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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Sony Direct 9/9/13!

By YOSHIRIDER123 - Sony Direct? I mean SCEJA Press Conference 2013.

It is time for another KoopaTV live reaction blog of a Nintendo Dir--... wait, what? This is Sony's turn? Well, sure, we'll do that too! I'm YoshiRider123, and contributor Rawk is rawkhawk2010, and this is the [Koopa Keep] Blast on AIM.

1:50:08 AMYoshiRider123
1:51:15 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) my body is ready
2:00:36 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) somebody said they're gonna announce The First Of Us.
2:01:03 AMYoshiRider123 lol
2:01:20 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) started
2:01:28 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010)   laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
2:01:30 AMYoshiRider123 yeah watching
2:02:08 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) my print screen button is ready
2:02:11 AMYoshiRider123 i'm good so far
2:02:55 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) kaz
2:03:00 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) ...
2:03:01 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) wait
2:03:11 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) What fucking happened to Kaz anyway?
2:03:18 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) He hasn't appeared in anything.
2:03:20 AMYoshiRider123 Kaz doesn't work for Sony anymore
2:03:23 AMYoshiRider123 technically
2:03:26 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) ...really?
2:03:30 AMYoshiRider123 yeah
2:03:38 AMYoshiRider123 he works in a different department now
2:03:45 AMYoshiRider123 which isn't about games
2:04:14 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) ah
2:04:40 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) that music transition are weird
2:04:44 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) those*
2:04:54 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) it was so bombastic
2:05:07 AMYoshiRider123 yeah
2:05:17 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) vita
2:05:29 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) lesgo
2:05:34 AMYoshiRider123 What if they announced Vita 2?
2:05:48 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Vita 2D
2:06:30 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) this translator is ass
2:07:09 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) PSP Lite
2:07:40 AMYoshiRider123 It'd be funny if the new Vita model added 3D.
2:07:41 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) These kids look like they're in pain.
2:07:48 AMYoshiRider123 After Nintendo announced 2DS.
2:09:01 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) did the first translator get tired already?
2:10:26 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) wtfffffffffffffff
2:11:17 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) smash 4
2:11:17 AMYoshiRider123 He probably got fired on the spot.
2:12:06 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) good music
2:12:54 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) monster hunter
2:13:14 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) i like how the enemies aren't moving when being struck lol
2:13:24 AMYoshiRider123 lol
2:13:34 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) gode eater
2:13:49 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) cocky block
2:14:12 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) "Japan Studio"
2:14:41 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) This reminds me of Bayonetta.
2:15:12 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) 2014.3
2:15:23 AMYoshiRider123 I didn't see the period at first
2:15:25 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) KEIJI
2:15:53 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) maybe he'll talk about mighty no. 9
2:16:09 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) oh
2:16:16 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) i thought .3 meant third quarter
2:16:43 AMYoshiRider123 no it's march
2:17:13 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Keiji looks like a fish.
2:17:32 AMYoshiRider123 lol
2:17:57 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
2:18:01 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) no one caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares
2:18:13 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) talk about your new not megaman game
2:18:38 AMYoshiRider123 translator sounds like microsoft sam
2:18:57 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) "on the website of the SEC"
2:19:06 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) The South Eastern Conference?
2:19:52 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) um
2:20:20 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) i forgot phantasy star existed
2:21:29 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) I feel like I'm watching a bad Japanese senate hearing.
2:21:37 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) with that guy anyway
2:21:53 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Don't talk over the trailer you fuck!
2:22:12 AMYoshiRider123 LOL
2:24:52 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) what is this
2:25:07 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) is this an animu sing game
2:25:09 AMYoshiRider123 dunno
2:25:38 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) i'd play it
2:25:57 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) uh oh
2:25:59 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) koei tecmo
2:26:45 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) 2D minecraft?
2:27:03 AMYoshiRider123 terraria
2:29:08 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) this stream is lagging like fuck now
2:30:11 AMYoshiRider123 Translator seems like he's suffering.
2:32:42 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) vita game pack
2:35:34 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) xenoblade
2:35:44 AMYoshiRider123 I thought that was Monster Hunter lol
2:36:42 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Are they even gonna talk about the ps4
2:37:17 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) lol
2:37:35 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Kamiya: Fuck off.
2:37:51 AMYoshiRider123 Japanese people play GTA?
2:38:05 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) I thought they played Saints Row.
2:38:06 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) whoa
2:38:12 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Tales of Symphonia's getting a remake?
2:38:36 AMYoshiRider123 uh yeah
2:38:39 AMYoshiRider123 hd remake I think
2:38:47 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) guitar hero
2:38:54 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) pokemon conquest
2:39:36 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) last of us 2
2:40:22 AMYoshiRider123 goku
2:41:14 AMYoshiRider123 Yamauchi
2:41:58 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) shouldn't he be fucking girls in his hotel
2:42:44 AMYoshiRider123 It'd be funny if his name was Iwata
2:44:11 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) this guy seems depressed
2:44:23 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) and the translater's only making it worse
2:49:17 AMYoshiRider123 ps4
2:50:14 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) my stream died
2:50:24 AMYoshiRider123 i'm fine
2:52:00 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) ROFL
2:52:43 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) PS4 in November?!
2:52:46 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) February*
2:53:04 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Dude
2:53:14 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) "Rachet and Crack"
2:53:15 AMYoshiRider123 yeah
2:53:22 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) The Wii U just got helped a lot I think.
2:53:25 AMYoshiRider123 XDDDDDD
2:53:39 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) no PS4 for Japan Christmas
2:53:54 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) That means Japanese will buy Wii U
2:55:24 AMYoshiRider123 lol
2:55:42 AMYoshiRider123 they should really stop trying to translate the trailers
2:56:03 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) I want a DK game like this
2:56:23 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) and yeah this translating is awful
2:56:56 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) rofl
2:57:21 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) my body is cerny
2:59:52 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) this music is unfitting
3:00:04 AMYoshiRider123 it sounds like music from a mario kart game
3:02:51 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) rofl at the music ending
3:03:02 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) oh fuck
3:03:05 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) i muted by accident
3:03:06 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) nevermind
3:11:29 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) iwtaa
3:12:20 AMYoshiRider123 lol
3:14:55 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) stream died agaun
3:16:47 AMYoshiRider123 "we're counting on you"
3:18:17 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Sony just shot themselves in the foot.
3:18:24 AMYoshiRider123 lol
3:19:36 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Sony, publicly apologize and move up the PS4's release or you can kiss your business goodbye.
3:25:53 AMYoshiRider123 "We would like to evolve with you."
3:27:41 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010)
3:27:50 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) That's the best picture I got out of the thing
3:35:34 AMYoshiRider123 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya ‏@PG_kamiya 7s
3:35:49 AMYoshiRider123 Kamiya on Wii U VC games
3:50:20 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) lol
3:54:05 AMYoshiRider123 wtf is this
3:54:22 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) Is that stream still going on?
3:54:35 AMYoshiRider123 yes
3:54:49 AMYoshiRider123 they announced
3:54:52 AMYoshiRider123 PS Vita TB
3:54:55 AMYoshiRider123 TV*
3:56:17 AMYoshiRider123 コザキユースケ ‏@kymg 2m
@YoshiRider123 Thank you very much!
3:56:31 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) whos aid that
3:56:52 AMYoshiRider123 kozaki
3:57:09 AMYoshiRider123 for that game they showed by suda51
3:58:05 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) oh
3:58:11 AMYoshiRider123 the thing they announced
3:58:15 AMYoshiRider123 lets you play vita games on tv
3:58:20 AMYoshiRider123 and other shit like apple tv
3:58:35 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) does that mean no one will buy the vita now
3:59:02 AMYoshiRider123 no last guardian lol
3:59:48 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) gaf died
4:03:29 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010)
4:03:31 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) good banner
4:04:37 AMYoshiRider123 over
4:07:35 AMYoshiRider123
4:37:53 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) well i gotta say
4:38:08 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) sony is doing a good job of uniting their brands
4:38:28 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) unlike nintendo
4:38:58 AM[Koopa Keep] (rawkhawk2010) bye

You'll have to get an AIM-enabled client to join in on these logs. Do you really want to do that?

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