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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

(Round 4 and Finals) Ludwig's Character Battle IX Votes!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Draven VS. Pokémon

KoopaTV was at the forefront of the rally for Link to defeat that League of Legends bastard, the one they call Draven. Unfortunately, it failed. I'll discuss why in a later article. The first match is today, September 11 (this is our September 11 article), and all matches last for 24 hours. For who I picked in Round 3, look here. I'm compiling both Round 4 (the semi-finals) and Round 5 in this article. The Finals match is September 15, Sunday, for 24 hours. Below are the characters that will earn Ludwig's votes. ...Voting for Mewtwo against Draven is particularly important.



Solid Snake

Samus Aran
Pokémon Trainer Red
Mega Man


Mega Man


Solid Snake

I'll vote in the Finals for whoever has the better chance of beating Draven. (It's Snake)

You could try to convince Ludwig to vote differently, but... not really. He doesn't actually have a GameFAQs account so he can't fill out his own prediction bracket, but he's been lurking the site and Board 8 (the contest board) for many years.

While this contest didn't end as it should've, Ludwig filled out a Favourites Bracket that would be the real results in his idyllic world. It's worth checking out. 

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