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Thursday, March 26, 2020

KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Nintendo Direct Mini March 26, 2020

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Stop begging for these in comments sections.

According to very dumb people (who liken themselves to wise theorists and gurus), we've had the longest drought between two “real” Nintendo Directs, with the last one in September 2019. Oh, we've had plenty of other Nintendo-based presentations and news drops since then, but apparently all that matters is the Nintendo Direct.

Per those theorists, the Nintendo Direct Mini phenomenon isn't a Nintendo Direct. In that case, the drought continues. (What that means and why it's supposed to be significant, of course, is unknown.)

That's because today, Nintendo suddenly and without warning dumped this nearly half-hour Nintendo Direct Mini on us:

It's hard to suddenly coordinate a KoopaTV crew to live react to something published pre-noon without warning, so this reaction log is just between me (and I'm petty and negative) and Heavy Lobster (who is grateful and positive). Check it out:

[10:11 AM] HeavyLobster: Xenoblade HD hype!
[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: oh crap you're making me watch it now
[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: >_>;
[10:11 AM] HeavyLobster: Engage The Enemy sounds slightly remixed I think.
[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Alright I guess I'll START.
[10:12 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Nintendo randomly without warning going and releasing a Nintendo Direct Mini makes it hard to COORDINATE these things...
[10:12 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Not sure what's "Mini" about this Direct it's 29 minutes long.
[10:12 AM] Ryu: Mini is 29... ? That's a regular Direct...
[10:12 AM] HeavyLobster: HD Dunban tho.
[10:12 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Titans locked in an endless battle and only lifeless corpses remain.
[10:13 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm 1 minute in!
[10:13 AM] HeavyLobster: And Sharla looks good too.
[10:13 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sooo is the Monado deadly to Heavy Lobster's armour?
[10:13 AM] HeavyLobster: Alvis and Melia really work in this artstyle.
[10:13 AM] HeavyLobster: Machines don't like the Monado.
[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That sounds like a "yes."
[10:14 AM] HeavyLobster: Leaked release date true.
[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Shulk scream at
[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 5.29.2020
[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected"
[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I thought it was called "Definitive Edition" >_>
[10:15 AM] HeavyLobster: That's a new announcement.
[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: There's a Nintendo narrator now.
[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: With re-recorded music and Shulk jumping off a cliff.
[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh.
[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Future Connected" is "a new epilogue."
[10:16 AM] HeavyLobster: Yee. And I heard right about the remixed music.
[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And if you want a 250 page limited edition artbook you can get that too, apparently.
[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: At 4:30
[10:16 AM] HeavyLobster: There's definitely people who'll go crazy for that.
[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're spamming heart symbols.
[10:17 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This makes me uncomfortable to watch?
[10:17 AM] HeavyLobster: But seriously y'all need to play Xenoblade.
[10:18 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Bioshock Borderlands and Xcom in an uncomfortable 2K trailer, going to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order something about an expansion pass.
[10:18 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And yeah I've been hearing "you need to play Xenoblade" for years. >_>
[10:19 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: CAPCOM making a Subnautica game?
[10:19 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Shinsekai: Into the Depths"
[10:19 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This is literally Subnautic-...
[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Nevermind it's an action game.
[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons going to be in every Nintendo announcement from now on?
[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: With updates?
[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: There's an egg-burying Zipper bunny.
[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Bunny Day comes once a year, from April 1 to April 12"
[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Bunny... Day... is almost two weeks?
[10:21 AM] HeavyLobster: Animal Crossing is life now. This is what Trump meant by re-opening by Easter.
[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Speaking of work...
[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...This next game is, uh, a work simulator?
[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Because I guess there's a need for that now?
[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...A work-incompetently simulator.
[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Called "Good Job!"
[10:22 AM] HeavyLobster: Workaholics actually do need it.
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf Catherine: Full Body <.<;
[10:23 AM] HeavyLobster: Catherine got leaked.
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHH
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ring Fit Adventure free update?
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ARNTMRFGJHFGFGHNTI V
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RFNGRJKFDGBRDF
[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WWGAT NTFDJNGRNGMF

Ring Fit Adventure rhythm mode Jump Up Super Star
Stay tuned to tomorrow's Fitness Log for a little further coverage on this.
(But it'll probably get its own article)

[10:24 AM] HeavyLobster: That sounds amazing.
[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf that's not Ring's voice
[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "New female voice option for your companion, Ring"
[10:25 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, I'm turning Ring into a trans immediately.
[10:25 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Dude sounds obnoxious.
[10:25 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Update available now?!
[10:25 AM] HeavyLobster: Japanese chick Ring is gonna be the weeb's preferred choice.
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm alm-...
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SMASH BROS NEWS?
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHHH
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RSEUIJRF
[10:26 AM] HeavyLobster: Yeeeessss!!!
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: FROM ARMS
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AND there's an ARMS Game Trial?
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...
[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: There's already one of those. >_>
[10:27 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh.
[10:27 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Try out the full game for free"
[10:28 AM] HeavyLobster: Because they added a bunch of stuff after launch that most people didn't see because they'd already moved on to Splatoon 2.
[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (They're showing Bravely Default II now)
But, uh, that was over two years ago.
[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And they're done with those Party Crash thingies, right?
[10:29 AM] HeavyLobster: As far as anybody knows.
[10:29 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wait, can you use the trial to join the ARMS tournament? :x
[10:29 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They overlap right?
[10:30 AM] HeavyLobster: I believe so. That might be the point.
[10:30 AM] HeavyLobster: Anyone who tries that is gonna get waxed though.
[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Alright I GUESS if Nintendo is making ARMS relevant through multiple ways right now then you should write about it. >.>
[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I probably shouldn't be totally talking over Bravely Default II)
[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (But there's a demo available now)
[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Hope you're having fun!" - Nintendo narrator
[10:31 AM] HeavyLobster: Nairo once tried entering an ARMS tourney but got perfected by a Rank 20.
[10:32 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf am I watching
[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wii Sports + Wii Play + chess and stuff?
[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Apparently with online matchmaking.

Clubhouse Games 51 Worlwide Classics Battle Tanks Wii Play sequel Nintendo Switch
Unfortunately, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics doesn't bring back Charge!,
but it does bring back Tanks and others from Wii Play.

[10:33 AM] HeavyLobster: Something like that. It looks amazing.
[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wot's this thing? Ninjara?
[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...Oh it's Ninjala.
[10:34 AM] HeavyLobster: This Direct has been a wet dream for me.
[10:34 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Literally thought it was an ARMS spin-off. >_>
[10:34 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: A... free-to-play ARMS spin-off.
[10:35 AM] HeavyLobster: Ninjara is my boi.
[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer?
Didn't I play that on the Nintendo 64?
[10:35 AM] HeavyLobster: Same.
[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Here's a montage of Switch stuff that they don't wanna narrate anymore.
[10:36 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (So I guess I don't wanna narrate it either)
[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I have a weird facial expression looking at Mr. Driller existing again)
[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Last news of the day on the Pokémon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass.
[10:38 AM] HeavyLobster: Twitter thinks the ARMS rep will be Twintelle. I hope it's Min Min. She did win the Party Crash character tourney.
[10:39 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Something about a tower challenge with two towers to pick from. ("Dark or water... the choice is yours, and yours alone." The Pokémon gets no say, I guess.)

What if it's some kind of compilation character?
[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ew the Direct is ending with literally Charizard.
[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: As the last thing.
[10:42 AM] HeavyLobster: Whatever. I got Xenoblade with a new epilogue story in 2 months, ARMS isn't dead, I'm too happy for words.
[10:43 AM] HeavyLobster: Just gotta stay inside to be safe from the coof.
[10:43 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Glad you're happy about it. ^_^;
The only thing that interested me enough to screenshot was from Ring Fit Adventure so I should go back and get... more.

Ludwig obviously went back and got the screenshot of the Clubhouse Games reveal. Anyway, how do you feel about today's Nintendo Direct Mini? Are you a happy optimist like Heavy Lobster (who actually likes ARMS, contrary to KoopaTV's anti-ARMS literature), or are you a petty pessimist like Ludwig? Chat in the comments section!

Here's what Ludwig thinks of feminine Ring...
Ludwig dedicated an article to Ring Fit Adventure's Rhythm Game mode here.
More information on the ARMS tournament, which you could use the free trial for, over here! Heavy Lobster played in it.
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is out, but Nintendo isn't promoting it.
The next Nintendo Direct Mini (July 2020) is actually really small and only focused on third parties.
But the next full Nintendo Direct (February 2021) has finally happened, and with reactions.


  1. Wait so. Was the Bravely Default 2 from 2 years ago...I don't think it was Bravely Second so I think you mean Octopath? I sure hope the next quiz includes something from this, it's the first reaction article that I've come close to properly reading. (By which I mean I read most of it at my usual pace and skimmed by the Bunny Day stuff.)

    1. Allow me to make this clear...

      There is Bravely Default. Released on the 3DS in 2012.
      Afterwards, there was Bravely Second: End Layer, which is the sequel to Bravely Default. Released on the 3DS in 2016.

      Now there is a Bravely Default II, which is the THIRD game, releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

      Octopath Traveler is entirely different.

    2. I blame Square Enix for their convoluted sequel naming conventions. Bravely Third was right there for the taking.

    3. So, apparently from what I've seen it's Bravely Default II because they're copying the Final Fantasy naming convention of having an entirely different story and even world but there will likely be similar core mechanics. So it goes from BD1 to BS as a direct sequel, and then this new game is...a Roman numeral upgrade.

      Oh crud, that means that in terms of the Final Fantasy parallel Bravely Second is now comparable to FINAL FANTASY X-2! (which sucks) Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    4. ...Ah, yes, that makes more sense, in a "that's why Square did it but it's still stupid from a normal person's perspective" way.

    5. Hey, don't knock it. There's a lot of things in this world that don't even make THAT much sense.

    6. You knocked it initially when you didn't understand what it was!

    7. What I didn't know what was was which game you were referring to as the Bravely Default 2 that had already come out. What I'm saying not to knock is having something make more sense in a "that's why Square did it but it's still stupid from a normal person's perspective" way.

      I apologize. My manner of speaking is hard to follow for people sometimes.

    8. Speaking of speaking mannerisms, I'm still waiting for you to write a guest article some day...!

    9. I'm still waiting for an Amazon gift card to be put on offer in the Loyalty Rewards contest again to review Little Town Hero.

    10. Oh crap I forgot Little Town Hero existed.

  2. The Direct didn't have any major announcements, but I'm happy enough with what we got, mainly because the Xenoblade news convinced me I should get it.

    1. Just for what, the prettier graphics and the EPILOGUE?

    2. The epilogue plus potential stronger ties to Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

    3. Pft, POTENTIAL...

      Eh, I guess I shouldn't antagonise Xenoblade.

    4. "Potential" because there's something in the trailer that can't really be explained without spoilers, but it implies that's what they're doing.

      Besides, Xenoblade was awesome and enough years have passed since I played it that I'm okay with playing such a long game again.

    5. Xenoblade Chronicles in general doesn't scream "I'm friendly to replays".

    6. True, 100-hour games generally aren't.

    7. Would it be faster the second time around?

    8. Sure, especially if you decided to skip side quests and optional exploration.

      Apparently the epilogue is going to be unlocked from the start, so anyone only interested in the new epilogue won't have to replay the entire game again.

    9. Are the sidequests and exploration most of the fun? :)

      So will the epilogue then be like Torna in terms of being self-contained gameplay-wise?

    10. Side quests, not really, since a lot of them are fetch quests. The exploration is definitely a good portion of the fun, though, especially with how beautiful some of the areas are.

      It seems likely that the epilogue will be self-contained gameplay-wise, but I don't think they've confirmed that yet.

    11. Seems like you'll skip side quests and not skip exploration.

      Will skipping side quests make the game slightly more difficult?

    12. It would, so I'd probably do side quests anyway. A lot of them can be completed as you explore, though, too. (Let's face it, if I replay the game, I'll end up playing it like a normal playthrough instead of skipping stuff.)

    13. ...Alright, if you say so.
      (Your "if" sounds like a "when" based on how this thread first began.)

    14. That's because this thread began before they announced that the epilogue was available from the start.

    15. PLUS stronger ties to Xenoblade Chronicles 2!?

    16. Oh, right... although right now, I suspect it'll only be a minor detail changed, and the main story itself won't have any overt changes (although it's possible they might change a certain scene, too, hmm)...

    17. Minimal at most story changes would be the expected outcome from a remaster...


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