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Friday, March 6, 2020

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 17: Dark Robots and Animals

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If you read this closely, you'll notice Ludwig gets a karmic backlash.

You know what? I'm not a sympathetic protagonist. For all I know, you don't want me to succeed in my Olympic training, and you follow along KoopaTV Fitness Fridays because you find my fitness failures to be particularly funny. Well, you do you. I'm still gonna publish this stuff until I'm done with Ring Fit Adventure's Adventure Mode... and then... I'm not sure what happens. At least I feel motivated.

For many reasons, I wasn't playing Ring Fit Adventure on Sunday or Monday. I was very busy. But I did find time on Tuesday to continue World 17: The Boy Who Howled Wolf. I'll also have you know that I did many errands in the morning and had a lot of fresh-air cardiovascular exercise leading up to my Tuesday night play session.

Our first venture is to Hangon Bridge, which is filled with blue-looking ingredients like raisins, prunes, grapes, blueberries, and black currants. Honey from the General Store is foraging here, but Linus is concerned for her safety given the dangerous animals prowling about. Ms. Honey disregards Linus's concern, believing him to be a liar, so Ring decides we must rescue Honey.

Ring Fit Adventure Green Dark Flamingo World 17 Tree Pose
It's Green Dark Flamingo, trying to contend with my Tree Pose.
(I don't know how it attacks since 24 hits of Tree Pose is enough to subdue it before it fights back.)

We get to discover... the Green Dark Flamingo and the Yellow Dark Fox! These complete the set of dark-influenced animals we first saw with Blue Dark Hart and Red Dark Eagle.

Ring Fit Adventure Blue Dark Hart Yellow Dark Fox World 17
Yellow Dark Fox is a small little animal that you can barely notice. It's not much of a fighter, either.

I suppose I may have some questionable morals if I'd normally jump over monster fights but am willingly going to fight (and slay) stray animals.

Honey ran to the town to let them know that Linus isn't a liar, and we can actually go straight to Dragaux and fight him. It turns out that Dragaux (referred to as a hero with black wings and many muscles) told Linus that lying helps you run faster, and Ring is infuriated that Dragaux would lie to a child.

Honey going to the town opened up requests, including an Old Man asking me to patrol Sweat Street by killing every monster. In return, I'll get Storm Dancer shoes. Unfortunately for my animal cruelty tendencies, there were only actual monsters and no animals. Sad. The next request features Hubby wanting a Grape Shake, but we don't have any of those and we lack the recipe to devise one. We can only make Grape Smoothies. That means we gotta skip that request and take the one at the Squattery Wheel (Advanced) Game Gym, which asks us to score at least 50 points in 40 seconds and receive 600 coins. I'll note it's manned by a normal Game Gym Counter robot and not a Berserk Robot. I got a solid 91 points.

Even though I can go fight Dragaux now, there's a warp point guarded by a Rare Hoplin encounter, and that warp point leads to most of this world's content. It looks like this:

Ring Fit Adventure World 17 Boy Who Howled Wolf overworld map warp area zone gyms
Little did I know what literal pains the Fitness Gym (north) and Battle Gym (south) would be...

Yikes. That Fitness Gym is the Stamina Set, and it surely is holding the Grape Shake recipe as one of its prizes. I don't feel up to it now, so I'll head for the Inside Strait level. To my surprise, a BERSERK ROBOT is an actual enemy to fight here?! It doesn't have a poof-in animation at the start of a fight like a normal monster... it's already there. Is the Berserk Robot the colourless/without-weakness counterpart to the Green Dark Flamingo/Yellow Dark Fox/Blue Dark Hart/Red Dark Eagle? In a call-back to the Smack Back Game Gym minigame, it'll attack by tossing a frisbee at you. Good inspiration.

Ring Fit Adventure Berserk Robot enemy is attacking red frisbee ab guard
You can't see it clearly because I'm squeezing an AB GUARD, but I'm defending against a red frisbee.
To my knowledge, Berserk Robot won't throw the other frisbee varieties.

The treasure chest to the right of Inside Strait contains the bottom clothing for the Legs Master set, the last I needed to complete my male cosplay of Allegra. This should help with Dragaux later. I did the Game Gym for Robo-Wrecker (Advanced), got 350 coins, and then got asked for a town request to play Robo-Wrecker again but clear it with 8000 points without hitting any gold robots, in exchange for a Storm Dancer top clothing item. I did so, and I'm calling it a day. Next time, I'll have to do the Stamina Gym and the Battle Gym. 

It's Wednesday. The Stamina Set Fitness Gym is as follows:

  1. Mountain Climber (x58)
  2. Leg Scissors (x58)
  3. Knee Lift (x58) —  These involve the same motions as the other two as far as the Leg Strap is concerned, except you're standing and it's much easier to get 100 points.
  4. Side Step (x58) — Technically, you don't have to move your legs, since all the game tracks is if the Ring-Con is going from a vertical orientation to a horizontal orientation and back again.
  5. Knee-Lift Combo (x58) — A more rhythmic Knee Lift, except it's in three parts: Knee lift left, knee lift right, and then a middle squat.

Ew. I got 93 points driven by 100 point averages in the latter three, and received the Purple Ingredient II Recipe list with:
  1. Purple Mix Smoothie—Insert 2 Blueberries, 2 Raisins, and 2 Radicchios, and get a smoothie that heals 3.5 hearts, increases Blue Fit Skill attack power by ↑, and switches all Fit Skills to blue.
  2. Cranberry Herb Smoothie—With 2 Cranberries, a Cinnamon, and a Lemongrass, heal 3.5 hearts and raise Blue Fit Skill attack power by ↑↑.
  3. Blueberry Tea—For just 2 Blueberries and 2 Black Tea Leaves, which are very abundant ingredients, increase Blue Fit Skill attack power by ↑↑ and switch all Fit Skills to blue. Will be useful for the boss fight, I'm sure.
  4. Grape Shake—A SCRUMPTIOUS-looking drink made of 3 Grapes and 3 Vanilla Ice Creams that raises Blue Fit Skill attack power by ↑↑, switches your Fit Skill colour to blue, and heals 3.5 hearts. I want this in real life. The description is “The combination of grapes and vanilla fragrance is appealing to kids and adults.” I'm not sure why you'd put ice cream there just to smell it, though.

Alright! I went back to town and gave Hubby a Grape Shake and received two Amethyst in return. I also got a request to return back to the dreaded Fitness Gym and score over 90 points on average for two more Amethyst. I totally cheated on Mountain Climber and Leg Scissors by just doing Ring-Con-less Knee Lifts. I'll say that doing 290 repetitions of basically the same movement is VERY draining on the stamina.

There's a course coming off the Fitness Gym, the Backways Path. It's an uninteresting palette swap of more Chair Pose/Back Press/Squat-powered vehicle segments ending in the Overhead Bend cart, except it also has a new enemy, the Berserk Robocycle. These are likely rogue robots from Thigh Rider Game Gyms. The treasure chest in the overworld contains a nice 350 coins.

Ring Fit Adventure Berserk Robocycle Pedal Rush attack enemy
I managed to get the Pedal Rush rush bonus attack to activate on the Berserk Robocycle.
I think that's super fitting. 'cause pedals on a cycle.

I figured I would try the Battle Gym, and it's five rounds... the first containing a match-up between me and a Berserk Robot. The head of the Battle Gym, perhaps? But the other four rounds only had monsters. No more robots or animals. As a prize, I got the Hinge Pose Lv.2, which is outclassed by the skills I currently have equipped. The adjacent overworld treasure chest offers the Peach Shake, which appears to be peaches plus vanilla ice cream, and it revives you with a whopping 6.5 hearts if you ever faint. Which won't ever be needed. There's more I can keep doing, but doing that Stamina Set twice in a row is exhausting, so... it'll wait another day.

I skipped Thursday because I had severe back pain. It felt like, rather than my spikes pointing outward from my shell's exterior, they were growing from the inside and jutting my scales. Painful. So we're continuing on Friday and playing Bootstrap Tower (Advanced) for a Raspberry Recipe. Unfortunately, I haven't encountered any raspberries throughout the whole game, but they're associated with increasing the power of Red Fit Skills. The Advanced form of Bootstrap Tower is actually much more interesting than the Novice form, since it involves bombs (even moving bombs) and precise timing and heights.

The request to replay the Battle Gym has a devilish spin on it: “You can only hit one monster per turn!” That means I can only use single-target Fit Skills, even in the face of hordes of enemies. Obviously this makes the rounds last significantly longer, and I'm not strong enough that I'm able to defeat every enemy in one Fit Skill, even if single-target Fit Skills tend to have more base power than multi-range ones. I had to fight 13 (1 + 3 + 5 + 2 + 1) enemies. I finished it in 15 turns, compared to the 10 turns I could do normally.

Now there's nothing left to do besides fight Dragaux! The story is that Dragaux has been training his legs the entire time, so Dragaux Stadium is nothing but a series of conveyor belts and squat swings. Dragaux says he's fully maxed out on his leg training (as he continues to do squats), and he... transforms blue! And has a Cobalt Matta Ray+ and Dark Matta Ray+ for healing assistance. They heal obnoxious amounts of Dragaux's HP, so I drank a Prune Smoothie so all of my attacks can be super-effective (authentic Legs Fit Skills are...really weak) and go after them and Dragaux with multi-hitting moves. Apparently Dragaux can flash his eyes and substantially reduce my defence.

Ring Fit Adventure Blue Dragaux legs buffed burn bright World 17 Boy Howled Wolf
Dragaux is posing with his arms while verbally boasting about his legs.
How come Dragaux described his abs as “searing” but his legs have no adjective?

Dragaux's super-attack was shooting out a giant energy leg at me, and it required an excruciatingly long Overhead Squat to block. I actually screamed during it because of how painful it is (and other people in the castle asked if I was okay). But deflecting it did massive amounts of damage to his health bar, and Dragaux went down quickly after that. He vowed that he'd bulk up his arms next, and flew off to world 18.

Ring Fit Adventure Blue Legs Dragaux attacks Ab Guard double punch
Despite focusing on buffing his legs, Dragaux still just attacked me with punches. No wonder he lost.
He's obviously confused about which part of his body are his legs.

Still in World 17, Linus said he'd try to be very helpful to people from now on and not lie anymore, and the townspeople believe him. Speaking of the townies, an old woman gave me a request and challenged me to complete Bootstrap Tower (Advanced) while collecting all of the score tokens. Fortunately, this version of the challenge lacks a timer, but it can still be somewhat challenging to make sure you don't miss any tokens. The old woman gave me her life savings... a mere 600 coins.

Ring Fit Adventure Red Protean Shaker Battle Gym spit something
I wanted to keep the Red Protean Shaker on the field so it can boost up my red Fit Skills... which is all of them in the last request.
(This Red Protean Shaker seems a lot more chill than the screenshot I got of another Red Protean Shaker in Week 11.)

The last request until World 17 is 100% complete? Our friend the Gym Fanatic is back, and so we got to clear the Battle Gym a THIRD time. This time, only using Arm Fit Skills. In return, I'll get 600 more coins. This is more uncomfortable than the one-range request, if only because putting all of that strain on my stubby arms hurts. Also, Arms Fit Skills aren't particularly powerful, just like Legs aren't.

Ring Fit Adventure week world 17 exercise log
I only played three days in Week 17, and I had to play for the most amount of time I've played in one day to fit 100% completion in.
But I did it!

Boy, I sure put in a lot of time tonight, huh? I don't know what the next world entails. Just that it's apparently snowy. 

Ludwig needs to relax during Saturday (rest is what Saturday is for, at least) so his body can recover and his “oy vey” back pain can recover. You can help Ludwig feel mentally cheerful by writing delightful and relevant comments. He didn't peek into any of World 18 this time, so he'll have to complete that whole world in week 18. Hopefully it's interesting. If you don't want Ludwig to feel cheerful, you can feel free to call Ludwig out for being a hypocrite when it comes to the treatment of animals.

Some animals appear in week 18!
A couple also appear in Week 19, and Dragaux turns red.
Do Blue Dragaux's legs get any better by World/Week 40? Find out in the Extra Fitness version.

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