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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation: Exploit Monster Hunter As Much As Possible

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's not like Capcom has anything left.

Hey, guys, let's keep looking at Capcom a little bit more. It's recently been revealed just how desperate Capcom's situation has become: They failed to meet their 2013 sales targets, and they only have $152 million in cash. And thankfully the consensus realizes that that's terrible for a long-standing game company. I kind of expected some socialists to be like "those fatcats have millions just lying around! They're fine!" but I haven't seen any. To put it into perspective, Capcom wouldn't be anywhere near affording Grand Theft Auto V. So with Capcom falling apart, Keiji Inafune should be laughing it up on how Capcom treating him like shit is now resulting in the entire company quickly dying, right?

...Nope, because if there is one thing Capcom IS doing successfully, it's releasing hit Monster Hunter games. Japan-only Monster Hunter 4 — a 3DS exclusive, so this helps Nintendo, too! — has sold two million copies in four days. In Japan. No level of italics can accurately express how impressive that is. So sales target for Monster Hunter 4? Consider it shattered.

Oh, Mr. Inafune, you just hit the $2,200,000 stretch goal so now there will officially be a Wii U version of Mighty No. 9? Congrats, but that's chump change compared to the revenue Monster Hunter 4 is bringing in now. Two million people backed Capcom up for Monster Hunter 4 and counting with their money, and you barely have forty thousand people willing to pitch in at least one dollar. And you're trying to make Capcom regret ditching Mega Man?

Now obviously that's extremely simplified analysis/insulting above, but here's an idea. Capcom's non-Monster Hunter teams just aren't profitable enough. Everyone has already played Street Fighter IV in one way or another. So convert all of Capcom's other teams to Monster Hunter teams. One team just for Monster Hunter DLC. One team for Monster Hunter ports and remakes. One team for Monster Hunter 4 rereleases ("Super Monster Hunter 4 Turbo HD Remix"! Wii U exclusive! If two million people bought Monster Hunter 4 and only three million people have a Wii U, think of how many systems that'll sell! Think of the attach rate! Look how many 3DSs got sold BECAUSE of Monster Hunter 4. 300,000.). And obviously a team or two working on "Monster Hunter 5".

That still leaves a few teams, right? And Capcom still has all those franchises and IPs they're known for?

Do the other thing Capcom is well-known for (well, one of many other things). CROSSOVERS.
  • "Phoenix Wright: Monster Hunter". (One could argue Mr. Wright does this already under a different definition of monster.)
  • "Mega Man Monster Hunter X".
  • "Biohazard Monster Outbreak". (It's more fitting under "Biohazard" than Resident Evil.)
  • "Chip 'n Dale Monster Rescue Rangers".
There is no other way Capcom can get out of the situation they're in.

Bonus: Capcom makes another The Legend of Zelda portable game and crosses that over with Monster Hunter as well.


Ludwig has no actual experience with the Monster Hunter series besides the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo on the 3DS. It was terrible.


  1. You should use the word "fatcats" more. It's an excellent word. ALSO who is Capcom even

    1. Yeah, I won't use it myself.

      That's why they're in quotes said by my strawmen socialists.

  2. Yep, this'll count. Even though its a bit old, I can see your thoughts on Monster Hunter. Love how you brought up how they keep re-releasing Street Fighter games with NEWW GRAFIXXXX ULTRA PLUSSSS slapped on it, the accuracy on that is harsh yet true. Well done. On another note, Mighty No.9 still isn't doing as hot as of today.

    1. Thanks. :)

      Yeah, Mighty No. 9 fell in the polls harder than Jeb Bush.


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