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Monday, September 30, 2013

KoopaTV Educated You In September

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ready for October?

Normally, these filler recap articles that allow busy readers to catch up on the very important articles of the past month are posted on the first day of the new month. However, October is already proving to start off with a BANG, with a Nintendo Direct also on October 1st. So the recap article is for September 30.

KoopaTV has achieved some great things in the page views arena during September. You don't have the right to know specific numbers, but if we can maintain this growth, then great things are sure to come.

We're looking into ways to expand our content lineup and also our marketing tactics. Feel free to comment on anything you'd like specifically to happen.

And here are the five articles I recommend you read. Of course, every article on KoopaTV is a good article and recommended reading, but these are just five (in chronological order) I'm recommending HERE.
  1. Mega Pokémon Are FANTASTIC! 
  2. Mighty Number Whine 
  3. GTA-Free Is The Way To Be 
  4. GTA V — A Danger to the Industry 
  5. Operation: Exploit Monster Hunter As Much As Possible 
And tell your friends about KoopaTV, too. Feel free to go for guest-posting too, like Mr. RockSoap did every Friday in September.

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