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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luigi's Stare Is An Interest Story

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Why is this news?

With KoopaTV competitor Mario Kart TV being a thing, all sorts of zany moments are being captured. I guess it's like a celebrity-pararazzi version of KoopaTV, in a way. 

Even though Mario Kart 8 has only been out for a few days, it's already sold over a million copies. That's... more views than KoopaTV has gotten in over a year. And we're free. We also haven't had any of our content on any television channel:

This is important to note: A lot of people are saying that "Oh, Mario Kart 8 got on Fox News!" This is Fox News. Mario Kart 8 got on Fox 5, a local New York station. You don't need cable to watch the latter. The former is the Fair & Balanced cable news network. They're different. There is this whole system of how it works that you can read up on.

Maybe we should all be watching Fox News Channel (cable) a bit more often, because it's sad that this makes the news and not the stuff that SHOULD be getting news and journalistic investigation, like:
That's an incomplete list of things to get worried about, but you only get six blocks in a one-hour show of things to cover anyway. So that's a good start. Plus, there are all sorts of local/state stories that the Fox affiliates SHOULD be covering. For example, in New York, the new mayor Bill de Blasio is continuing former New York City mayor-tyrant Michael Bloomberg's war on soda. The media should help the people know what's going on in government whenever the government tries to restrict our liberties.

Alternatively, the news could cover Ace Attorney 123, now dubbed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, officially being announced to come out in North America this winter.

 ...Nah, that's too self-serving. But maybe something television networks would love to cover? The scandal that everyone is ignoring?

Once upon a time, there was an announcement about a "Madden Curse" movie...


See, this is actual news. Dude raided Fort Knox or something. He went from psychopath to mob boss:

Super Mario Bros. Super Show Fort Knox golden piggy bank
Mario Kart TV in action. Observing where to steal gold.

Ludwig is a self-styled videogame journalist committed to truth and levity, and so he fashioned KoopaTV after those values. There's only so much KoopaTV can cover and we therefore expect integrity from our fellow journalists out in the world, but if you have an idea, submit one to our Requests page. Or write it yourself!

KoopaTV has outlasted Mario Kart TV, which is shutting down!

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