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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The World Snub: EA's World-Class Trolling

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - FIFA 15 almost everywhere in the world except Wii U.

One day, we hope there will be a time when Nintendo and Electronic Arts will get along. KoopaTV will never forgive EA for their evil actions, but maybe Nintendo will find it in their heart. Or, to be more grounded in reality, EA will end whatever petty thing they have against Nintendo.

Until then, we'll continue to report instances of passive-aggression like the new information about FIFA 15's console availability. Take it away, Eurogamer:

"There's the shiny PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of course, the ones EA has been publicly demoing and which we've played.
But there's also last-gen versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, handheld versions for 3DS and PlayStation Vita, and even a version for Wii."
They then pointed out the lack of a Wii U version, along with, for the first time since 2000, no PlayStation 2 version. Okay, let's talk about it. Just a little bit.

This is indeed not just a typo. But then again, the same thing happened last year with FIFA 14, but with PlayStation 2 support included. FIFA 14 also had PlayStation Portable and mobile devices. This sounds sort of eerily similar to what NPD Group considers to be a core gamer. We would like to note that FIFA 14 on the Wii was never available in North America. But you can get FIFA 13 for $30 on the Wii! (We don't recommend it.)

If you try to pre-order FIFA 15 on EA's website, you can order the "STANDARD EDITION" for $60 or the "ULTIMATE EDITION" for $70. Both those SKUs are for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360, as you can see:

UP TO 40 GOLD PACKS! So you might actually get 39. Or 38. Or 0.

So it can be last-generation all it wants, but it still gets that shiny treatment. Anyone want to guess why the PC version is the smallest-looking box there? No? Me neither. Wii is within the same generation as systems there, though! And Wii U gets (or got, and then they all sold badly because they were poorly ported) Xbox 360 and PS3 ports all the time, and it's definitely more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3 and worthy of any kind of edition. So what's this legacy/exclusion nonsense? One more Eurogamer quote:
"Boxart shows 3DS, Vita and Wii titles specifically labelled as a "Legacy Edition" of the game, but it's unclear what differences these titles will have."
One big thing they made clear at EA's E3 2014 conference was that this game would be about your characters' emotions and feelings. Apparently, those matter more than the player's feelings, because EA is just hurting them. EA lives in their own world where the feelings of in-game soccer automatons are more treasured and shown to the public than the feelings of the lives they (literally) destroy.

Also, why does this series come out every September? With all this World Cup hype, why not release it closer to that time? I'm sure they have their reasons. Perhaps they are somehow nefarious reasons, like how EA, up-to-this-point, has ignored every single one of KoopaTV's requests for press statements.

In fairness, you can play Wii games (including FIFA 15) on the Wii U. The other console manufacturers have trouble with the concept of backwards compatibility. EA is apparently one of those twisted developers who would rather make a cheaper, shoddy product and say you should get it in the name of backwards compatibility. Sounds like they're trying to twist Nintendo's arm and say, "Hey, we don't support you because you're consumer-friendly and allow backwards compatibility!"

Ludwig will continue sending those requests for press statements, because he made getting answers from EA his 2014 New Year Resolution. Urge him on! Meanwhile, he's been boycotting EA for years.

Ludwig asked EA what the deal is with the snubbing. Their response? Look here.
Even in an age where Nintendo's console viability is reformed, EA still snubs them.


  1. Not coming to the Wii U... but coming to the Wii.... What?? I don't even care about sports games, but that just makes me wonder what sort of logic went into that decision...

    1. Fifa is better than any of the games Nintendo have made.EA will never let there customers down like Nintendo did.

    2. EA abuses their customers regularly. That's how they got voted worst company in America two years in a row.

      Their customer service is really, really bad.

  2. EA has better games than nintendo.Lets face it,no matter how much you tell the fatties that dont like sports,Fifa will still be popular than any 5 nintendo games put together.

    1. Be more popular in what, sales?

      Last time I checked, there are many different combinations of any 5 Nintendo games put together that outsell FIFA's yearly installments!

      But hey, props to FIFA for breaking 100 million as a franchise.


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