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Monday, March 9, 2020

KoopaTV has Led An Opinion Shift on Daylight Saving Time

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Now for that to get into action.

Do you detest Daylight Saving Time (DST, or Daylight Savings Time)? If you're in Asia, you don't care about it except to the extent that it slightly affects international commerce and collaboration—your country doesn't use it. If you're Europe, 84% of 4.6 million of you wanted the clocks to stop changing, described as “the highest number ever received in any public consultation organised by the European Commission.” That'll apparently stop happening by 2021. (That article includes some bizarre sentiment from Britain I'll touch on later.)

Why hasn't America followed suit? The United States has a populist in power in President Donald John Trump, and stopping this nuisance of Daylight Saving Time is a populist position to take. Last year, he tweeted (in response to KoopaTV's earlier attempts to get him to make change), “Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!” We noted at the time that this wasn't a reliable signal of a policy position, and looked to Andrew Yang's stronger statement as a positive sign. Too bad he's no longer running. The other candidates haven't said a word about this pressing and distressing issue.

Here's some evidence of the growing discontent over Daylight Saving Time among our core audience, gamers (as asked by GameFAQs). Keep in mind that KoopaTV has been against Daylight Saving Time from the beginning:

GameFAQs poll of the day Daylight Saving Time United States dislikes
Click the image to make it bigger. The USA got an 18% anti-DST shift in 7 years.
(And a lot of other countries have had visibly worse opinions of it.)
(2012 poll here. 2019 poll here.)

I'm pleased to report that my 3DS finally has the correct time set after being wrong for five months. Why didn't I change my 3DS's clock months ago? Because that screws up Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and won't let you pick Gem Apples off the tree for a day. The game interprets changing the system clock to be manipulating time and, believing you to be a cheater, blocks off access to apples. (Which grow after 12 hours pass... they don't want you to skip the timers by changing the time!)

And while you can debate the ethics of wait-to-play games with me if you'd wish, it doesn't change that, yes, it is time manipulation. But the British politicians who object to the European Union ending the Daylight Saving Time practice due to likening the European Union as “time lords” are imbeciles. Keeping Daylight Saving Time to begin with, and mandating a twice-per-year clock change for all citizens and businesses, is the time lord action. Reverting it back to its natural practice (no clock changes) before governments got involved with meddling with time is the anti-time lord, small government action.

Ask your elected representatives to cease their time meddling, and abolish Daylight Saving Time. 

Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is theoretically still a better option than doing nothing at all, though abolishing it completely is the most preferable. Remember: If you had trouble waking up this morning, blame Daylight Saving Time.

It's no coincidence that Daylight Saving Time has mucked up origins that DID involve time-lording.
Ludwig asks the readers in 2021 to directly message their Congressional representatives to pass a bill to stop clock changing.


  1. I think the phrasing of the options the second time helped clarify people's positions too. Looking at the first poll, I couldn't fully say "I wish it didn't happen every year." Really, it wouldn't make a difference to me if it happened all year or didn't happen at all, I just wish we'd pick a time and stick with it.


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