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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sony and Microsoft Have E3 Outreach, Too!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Movie theatres!

The whole Best Buy-Nintendo collaboration isn't the only collaboration between a videogame console manufacturer and the outside world that will go on this E3! No, Sony is doing something really interesting. They will be streaming their E3 conference in movie theatres across the United States and Canada! 43 in all! That pales in comparison to the 103 Best Buys in America and the 22 in Canada, but whatever. You have to RSVP to get in, too. But it's free.

And Microsoft? ...Actually, their outreach is apparently limited to Los Angeles.You can hang out with Major Nelson, if you're really interested in doing that. Yeah, Microsoft is boring.

So, let's talk more about these movie theatres. For everyone who complained that Nintendo didn't pick a Best Buy near them, Sony specifically seemed to pick only the biggest cities in the most populated states. Nintendo made an effort to not do that, if you look at the list of Best Buys. There are a lot more Best Buys in America and Canada than movie theatres in America and Canada, sure. But for many years, people talk about how Nintendo ignores those outside the big cities, the biggest offender being Pokémon events. With these Best Buys, that is changing a bit.

Well, one exception to this historic Nintendo-ignores-smaller-places-for-its-events is the above promotion for Kirby Super Star Ultra released on Nintendo DS. That happened in Alabama.

In fact, there are only three of these movie theatres in Canada. Guess all the rage at Nintendo's location picks should go to Sony, right?

Speaking of which, let's discuss why anyone would want to go watch the conference in a movie theatre. Well, why would you? You can certainly watch it on your computer: That's what KoopaTV's staff will be doing and what we did last year. So what's the benefit to the legwork? So you can pay high mark-up on popcorn and soda? How much is Sony paying these theatre providers to give screens for free to people? Think of the opportunity cost there! It's summer (basically)! That's when the movie industry does best! And you're just giving up screens across America for something that's free? Whatever Sony is paying, it must be quite a bit. And it must be worth it for both the theatre-owners and for Sony.

Is it worth it for Sony? Highly doubt it. And is it worth it for gamers? Absolutely not.

I know from experience. I went to the Nintendo Best Buy event in 2013. The Nintendo rep there actually works for Nintendo as some sort of promotional field agent. You got to talk with the fans there while waiting in line for... hours. It was a positive, fun experience. I just fear for all the "my body is ready" references I'm going to have to endure.

With a movie theatre, the entire point is that you're not allowed to talk. And if you do talk, you're "that guy". I can totally see theatres taken over by a ton of rowdy Sony fans. What's the point of going to a public location hosting an event full of fellow fans if you can't talk with them? There also won't be Sony field agents there, and if there was a guy, the fact you don't talk in movie theatres means they would just be there as security.

You won't find any Sony fans this attractive telling you to shut up. Don't even hope for that.
Maybe this is why Microsoft didn't do any nationwide promotional events. After all, they've historically been more into crashing other people's.

Ludwig is going to be at Best Buy next week. He's also going to be part of KoopaTV's comprehensive live-reaction coverage of this year's E3 next week, too! He won't be going to any movie theatre though.


  1. There are surprise gifts for people who go to the "Sony E3 Experience." There seems to be a Battlefield Hardline beta access being given to people who register to see the show in theaters, and maybe more. So there is at least a minor benefit to watching the press conference in a theater, besides the big-screen.

    1. I don't want a surprise gift. I want to know what I'm getting before I spend my whole day (although it's Sony's conference, so I guess it's night) somewhere. >_>

      I'd rather play Smash than get a "surprise gift".

    2. I know, just sayin', there is an incentive.

    3. Maybe the surprise is free popcorn.

      ...Nah, they'd never be able to convince 'em to do that.

      What if the dudes who come don't even have PS4s?


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