all: KoopaTV has amassed over 50,000 page views between May 2013 and May 2014. That means we've not only pissed off a lot of people along the way, but we probably got some happy readers, too. Right?

I asked our staff (who, though you may not see many articles published by people other than me, do contribute to the success of the site through backstage activity) to comment on this, and they said they didn't have any comments. Fair enough, KoopaTV speaks for itself. Which is why I'm going to keep rambling for a few more paragraphs, right?

KoopaTV is like the videogame fan sites you saw from the late 1990s and early 2000s, the kind that this Nintendo 3DS Daily article clamours for. You know, we don't really report news here. We commentate. But not just any commentary. The politicization of the commentary is what distinguishes us. But we're upfront and honest about it, because we're about the truth! And the truth is something many other gaming sites don't strive for, between bought-out reviewers and talking heads who don't ask the tough questions. Other sites don't try to be different. That's not to say everything KoopaTV does is for the purpose of being contrarian. We've adhered to the party line many times before, but even when we do that we're Socratic about it.

Want a fan game? Here you go.
There are some other things that clearly differentiate us and the competition. See that whole Artistic Corner section? Other sites that also do commentary don't usually do that. We have fun here. That's different than the others. This is about games. Let's have fun. And I think KoopaTV has captured the hearts of people who want their commentary to be fun and creative. KoopaTV doesn't sit on the status quo. We're adventurous. We make stuff like Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, which is a must-play thing to get the KoopaTV experience. That's also something that strongly differentiates us: We're an experience. You can't just read one article to get the whole experience. You gotta read... a lot! All of them! Well, they're all worth it, anyway.

We're always trying new things. We want to be the best KoopaTV we can be, all for you. So here is to another year of excellence!

Oh, did you want a recap or something? Or some behind-the-scenes history? I guess that could be arranged. ...In the comments! Or you could just read everything and figure it out yourself. We've been pretty transparent!

You're already reading this from KoopaTV. So it's KoopaTV. Yup. Have some more looks around. We have a fancy search bar. Put in any topic you like and see if something pops up you're interested in. Nothing there? We have a Requests page.

KoopaTV kindly provides a timeline.
KoopaTV actually managed to survive a whole second year as well.
Somehow, KoopaTV is in year THREE?!
KoopaTV may be depraved and poor, but it lives another year to year four!
It's a miracle that KoopaTV is still alive, but here it is celebrating year five.
KoopaTV is still garnering clicks, as it exists by year six.
Screw the rhymes, here's the seven-year anniversary article.
KoopaTV's year eight wasn't great, and neither is the anniversary.

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