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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Plea From Bernie Sanders: Your Vote in California

The Bernie Sanders campaign has prepared an audio version of this article for the visually impaired.
The Spanish version will be released shortly. In the meantime, mira este video.
See the bottom of the article for the British audio version.

By BERNIE SANDERS - Secretary Clinton must not become the Democratic Party's presidential nominee.

I am writing today because I hope to earn your vote. Tomorrow, June 7th, is a very important day that will decide the most important election in our lifetime. Will our political revolution succeed, or will we have to wait at least four more years? Can America survive another four more years without solving our formidable challenges?

Hello, my name is Bernie Sanders. I believe readers of this website already know who I am. I was endorsed by KoopaTV for the Democratic nomination, and was rated the best in the Democratic debates by KoopaTV's grading scale.

If you live in California, New Jersey, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, or South Dakota, I want you to pay special attention to what I have to say. You should check out the map here to see the status of the primary in your state, and what you need to be registered as.

We win when we have high voter turnout. I believe that I have the winning message of the future, while my opponent in this primary election, Secretary Clinton, is a throwback to the past.

Bernie Sanders 2016 get out and vote in California goofy grin face
We are tired of establishment politics!

I will explain exactly what differentiates me and Secretary Clinton in the course of this article, and why I am the better choice. For a better United States of America and the whole world. And, ultimately, how that benefits you, the hardcore gamer.

First, let me make this point extremely clear: Donald Trump must not become president of the United States. His racist, sexist, and xenophobic rhetoric is a danger to this country, and his policies would set us back to where we fought so hard to leave. Secretary Clinton would be a much better president than Mr. Trump.

However, Secretary Clinton may be the only Democrat who can lose a general election to Mr. Trump. Take a look at these favorability ratings compiled by the Huffington Post's Pollster. I am the only candidate with positive favorability.

Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton election 2016 favorable favorability ratings scores polls unfavorable negatives positives
Donald Trump has over negative twenty points unfavorable, while Secretary Clinton has negative fifteen.
I am positive nine.

Have you seen the general election polling? Donald Trump is within the margin of error with Secretary Clinton in many battleground states and nationwide, and beating her in some instances. Meanwhile, I defeat Donald Trump in a landslide. Consistently.

That is the argument I will bring to the Democratic National Convention, and try to get the super-delegates to support me. It would be wrong to risk the fate of the country by backing the only candidate that could lose. A vote for Secretary Clinton now... is a vote for Donald Trump.

Why do so many Americans not trust Secretary Clinton? Well, I do not care about her damn e-mails. I think most Americans see that as a partisan witch-hunt. (Pardon my expression.) So it must be something else. Let's look at some of her positions and compare them to mine.

Hillary Clinton voted to send troops to Iraq in 2002. I opposed this. I opposed it because I was worried about the high cost of war — in terms of human life of American men and women, of Iraqi citizens, and of the financial concerns. I was strongly concerned about how the Iraq War would diminish America's standing in the world.

Bernie Sanders C-Span United States House of Representatives Iraq War resolution invasion vote
Then-Senator Clinton supported the biggest foreign policy blunder in modern history.
I was a leader against it.

I was also concerned about what would happen the day after we deposed Saddam Hussein. Now, because Secretary Clinton and other members of Congress, along with the Bush administration, did not take into account unintended consequences, we have this situation with ISIS in Iraq.

It is bad enough that hundreds of thousands of members of our military have come back from Iraq wounded and psychologically damaged, and as the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, I know the pain our veterans have gone through. It is a shame that, thanks to the neo-conservatives (a group that Secretary Clinton is a member of), all of this was wasted.

If you have lost a father, a mother, a brother, a daughter, a son, or other family members in these irresponsible and counterproductive wars, you can lay some of the blame on Secretary Clinton. It is hard to enjoy life's hobbies, such as playing video games, when you are mourning the loss of a loved one or have to stay by their side in a VA hospital. We are not looking out enough for our veterans — disabled veterans can mean a family's only source of income is debilitated. How we treat war, foreign affairs, and our veterans is a key difference between myself and Secretary Clinton. 

I consider my vote on the Iraq War to be a key moment of foresight on my part. My critics suggest that I do not have foreign policy experience, like Secretary Clinton does. However, what is experience when you clearly do not possess judgment? And what does it say about Secretary Clinton's judgment when the Clinton Foundation accepts donations from foreign dictatorships with horrible human rights records while she was the sitting Secretary of State, and then doling out favors to those countries that donated? I have a problem with that.

Bernie Sanders 2016 Progress children grandchildren baby photo hugging kissing babies
This is for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Another issue of national security is climate change. I believe climate change is the greatest threat to the United States. If we do nothing about it, the rising sea levels and droughts will wipe things out. Californians know this. Donald Trump and the owner of this website are climate change deniers and go out of their way to declare how they are anti-science.

Remember the West Coast Port Strikes severely limiting the supply of amiibo to the United States? The devastating affects of climate change would be worse than that on global economic trade. Hillary Clinton is not serious about climate change. While she would be much better on the issue than Mr. Trump, only I am calling for an immediate ban on fracking. Meanwhile, she was pushing fracking as Secretary of State.

I have an ambitious plan for 100% clean renewable energy nationwide by 2050. Secretary Clinton does not seek 100% independence from the fossil fuel industry that is polluting our country. I wonder why?

Secretary Clinton is raising HUGE amounts of money from Wall Street with her SuperPACs. She claims that she would govern independently of these SuperPACs, but these finance people are not dumb. Why would they be giving her so much money? Out of the kindness of their hearts? No, they will control her. On the other hand, I will break up the big banks and clamp down on the Wall Street gamblers that crushed our economy (including the video game sector) in the biggest financial collapse in your lifetime. I am the one Wall Street is afraid of.

Bernie Sanders in my view it is unacceptable that Americans are paying a $5 fee each time they go to the ATM Twitter
I have a plan to cap ATM fees at $2. Secretary Clinton has no such plan. I wonder why?
With lower fees, you can buy more video games. Or feed your family healthy, organic food.

I have a comprehensive economic agenda designed to raise the wages of hard-working Americans. Anyone who works 40 hours a week should not be living in poverty! That is why I am making a 15 dollar an hour living wage a priority issue with my campaign. America deserves a raise! Secretary Clinton is only for a $12 an hour minimum wage, though she also gives lip service for the Fight For 15. Which is it, Secretary Clinton?

Unlike Donald Trump, who believes that wages are actually too high, I am very concerned about Americans living in poverty traps. A $15 an hour federal minimum wage is more than double the current $7.25, which is the lowest it has been in history when taking inflation into account. More money in your pocket means you do not have to worry about where dinner will come from, and you can save money to buy those games that will be announced next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. And, by the way, that takes place in California, too!

I also believe in making college tuition-free and debt-free. We need the best educated workforce in the world to have a strong future in this highly globalized, competitive economy. In my view, young people need more education, and it is tragic that people cannot afford to go to college. We do not need to saddle our young people with college debt. I am sure you would rather focus on getting the best education you can rather than have anxiety attacks about how you are going to pay for it. You can then be in the mood to have those Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart parties in your dorm room.

But if Hillary Clinton had her way, the video game industry would not even exist right now. I was far away from then-Senator Clinton's Family Entertainment Protection Act.

Enough is ENOUGH!

Bernie Sanders A Future to Believe In rally
We need a future to believe in, not a future to fear!

We need three months of paid family and medical leave, and we need Medicare for All. Anything less is UNACCEPTABLE. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege! We need universal healthcare, and every major country on Earth besides the United States has guaranteed healthcare. Secretary Clinton once backed single-payer, universal healthcare, but now she deems it unfeasible.

That is not true!

We cannot settle for slow and steady with the problems that we have. We have millions of Americans that are hurting daily because their institutions have failed them. Delays in helping them is doing them a disservice. It is the job of public figures to help people!

Bernie Sanders Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney objection finger point
I object to people who think that we cannot do this, together!

I cannot do this alone. I need your vote tomorrow. This movement is not just about me — it is about you. I will not be here on this Earth for much longer (I plan to be around for at least four more years, though), but you will. One person cannot bring this magnitude of change by him or herself. I need your vote, and the votes of everyone else who may be reading this. And the votes of those who are not reading this, so your help in sharing the movement is very much appreciated.

Anyway, I would like to thank KoopaTV for providing me a platform to voice my views. Both Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump have agreed to debate with me, but both reneged on their public promises. I swear that I will keep my word as president of the United States. I have had consistent views for decades, fighting for these causes, and I will not change my mind now!

Bernie Sanders is the junior senator from the great state of Vermont, and a Democratic candidate for president of the United States. He is a fighter for progressive values. Please donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign here. The average contribution is 27 dollars, the same amount in years that Bernie has been married to his loving wife, Jane. For more information about Bernie's stances on the issues, see his campaign website. Because Senator Sanders is so busy, he will not be able to respond to your comments. Please understand.

Because the Sanders campaign wishes to appeal to foreigners (both across the border and Democrats Abroad), here is the British audio version:

Bernie Sanders starred in the Bubble Burst Bernie game, which KoopaTV reviewed here.
Ludwig imitates Mario imitating Bernie Sanders in a several minute long speech on video here.
Bernie Sanders never supplied the Spanish version of this article, and subsequently lost California. The states he did win were rigged so he didn't win the majority of the delegates, too.
Bernie Sanders gets kudos for writing this article for KoopaTV, and for participating in a Fox News town hall.


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    it's like anutha shoah

  2. You made it big, with sucha celebrity posting here. Congrats.

    1. Aw, thank you. It's very touching, but after three years+ of hard work, we've done it!

      ...I kinda feel ashamed that this is probably the best article of 2016 and Bernie Sanders wrote it instead of me.

  3. I can't believe you got the real Bernie and the real British Bernie.
    "Spanish version will be released shortly"
    You all the demographics down its over for Clinton gg

  4. I had no idea Bernie was capable of speaking in a British accent! Plus, he seems to be an avid video game fan. He is for sure getting my vote now.

  5. As a random bit of bonus material, the blooper reel to the British version of 'A Plea From Bernie Sanders: Your Vote in California' is available here:

  6. I wish the associated press had a tenth of the integrity of KoopaTV...

    1. I do, too!

      "Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee! Don't even bother voting today, Bernie people! UNPLEDGED SUPER DELEGATES ROCK!"


  7. Flock off, Bernie. I'm already planning the wall!


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