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Monday, June 27, 2016

Activists Want Captain America To Be Gay — The Slippery Slope is REAL!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The slippery slope is also loaded with lubricant. Be careful down there.

A little non-ironic content warning: This article talks about upsetting things and may have upsetting imagery. It's safe-for-work, but, uh, I'm disgusted. And upset. I'm frowning, and if I wanted to put effort into this article, I'd have a special frowning 65x65 avatar for this. ...But, then again, most of KoopaTV's articles have me angry or ranting about something, so it's best not to go down that path.

With that out of the way, June 2016 is apparently “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month”, as declared by President Barack Hussein Obama. That includes activities such as a gay club in Orlando being shot up by an Islamic terrorist, and activists and weird people across the Internet demanding that Marvel's Captain America be gay. It went viral on Twitter at the end of May, just in time for it to still be getting a ton of tweets throughout June.

Rawk told me he watched Captain America: Civil War and said there are no hints of any homo-romantic overtones or undertones. But since that movie came out before the campaign, perhaps the activists are targeting the next one? (Or the on-going comic series.)

The question is: Why are they trying to pair Captain America up with Bucky, who happens to be his best male friend? Is it a message that all same-sex friendships must be romantic? Or is it something even more insidious? 

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Ike Soren A level Support only friend
For over a decade, these same type of people think this close, same-sex friendship is proof Ike is gay. Nope.

...Well, either way, it's disturbing. And this is why KoopaTV stood firmly against the #Miiquality movement over two years ago. It was the unpopular thing to do, but it was an extremely important and principled thing, because the gay movement used #Miiquality as an excuse to advance their agenda while demonising anyone with common sense.

For a summary: #Miiquality was the NeoGAF-generated, videogame media and mainstream media-spread attack campaign against Nintendo for reflecting traditional values and actual realities regarding marriage and pregnancy. They bombed the search engine results for Tomodachi Life with accusations of Nintendo hating gays, and as you saw in an article linked in the previous paragraph, even directly equated Nintendo's game design to Shariah Law in Uganda. Absolutely disgusting.

The logic for that was, “It doesn't hurt anyone's gameplay experiences by having gay marriage (and same-sex pregnancies) in Tomodachi Life, and since we're in the 21st century, it is inexcusable for a game featuring player avatars not to have homosexuality in it. We're boycotting the game and will try to convince everyone else to, as well.”

Tomodachi Life has since become one of the best-selling 3DS games, but note that it seemed like all the gay movement wanted was to make their own characters homosexual as they pleased.

Skip two years to 2016. Emboldened by victories in other mediums — such as having the playable avatar (“their own character”), Corrin, be bisexual in Fire Emblem Fates, the gay movement moves on to Captain America. Why him? I dunno, maybe there's a certain irony they're pursuing. If they win over Captain America, that's like conquering all of America, isn't it?

Bisexual Captain America Chicago pride parade winner Give Captain America a Boyfriend
Well, they might only want Captain America to be bisexual, not homosexual. That doesn't actually change anything.

I'm not exactly sure on what basis they believe Captain America should be homosexual as opposed to his current status of being aromantic, but in the world of the gay movement, everything in life revolves around sex. If something doesn't follow that revolution, then it must be bludgeoned until it does.

Now, we're far past the point where the gay movement is only concerned about “rights” for themselves. Now they want “representation” pushed to others. Instead of focusing on their own characters, they are going after your characters.

It's not hard to see what happens next. They go after you. I already see the seeds of those efforts:

Miiverse Koopalings roleplay ColeLudwig GoldRainbowMario gay homosexual Ludwig Von Koopa blushing autistic
Believe me, I wish Miiverse didn't end so I could keep this embedded from Miiverse and not saved on my hard drive.

Isn't that disgusting? That guy has well over 1,300 Followers on Miiverse and gets dozens of Yeahs on his effort-less and creepy posts. For an explanation, “Cole (Ludwig)” is supposed to be an exact twin of yours truly. A twin. This guy (he's not alone: There are other users like him for Larry Koopa and Lemmy Koopa) makes a ton of weird posts featuring homosexuality between a fantasy version of himself that is my twin, and a fantasy version of me. (...Of course it's a fantasy! I'm not like that at all!)

It's wrong on many levels. I swear, the Koopalings have one of the worst fanbases in the industry.

But it's not just exclusive to the Koopalings, and, y'know, me. This will be an on-going thing until there is total submission from the normal part of society to these delusional freaks.

KoopaTV has been criticised for our rhetoric in the past. Here's famous Super Smash Bros. Melee community organiser and commentator (who can't decide if he's retired or not), Prog aka Wynton Smith, explaining why he blocked KoopaTV on Twitter in an exclusive interview conducted between February 2nd and February 3rd of 2015:

KoopaTV: “Hi Prog, Why did you block TheREALKoopaTV on Twitter?
Thanks, the same dudes you blocked on Twitter”

Here's his response:
Prog: “If I recall correctly, someone using that account made some wild homophobic remarks that I didn't take kindly to.”

(Yes, the above exchange is why this is classified under “Interviews”. I've been holding onto it for a LONG TIME.) 

So yes, we can be inflammatory sometimes. But it's being inflammatory vs. being flaming. And it's not something you can ignore. There's a reason why my first reaction reading Paper Morton's dialogue in Paper Mario: Color Splash and realising I'd have dialogue too was:
“Rawk 6:28 pm
    What if Ludwig talks like a retard too?

 Nintendork 13 13 6:28 pm
    Morton was eloquent in Paper Jam.
    What if they make me gay or something?

You could just say I'm weirdly and singularly paranoid. You'd be wrong, and proving you don't know anything about what goes on at this site. I'm paranoid about a LOT of things. There wouldn't be enough things to write an article about every weekday if I wasn't very paranoid!

But, yes. It went from themselves to others. After others, it'll go to you.

I knew that'd basically be the course of events (though I didn't know I'd be considered a pioneer project for the “you” stage — it must be in retaliation) back when they were still at “themselves”, and so I opposed #Miiquality. To predictable complaints that I'm some awful homophobic bigot running a hate site. People can't actually say what I've specifically said that's so intolerably bad (Prog never gave examples), but people don't need facts on their side to make a point.

Artistic integrity means nothing to these people. They want nothing more than to see everyone become just like them, and if they don't accept, then they are to be wiped out and forcefully converted. They're like the Borg from Star Trek. (Before you say I'm a hypocrite for some reason, I'd always stop short of forceful assimilation.) These are the “angry mobs” that cause censorship and depress creativity.

I don't know if the Captain America people are angry mobs (you'd think gay people would create happy mobs) or were threatening boycotts. I don't know if they're even fans, or just weird opportunist band-wagoners. Sort of like how I'm a weird opportunist anti-band-wagoner by writing by this article, except not really in terms of being an opportunist because this article is, oh, I dunno, about a month later than the actual event.

Be careful, folks. Never assume good intentions with these folks. They are snakes, and willing to put their snakes where you don't want 'em.

You should Follow the real Ludwig here on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas. None of his posts have been homo-erotic, and he plans to keep it that way. He felt bad that he hasn't written anything controversial on this subject since 2015 and thought he was depriving newcomers the KoopaTV experience.

While Ludwig's posts on Miiverse aren't homo-erotic, they sometimes house some other... interesting things that are arguably erotic.
...This one is unarguably erotic.
Ludwig implied that Lemmy Koopa would be the Koopaling most likely to forcefully be turned gay first here.
Ludwig didn't use the term “gay agenda” once in this article. Will GLAAD be happy? Probably not.
Ludwig is confirmed to be in Paper Mario: Color Splash, but we don't know how he will talk.
Ludwig writes about his personal experience in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and he confirms he didn't talk like he's gay.
KoopaTV recognised LGBT Month in 2017, and focused on the T.
Ludwig proposed that Miyamoto changed the shell colours of the Koopalings to appeal more to a group of people who identify with rainbows.
Here is a full article about Ike's sexuality.



  2. I cannot fathom why the lgbt community wants to change existing characters to fit their views. It's one thing to have equality but it is a whole another thing to be represented in everything. Besides, why do they want Captain America when they already have one of the best captains on their side, Captain Rainbow?

    1. ...Dammit, stop linking to that.


  3. *I meant to put this.

    1. Now, that's more like it.

      There can only be a few explanations as to why certain groups want to transform existing characters to be the way they want them instead of making their own characters. One could be that they're really not creative.

      Two, they don't care about actual art. They just see everything in terms of advancing their movement. It's simply easier to take over an existing property than build up a new one, especially because they aren't committed to art for the sake of art (or money).

      They care about art for the sake of making a political point.

  4. I'm tired of people interpreting characters (female ones, especially) who do not show any romantic gestures in the canon so far as gay. Why would Elsa care about romance when she is being witch hunted? Merida does not care about those losers she is forced to pick as a husband and she showed interest in the muscular guy who was not even one of the suitors.

    I rarely ship (romantically). I prefer seeing other kinds of relationships besides the romantic ones. I like the intergenerational friendship between Ralph and Vanellope for instance.

    1. I didn't mention the "Elsa needs a girlfriend" movement, because, uh, I like not acknowledging her existence.

      This type of stuff used to be hidden away by yaoi and yuri writers in avoidable places of the Internet just 10 years ago. Now it's mainstream.

    2. I apologize and will try to avoid bringing up anything to do with that piece of media here.

      I had little respect for yaoi shippers in the past because they would write stuff about killing the "main girl" of whatever media they are looking at, accusing her of getting in the way of a yaoi ship.

      I don't think I ever saw hatred for a main male character for a yuri ship except for maybe Mako from Legend of Korra but he is a disliked character for other reasons. Must be internalized misogyny.

    3. "I don't think I ever saw hatred for a main male character for a yuri ship except for"

      So that means you actually read that, or...

    4. Being part of the Kingdumb Farts (yes horrible pun is very much intended and the only way to refer to this series) fandom once and being on its forums, searching for fanart on Deviantart and even browsing through made me realize about the state of main girls in fiction.

      Also TVtropes documented this phenomenon:

      Look who is first on the list in video games:

      It seems like the only way to avoid this is to not have a really major female character alongside many male characters or vice versa. That way everyone is happy. Let's all ship Callie and Marie together, yay!

    5. (Th-The only way?)

      I'm... more concerned about the second one.

      "An especially ironic example would be Princess Zelda, who is frequently bashed and vilified in Slash Fics wherein Link is paired up with her male-looking ninja alter ego (who is promptly retconned to actually *be* male), Sheik."

      But if there isn't a major female character, then the feminists get angry! And if there isn't a major male character, then, um... I dunno what happens.

      Crusty Sean X Marie

  5. Koopa you gay anyways so idk why you finna be complainin just shut yo faggot ass up and hold this L

    1. Naaaaaah I ain't gay. I AIN'T GAY.

    2. By the way, you're no longer in first place for Round 9, since I just counted the fact that some folks filled out KoopaTV Feedback Form Part V and KoopaTV Quiz Part V.

    3. You can fill that out and comment, too!

  6. I re-say: DeviantArt,, Tumblr, Miiverse is in nutshell. Yes is true. (If I forgot, say me)

    1. I like to think Miiverse is the least of those.

      But yeah, you named a lot of 'em.

  7. Replies
    1. Well, by what means did you come here?

      I still reference this article whenever I want to talk about why I dislike the Koopaling fanbase.


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