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Friday, February 28, 2020

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 16: Allegra vs. Titanium White, and Steely Buns

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - My legs are stubs compared to these girls. (And dragons.)

First of all, I (by accident, obviously) broke the back panel of my Nintendo Switch dock in the making of this article (and playing Ring Fit Adventure), the part that enables it to be flexible and extend on the surface so the dock (with the Switch inside) can be upright. It can still be upright, but now it's not stable at all. Second of all, welcome to KoopaTV Fitness Friday!

At the end of the Week 15 Fitness Log, we cleared 4 of the courses for the subject of Week 16: World 16: The Steeliest Buns. That leaves... 12 courses to go, along with 10 requests. Yup, very long world. We can't tackle any requests yet due to not passing by the town yet, so let's do this Sunday noon workout...

...Starting with the Game Gym, Squat Goals (Novice). It's also foggy. I thought we'd get rid of the foggy variants from World 14 (which has everything in fog). It's perfectly clear here. Is it foggy just for the robots' amusement? Because this sure isn't fun for me, and it sure isn't good game design.

Ring Fit Adventure Squat Goals novice fog difficulty accessibility contrast
There's tokens on the right side of the screen that is passing by. It's hard to see it in motion, too.

I got 350 coins for it, but this is fake difficulty that discriminates against people who have problems looking at very low-contrast items. I'm dreading when (if) completing this with a perfect score ends up being a request later on. Let's hope the five-round Battle Gym (offering the Black-Currant Smoothie Recipe, as well as access to an overworld chest) is more fun. And it was, comparatively. Took 10 turns, which is fine. The Black-Currant Smoothie Recipe requires 3 Black Currants (I only have 1) and it increases Blue Fit Skill power by ↑↑. The treasure chest only had one Sapphire, which is a garbage reward.

Next up is...a MINIBOSS.

Ring Fit Adventure Beaut Camp Allegra World 16 Steeliest Buns miniboss dialogue
They don't look very adorable outside of a battle, but wait until you see what these (hopefully not-to-scale) monsters are!

At the Beaut Camp, Allegra left the Magic Robot as the sentry. Ring kept asking it revealing questions, to which Allegra found out and immediately regretted her personnel decision. (Magic Robot also called Allegra dumb.) Allegra let us in, however, then she said she's too busy to play with us.

Ring Fit Adventure Cobalt Sufferfish miniboss Ab Guard miniboss world 16
Seriously, imagine if the screenshot above was to scale. Then Allegra's legs by themselves would be as big as this Cobalt Sufferfish.

So we get to fight a massive Cobalt Sufferfish with two Dark Protean Shaker+s instead of fighting Allegra. Yikes. The Dark Protean Shaker+s are trained to shoot a debuffing liquid that greatly reduces Blue Fit Skill power (↓↓), which makes fighting the Cobalt Sufferfish much more difficult. Sucks for me, since I just drank a Blueberry Smoothie in the first turn to have ALL of my Fit Skills be considered blue. Now they're all weaker. Time to finally use the Chard Smoothie from many weeks ago to cancel out negative status effects. Oddly, in the next turn, the Dark Protean Shaker+ spat out a “something” that greatly INCREASED the power of my Blue Fit Skills! That's just barely enough power to knock out the Dark Protean Shaker+s with an Overhead Hip Shake Lv.2, and then guard against the Cobalt Sufferfish's super-attack with an exhausting squatt-y MEGA AB GUARD.

Ring Fit Adventure Mistress Allegra World 16 Steeliest Buns drained spirits motivation perseverance passion
Mistress Allegra... and if the previous two screenshots are any indication, a giantess, too. Spirit-draining.
...Well, no going back on me—erm, the whole KoopaTV staff—giving Dragaux the award for best new character of 2019!

After defeating it, Titanium White stops caring about things, and apparently Allegra can drain spirits from people. Less creepy than turning them into ghosts, I suppose. Now we get access to the second part of the map, and most importantly, the town. (Dragaux's at the end or whatever.) General Store 14 is selling the Volcanic Athlete and Ocean Athlete clothing sets, which increase attack and defense stats by 10, respectively, for the whole set. Attack is much more important in a game where I basically have infinite healing and super-high defence as-is, but I bought out both sets and left myself in poverty. Fortunately, the Game Gym Counter robot is offering 600 coins to get 3000 points within 50 seconds in Bank Balance (Advanced). Easy request with plenty of leeway. The only other request is giving Hubby a Prune Drink and a Radicchio Smoothie (for one Amethyst, a new stone Honey will want), but I don't have enough Radicchio for the latter, so I'll come back to that.

Ring Fit Adventure World 16 Steeliest Buns overworld map second half town
For your visual reference, here's the second half of World 16's overworld map.

We can talk to Allegra's Magic Robot in town, and she says Titanium White's spirits are being help in the three gyms up ahead (operated by other robots), so we must clear all of them. That's fine. I'll 100% this place eventually anyway, story or no story. Going to Flutterpeak Pass first, and that's great, since there's Radicchio growing here. (And Blank Currants.) After passing through the peak without event (it's a sunset palette swap of Mt. Fearmenot), giving Hubby his drinks, disposing of the FOUR Gold Hoplins for some much-needed cash, and then going through Gluting Gallery (Novice) in the FOG (meaning you can't see which lane you need to overhead bend until it's almost too late) for 350 more coins that was behind the Gold Hoplins, we get to our first spirit-holding Game Gym.

We get the Spirit of Passion for passing Crate Crasher (Advanced). And then... we got the Spirit of Passion for passing Crate Crasher (Advanced). Trivial. What's less trivial is the request that came into town to clear the foggy Gluting Gallery (Novice) “with 8000 points or more without getting any gold tokens!” REMINDER THAT IT'S HARD TO SEE WHAT KIND OF TOKENS ARE COMING AND WHERE THEY'RE COMING IN THE DAMN FOG. Prize is two Amethyst. I actually did it on my first try, since it turns out there aren't many gold tokens in this. From what I can tell, they're the last token when there is a long string of silver tokens. Just... DODGE out of the way for the last one.

I could keep going, physically, but one of the gyms up ahead is a Fitness Gym, and it's best to save that (and warm-up courses) for another day! There are now just six courses left, and seven requests—substantial progress.

Piston-Pump Rail is our warm-up course, consisting of a Back Press, Squat, and then Chair Pose-powered rail cars for about two minutes total. I have a choice between a Fitness Gym and Dreadmill to do first... so I think Dreadmill is easier. The Dreadmill (Advanced) Game Gym has the Spirit of Motivation locked behind a passing grade. And it looks like it's lava-themed now. Better than fog, I guess.

Ring Fit Adventure Dreadmill Advanced Sunset Lava introduction Game Gym
Upon closer examination, it appears that this is actually just a sunset instead of a lava dungeon.
...Or...there are now volcano deer.

For some reason, Titanium White believes she's capable of obtaining a sunburn. Also, a lady in town wants us to beat FOUR Cobalt Steppers. ...Sure, ladies...

Ring Fit Adventure Titanium White two spirits go outside sunburn trip talk self out of it
She doesn't look capable of getting a sunburn.
And this isn't Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so I don't think she'll trip.

The Fitness Gym possesses the final spirit, the Spirit of Perseverance. It's the Lower Body Set:
  1. Thigh Press (x26)—My favourite Legs Fit Skill, easily. They're easy to master, and not exhausting to perform, even in repetition.
  2. Squat (x26)—I can't say the same for Squats. You really do need perseverance for this.
  3. Mountain Climber (x58)—I HATE THIS. I had a minor headache lasting all day before starting this game, but now it's INTENSIFIED. The headache. ...And the physical activity.
  4. Wide Squat (x26)—The regular dang squats weren't enough??? I fully admit to cheating on this by sitting up and off a sofa.
  5. Chair Pose (x14)—Oh, the one Yoga Fit Skill of this set. I can do this without cheating and get 100 points. All a matter of going slow...

Ow. That was horrible, and highly reminiscent of the wretched Legs Set from World 5. Well, after getting all three spirits, it turns out that Titanium White is literally a cyborg, and hence why she has the steeliest buns—they're literally made of steel alloy. The Magic Robot, of course, is quite literal. Allegra blames Ring for this happening, and promises that Dragaux will pulverise us. Well, I'll have to handle that another time, because I'm pooped out. ...Ugh... I should keep going, shouldn't I?

She's REALLY not getting a sunburn.

I'm over at Pushover Corridor (the level closest to my position in the above screenshot), looking for Cobalt Steppers. The first set of enemies has... ONE Cobalt Stepper. Unfortunately for me, my running ability and physical endurance has pretty much fallen apart, and I failed every puzzle in the Pushpull Temple/Clever-Trick Temple foggy palette swap. There were treasure chests up there, and who knows if it's just gold or there were collectibles. There weren't any other Cobalt Steppers, and I stepped away from my Switch to end the session due to exhaustion.

While I skipped Tuesday due to watching Democrats fight one another (for the purposes of coronavirus research), I turned it back on for Wednesday. Right to Perseverance Valley, which I hopr has no relationship with the Spirit of Perseverance and that Fitness Gym. The first enemy wave has TWO Cobalt Steppers. And the second had none. Otherwise, the valley is just a bunch of filler river rowing, and that's every level except the last one. Since I need to beat one more Cobalt Stepper, I'm going back to Pushover Corridor and I'll see if I can actually succeed at any of the puzzles this time. I got one puzzle successfully, which got me a 50-coin chest. ...Lame. But I did go back to the jogger and got the Legs Master top, which I guess is based off Allegra, but it's a manly version. It does come with earrings, though.

Going through that request opened up a bunch of other ones, including one to go through the horrible Fitness Gym again. If I clear it with an average of 90 points or more, I'll receive the Legs Master shoes. FULL DISCLOSURE: I AM CHEATING ON THIS WITH MY SOFA FOR THE SQUATS SECTIONS. ALSO... you can cheat in Mountain Climbers by just running in place.

A woman then wanted me to clear Flutterpeak Pass without fighting any monsters, which is quite easy. She acted like it's a life-changing experience, and gave me 600 coins in return for a promise that I'll tell other folks about Flutterpeak Pass. Well, a KoopaTV article qualifies, doesn't it?

That leaves one open request and Dragaux Stadium... which I'll handle another day. It looks QUITE involved.

(Thursday now...) Titanium White wants me to go to Piston-Pump Rail and defeat all of the monsters using specific Fit Skills of her choosing. Success equals 2 Defense Drinks. The skills I'm given? Mountain Climber Lv. 2, Overhead Squat Lv.2, Back Press Lv.2, Warrior I Pose Lv.2, Pendulum Bend Lv.2, and Seated Forward Press Lv.2. Titanium White didn't take into account that I've unlocked the ability to wield 10 Fit Skills simultaneously, so I only have 6. The Mountain Climber and Overhead Squat are 5-range attacks, while Pendulum Bend is 3-range. The attacks are of wildly varying power and definitely not what I'd have as my own picks. 

My first challenge was three enemies: a Garnet Stepper, a Cobalt Puffersquish, and a Belldog. I had to Mountain Climbers to get through it—I'd rather Mountain Climbers (and do it poorly) than touch the Overhead Squat, and those two are the only good ways to be doing good damage to the Cobalt enemies. My second challenge was two enemies: The Cobalt Scuttlebell and a Malachite Kennelbell. I can one-round the Kennelbell with a super-effective Warrior I Pose Lv.2, but the Scuttlebell is tough and required Mountain Climber. Finally, the third challenge involved five enemies: An Ochre Puffersquish, a Garnet Kennelbell, a Cobalt Kennelbell, and two Malachite Matta Rays. I took out one of the Matta Rays on the first turn, and was fortunate enough that I got a lucky RNG and got two turns in a row. I finished the level and got my drinks... and shut the game off just from that one request. Took 14 minutes and I'm tired from it already. But that's all I could do before the boss fight.

On Friday, we had a swampy and stair-y run through Dragaux Stadium, with two running mimic Treasure Chests that only had 100 coins each. But that wasn't the only deception... Dragaux isn't even here, despite all of the hype around Dragaux training his legs. 

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra Dragaux Stadium World 16 Steeliest Buns mood dialogue
They never explained why Dragaux is gone. Scared?

No, it's Allegra with Cobalt Matta Ray+A, Cobalt Naughtylus+, Cobalt Gobhoplin+, and Cobalt Matta Ray+B. I'm working up a sweat just thinking about it. First turn, I had a Blueberry Smoothie to change all of my attacks to the Blue colour, so I can have super-effective damage without relying on the actual, lame Legs Fit Skills. That enabled me to wipe out all of the minions with a Standing Twist Lv.3 and a Boat Pose Lv.2.

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra quadruple four kicks World 16 Steeliest Buns legs boss fight
Before I wiped her minions out, I got attacked six times. Two times by the Hobhoplin and the Naughtylus...
...And the other four times by Allegra's Quadruple Kick.

Once Allegra got to under half health, her super-attack involved throwing a massive energy leg at us, which we defended with a nearly 40-second Overhead Squat that I performed legitimately without cheating. That caused her leg to kick her instead, knocking down massive amounts of health. One Ring Raise Combo Lv.2 was all I needed to finish her off. In the dialogue after, she fired the Magic Robot from her service, who went on to learn fishing.

Back to the town, there are requests we can do. One is to go through the foggy Squat Goals (Novice) and “Clear with 14000 points or more without getting any gold tokens!” I did it in my first try, but it wasn't pleasant on the eyes. (Fortunately, there are only about three gold tokens to avoid.) My reward was the Purple Sunset Smoothie, which increases Blue Fit Skill attack power by ↑↑ AND provides a guaranteed additional rush attack. Quite damage-dealing. Plus, it heals four and a half hearts.

The next request then opened up and boy is it awful. It's Dreadmill (Advanced) with a “Collect all of the score tokens, and clear the course!” requirement, with two Strength Drinks as a reward. I actually did it on my second try with an S-rank perfect score, and fortunately, being able to double-jump and hover makes it easier than it would otherwise be.

There is one more request to 100% World 16, but it's inaccessible. Instead, I head to World 17: The Boy Who Howled Wolf, where this boy named Linus keeps fabricating to me and a random man that there are monster deer that maul passersby. Therefore, my first mission is at Hamstring Marsh, where I must “Chase after the liar!” Because Ring really dislikes liars. There are deer, but they're not monstrous and they run away from me, instead of towards me.

Ring Fit Adventure Hamstring Marsh normal deer
Well, the deer is running away, even if it's facing the road in the screenshot. It never crosses it, at least.

The boy ran into town, where I stopped by General Store 15 to buy the Blue Chameleon set (slightly increases vacuum range) and the Coral Snake set (slightly increases running speed). We also saw the boy making fun of the Man for being gullible. After that, we heard a scream from Hamstring Marsh, where Linus claimed the animals are going crazy and the town is in danger. We're forced to investigate.

Ring Fit Adventure  Blue Dark Hart monster deer World 17 The Boy Who Howled Wolf
The Blue Dark Hart is vicious, and when it had companions, it didn't even turn towards them in concern.

...And to my surprise, we encountered a monster deer, the Blue Dark Hart. There are no deer roaming the fields anymore. Apparently, Dragaux's dark influence is at work, and it affects the animals. After clearing the course and beating the deer, Linus was back in town and trying to convince the people that he's telling the truth now. They don't believe him, and they also don't believe Ring. The kid runs to the next level, Sweat Street (shouldn't little boys run to Sesame Street instead?) to get evidence, and we run after him.

Ring Fit Adventure  Red Dark Eagle monster World 17 The Boy Who Howled Wolf
The Red Dark Eagle was only seen by itself.

Sweat Street has a feral Red Dark Eagle, because this game is trying to be a Fire Emblem: Three Houses reference. (Too bad the deer weren't gold.) Even though I beat the eagle and another Blue Dark Hart, we didn't actually get proof of their existence by retaining a body. Linus says he has to be as strong as we are, and proclaims that he is now our student and I'm his Coach. I'd like to echo what Abdonis was saying from World 14 about there being no point in children. These runts are bad news.

Ring Fit Adventure Berserk Robot dark influence World 17 game gym
The robot is right. At least about the child.

Linus ran to the next level, the Squattery Wheel (Advanced) Game Gym. He lied again, stating that it's a fun activity. Apparently, the Game Gym Counter is now a Berserk Robot, and Ring believes that Dragaux's dark influence is affecting the robot. It's been my theory that the robots have been working for Dragaux this entire time. Anyway, the robot won't let us play, which is fine by me, except it's required to advance the game. Linus says he'll fight the Berserk Robot while we clear the minigame.

I cleared it, and there's two paths I can take. ...I'll... take care of that next week. Stay tuned.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week 16 world steeliest buns
I didn't think I'd exercise as much this Friday.
I have some last-day Super Smash Bros. Ultimate training to do, you know!

It's safe to assume that super-legs Dragaux will be the subject of Week 17, along with the lying bratty boy who has made a horrible first impression. Ludwig already likes World 17's gimmick more than World 16's, since it at least has new enemy types. He doesn't want to go to difficulty level 30 from 29 because it means the squats will get even more scary (along with everything else). Ludwig figured out just now, as of publishing, that “buns” refers to butts.

What is the status of Dragaux's legs? Find out in World 17!
Wondering what became of Titanium White and the Magic Robot? Find out in World 39.


  1. I’m at world 18
    The iceman flexeth

    1. Well, by now, I've beaten all of the main worlds, so feel free to check out Week 18 for my experience on World 18.


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