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Friday, November 22, 2019

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 2 | World 3: A Shining Jewel from the Heavens

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Our first town... and smoothies.

Yup, it's another edition of KoopaTV's Fitness Log Friday!

I played quite a bit of Ring Fit Adventure this week, and for the second edition of my fitness log, I wanted to go into greater detail about the gameplay experience of Ring Fit Adventure. If I focus on that, I might like the game as a game more and less as an exercise tool. That means I was writing contributions to this article while I was playing the game each day.

Let me know what you think of my thinking on this, and enjoy. This means that I might be spoiling the game's events a bit, though. It's fairly linear so far, so my experience may be like yours if you play the game:

On Sunday, I began World 3: A Shining Jewel from the Heavens. I raised my difficulty level from 16 to... 17! Can I do it?! Well, I can confirm the colour code power we got at the end of World 2 results in a 1.5x damage multiplier. In the first level, Treasure Pass, I found a treasure chest with three Spinach Smoothies, which heal one heart each. I'd never drink those in real life. Sounds gross. But the nice thing about using items is that, unlike most turn-based JRPGs, Ring Fit Adventure lets you consume an item (consume multiple items, actually) AND do an attack on the same turn, instead of you only being able to use an item and nothing else. But if it weren't for that, items would be useless except out-of-battle.

On Monday, I headed to the Town, apparently just named Town. Seems... fairly familiar. A couple, Hubby and Ms. Honey (guess it's not Mrs. Honey, eh?), run General Store 1. But their blender is broken, and Ms. Honey sends Hubby off to the monster-filled General Factory to steal a new one or something. Scared of monsters, Hubby asks for our help. Meanwhile, I buy new clothes: the Savannah Athlete set! Clothes increase attack and defence stats much more than leveling up does. And I went to the General Factory and stole their blender. Apparently, the General Store buys items at only 1/5 of the value they sell them. That's a rip-off. But they're selling Grape Smoothies. YUM! I bought one.

Ring Fit Adventure town man nothing beats an ice-cold water
Towns feature monologues with NPCs from a menu.
This guy would rather me drink ice-cold water instead of a jelly-filled donut. (Guy is ambiguously brown like Brock, too.)

Still on Monday, I seek to cross the Bridge of Insight, which recommends blue Leg Fit Skills—that means Squats. (Grape Smoothies are also designed to power up one's Attack stat, but only for Leg Fit Skills.) Regrettably, I return Squats to my set of six Fit Skills. After clearing through this, but not drinking my Grape Smoothie, I stopped adventuring, and the cooldown stretch knew I did a lot with my legs, so it customised the stretch to be leg-focused. Nice.

On Tuesday, I didn't play Ring Fit Adventure because I got a very nice massage and didn't want to ruin the relaxed feeling my muscles felt. On Wednesday, I also skipped playing Ring Fit Adventure because I was watching the presidential primary debate.

Ring Fit Adventure cooldown pop quiz large muscle front side of thigh squats
The game is punishing me for not playing every day by giving me pop quizzes on human anatomy.
Or maybe it would ask this anyway. Apparently knowing which muscle is what helps exercise it better, as much as I'm avoiding squats.
(The answer is NOT gluteus maximus, by the way. Whoops. Read the article footer for the correct answer.)

Alright, two days skipped in a row? I'm bad. Let's head back Thursday night, then. There's TWO Game Gyms. The one to the left is a novice-level Gluting Gallery, where I'm supposed to lean to the left, right, or stand still in order to collect point-getting tokens and avoid harmful bombs. In my first try, I got a B rank, which is the minimum you need to clear this, but for some reason, it wasn't registering my leans in the last few seconds of the game, which prevented me from getting a better rank. So I tried again. And tried again and again. There's something wrong with the detection here, or it's me. I don't know what's going on.

Unfortunately, the other Game Gym is Squat Goals, which is terrifying. You need to do controlled squats to jump high (or low) to collect passing tokens and avoid bombs. I got 15,000 points, which I thought was pretty good, but it was also only a B rank. Tough...

Well, these minigames are unforgiving. Let's go back to actual levels... like Hopskip Corridor. I wonder if that'll involve more jumping. Ms. Honey says there's a shining jewel here. Well, there's no fit skill preference, so I can take Squats off. Warrior Pose I is kinda intense stuff to actually get it right, and I don't think I am. But it was simple enough, and the shining jewel is a smoothie-squeezing ability (Smoothiecraft) that I can use to make my own smoothies, if I have ingredients. This kind of invalidates purchasing them from the General Store, does it not? After I got that, I went back and got an A rank in Squat Goals. Ha! And then the cooldown stretch because that's enough for tonight. 

Coming back... FRIDAY NIGHT. All that's left of World 3? Fighting Dragaux in the third Dragaux Stadium. The guy is obviously making a positive influence in terms of building infrastructure. 

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Stadium world 3 statues conveyor running
Lord Bowser making statues of himself is obviously better than Dragaux's statues, but Dragaux is doing this on VERY short notice.
It's impressive. Infrastructure construction must be part of his workout routine.

I started by drinking the Grape Smoothie, which powers up my Knee Lifts. Found out that it lasts for four turns, which means I got two boosted Knee Lifts due to the cooldown timer. (The game doesn't let you use the same move consecutively.) After getting Dragaux to 50% HP, he declared how annoying the battle is, jumped back, and the game temporarily turned into a first-person shooter where I had to Ring Press incoming flying boxes. Some of the boxes had hearts in them, which makes the whole Spinach Smoothie thing pretty pointless if the game is going to do this The Legend of Zelda style and have pots at the outskirts of the fighting area with hearts. Except in this case, Dragaux is literally throwing the boxes containing hearts at me.

I think this whole HP thing is going to be a reoccurring issue, though the game does have a catalogue of items (outfits and ingredients and smoothies) with a completion percentage associated with it. Even if it's useless, I'll want to invest in it.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log World 3 November 2019
Next week, I'm going to increase the difficulty level again.
And I should perhaps work on doing more than one level per day if it makes sense.

Anyway, I beat Dragaux (3 for 3) and completed World 3. Next week: World 4!

I took a shower and weighed myself before publishing this article. Still 142.0 pounds. Hmph. I suppose Ring Fit Adventure isn't actually designed for weight loss, but for keeping your body in better shape. That's fine for my ultimate goal of being in good shape for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

The large muscle on the front side of your thigh that can be built up by squats is (are?) the quadriceps. Stay tuned to KoopaTV for continuing Ring Fit Adventure coverage, and let Ludwig know the best format for these. Do you like a play-by-play approach? Do you want something else? Or do you want to know more about what Ludwig is doing for his health outside of Ring Fit Adventure (hint: it's not good)? Comment in the comments section!

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