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Thursday, February 27, 2020

2020 Pokémon of the Year Results... and a Zarude?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - How far are we from the mainstream? ...Is that a good thing?

It feels pretty trite to talk about Pokémon Day, and even more so to cover the Pokémon Day “2020 Pokémon of the Year” (we just started 2020!) by talking about our own favourite Pokémon. But that's what people want to see coverage about, so, whatever.

I know my favourite Pokémon from each region. I know Kamek's, too. And I know the general population's (at least, the top 30). I'll just make a table of it:

Region Ludwig's Favourite Placing Kamek's Favourite Placing World's Favourite
Kanto Tauros Outside of Top 30 Snorlax 11 Charizard
Johto Miltank Outside of Top 30 Quagsire 22 Umbreon
Hoenn Grovyle 24 Wailmer Outside of Top 30 Rayquaza
Sinnoh Staraptor 16 Torterra 12 Lucario
Unova Bouffalant Outside of Top 30 Sawk Outside of Top 30 Chandelure
Kalos Hawlucha 12 Pumpkaboo 24 Greninja
Alola Tapu Bulu Outside of Top 30 Mudsdale 26 Mimikyu
Galar Wooloo 9 Snom 4 Dragapult

Johto, Unova, and Kalos all are regions without one of its highest-evolution starters in the top 30 (poor Meganium, Emboar, and Chesnaught, respectively). Alola, Hoenn, and Sinnoh are the regions with the most positively-favoured highest-evolution starters (Decidueye at 3rd, Incineroar at 6th, and Primarina at 8th; Sceptile at 4th, Blaziken at 5th, and Swampert at 11th; Infernape at 5th, Empoleon at 9th, and Torterra at 12th respectively).

As for Kanto and Galar, they have Venusaur and Rillaboom barely at 28th and 29th, respectively. I get the impression that Grass is the least popular starter type. I mean, I always kind of knew that, but oh well. Grass has always been my favourite starter type. And clearly, my pro-bovine bias isn't popular among the rest of the fanbase. Greninja was the most popular overall.

While Dragapult isn't even officially announced by The Pokémon Company International, we did get an official announcement today of a new, Mythical Pokémon:

It's Zarude (not to be confused with an ill-mannered Zacian or Zamazenta), the Rogue Monkey Dark/Grass Pokémon. It cannot be found through normal gameplay, though its official page states that there are many of them living together in a pack in multiple forest locations. Not sure what's mythical about that or why those forests are inaccessible through normal gameplay. Zarude also has vines wrapped around its body and limbs that can be extended out and grab things, hurt you, or heal wounds. 

Pokémon Sword Shield Zarude Rillaboom Grass type rogue monkey ape
Zarude (left) is taunting Rillaboom (right). They're both Grass-type simians.

I don't really like Zarude, and I don't understand its concept. I think it's ugly. I do like Grookey and Rillaboom. I'm ambivalent about Pansage and Simisage (Grass-type monkeys from Unova). I forgot Thwackey existed.

One last note about the popular Pokémon: The Pokémon that won all got major features in the anime at some point. ...Except Chandelure. Not sure what the deal with that was. It's “yikes” that Charizard actually won Kanto, but good for Mimikyu for getting more votes than that twerp rodent, Pikachu!

There's some free shipping going on at the Pokémon Center online store. Wooloo is still out of stock, but Ludwig just ordered the most adorable little Grookey. He can go into detail about why his favourites are his favourites. You can ask Kamek about his, too. Those have some interesting stories. Just use the KoopaTV comments section!

Ludwig got the Wooloo after all.
After writing here Ludwig's favourite Pokémon are Grass-types, it's no wonder he joined Team Grass.


  1. Do you think Zarude will learn Sandstorm? #NotSorry

    1. Non-meme response: No. Grass types don't tend to learn Sandstorm.


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