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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Miiverse Has Now Been Discontinued — Stories From NNID PrinceOfKoopas

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Looking for NNID PrinceOfKoopas? He writes here.

After months of apocalyptic atmosphere, Nintendo's second major attempt at an online forum has been discontinued. No more Miiverse.

I spent my past weekend taking screenshots of the many times we have embedded a Miiverse post on KoopaTV, and then replacing the embed with that image, to make sure KoopaTV's own functionality isn't irreparably damaged. Through those very manual efforts I once again became quite cognizant of the role that Miiverse has played on KoopaTV, having co-existed alongside KoopaTV throughout our own lifespan. Now we will out-survive Nintendo's social service.

It's not just content and posts that we've used on many KoopaTV articles, including as recently as Monday's. It's also not just having a handle on how real Nintendo fans feel about what's going on — the community pulse. But, quite frankly, a lot of KoopaTV's best readers came from Miiverse and were smart enough to get from there to here. Let's hope any Mii who wants more of me can figure out to come here. And there should be a lot of people, because I'm pretty damn popular on Miiverse for someone who can't draw and doesn't shit-post. I'll get to my own Miiverse stuff at the end, but you're probably more interested about how this affects you.

How Miiverse ended, and what is left of it now

First of all, in very typical Miiverse fashion, there were many users who did not know what time Miiverse would end because Miiverse users don't understand timezones, or even the calendar. Some morons were posting on Monday, Sunday, even FRIDAY last week being like, “Hahaha Nintendo forgot to shut down Miiverse! It was all a joke!”

Well, if you try to go to Miiverse now, you'll get this:

Miiverse ended discontinued Wii U error code 115-5004 Nintendo
“Error Code: 115-5004
The Miiverse service has ended. Miiverse and any software features that make use of Miiverse will no longer be available.
Thank you for your interest.”

(Wii U Chat has also ended and has its own error code, but literally no one cares about Wii U Chat. To that effect, only Miiverse's error message ends in “Thank you for your interest.” since that's the only feature anyone was interested in.)

KoopaTV has replaced every embedded Miiverse post on our site except for two from this article, which were Sakurai posts of the day about Dr. Wily and Rayman getting nice new models for their trophies. Instead of breaking big-league, they're just white boxes that state, “Thank you for using Miiverse. Miiverse service has ended.”

If you were up until 1 AM Eastern like I was, Miiverse kind of glitched and looked like this:

Miiverse server error 115-5004 when it discontinued ended
At least I didn't have any unread notifications.

For a week leading up to its demise, Miiverse was loading noticeably slower. Also, there were many very inappropriate posts being made by people who were suiciding their accounts, which is a predictable downside of announcing far in advance when your service will end.

Downloading Your Posts

According to the Miiverse site right now...

  • After Miiverse service has ended, an e-mail notification that includes the URL to download your post history will be sent to the e-mail address registered to your Nintendo Account. Please note this e-mail will not be sent to the e-mail address registered to your Nintendo Network ID.
  • It may take a few weeks after Miiverse service has ended to receive the e-mail with your downloadable post history. Please be patient.”
You can't log on or anything. If you didn't do the downloading posts request before it ended, then you're out of luck. Trying to access your posts or profile gets you a 404 error.

All of this is still consistent with our Miiverse Downloading Your Post History FAQ. They also said back then that it could take weeks, and... they're still saying that.

We'll let you know in a subsequent article when we get our posts in the mail, assuming that Nintendo hasn't decided that we don't deserve our own posts. They claim that they reserve the right to block you from accessing your content in a download if you violate the Miiverse Code of Conduct, so all of the account-suiciders (known in Miiverse lingo as pulling an MM57, or Marioman57) are not going to see their content ever again. I don't think it was worth it.

My Personal Experience as NNID PrinceOfKoopas

Can you tell that I want people to land on this page if they search for NNID PrinceOfKoopas? I wanted to make it really easy to find me.

The day of the service's conclusion, I made THREE new posts. That's a lot by my slow posting standards. The first was a screenshot of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe where I updated my final Heroic Rank and score that I just got as of that day. My in-game profile comment for Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is “”, which showed up in the screenshot, so hopefully people got the hint. My second was me taking the time to finally complete the 140th, most-elusive item on Super Smash Bros. For Wii U's Sakurai checklist: View every fighter's Final Smash. The very last character I had do their Final Smash was Pac-Man, who should've never been in the game. He's what made me take so long... you know, years. My very final post was made about 3 minutes before Miiverse ended in the Pocket Card Jockey community. Hours earlier, I got a new horse in the game named, and I wanted to post him as an advertisement to this site. Well, I played through that horse until he retired, and it took longer than expected and my actual performance was awful since I was sleep-deprived. Still, I got the last post in the Pocket Card Jockey community, which is fitting, since KoopaTV has the best piece of Pocket Card Jockey content that exists on the Internet. Unfortunately, approximately zero people saw the post, so here it is, sideways:

Miiverse PrinceOfKoopas last post Pocket Card Jockey community Nintendo 3DS
I have no idea why this picture is rotated this way, because the image on my hard drive is normally-oriented.

Just to clarify, I was simultaneously on Miiverse on my Wii U, and playing Pocket Card Jockey on my 3DS to put to Miiverse from that.

Here are my final Miiverse stats:

Miiverse Nintendo Wii U Activity Log Play Time Times Played PrinceOfKoopas
I've played over 3,600 hours of Miiverse, 6,817 times on the Wii U.
This is more than the time spent on all of my other Wii U activities combined.

The Wii U was my Miiverse machine. I used the 3DS for it sparingly and only when I had to, and I tried to limit my usage for PC-based Miiverse.

Miiverse activity Excel sheet final data PrinceOfKoopas Ludwig Yeahs bans Followers
Long-time readers have seen my Miiverse activity Excel sheet a couple of times.
Here are the final statistics.

Personally, I'm happy that I didn't get a third ban. I was ready to make good on my threat against my false reporter (who is responsible for why I got SO MANY Miiverse violations... FIFTY!) if I did get banned a third time, but fortunately it didn't happen.

Obviously, I have been on Miiverse for a TON of time. I have very strong feelings for it. I've spent an average of two hours every day for the over four and a half years that I was on Miiverse. It was a part of my morning routine, and by far the most successful social media presence I've ever had. But it's more than self-promotion. Even though a giant chunk of the Miiverse population are people who have zero social skills, zero self-awareness, and minuscule intelligence, there were pockets of satisfaction within Miiverse. I've written about both sides on KoopaTV over the past four years. I'd say it's worth it.

This morning, I spent the time that I would be on Miiverse... sleeping longer. That's definitely something that I could get used to, since we have such a sleep-deprivation issue.

Readers of KoopaTV may be able to figure out that I have two big interests: gaming and politics. The latter is considered a taboo discussion in the majority of places — including on Miiverse, sometimes to absurd degrees — because most people have no idea how to handle philosophical disagreements with another person without deeming them an enemy of society. Meanwhile, gaming interests can be incredibly niche. You tell someone that you're a gamer, and they think that means you've played every game out there and you're on top of all of the latest releases. ...Oh, and they don't think of Nintendo.

Miiverse had a community for every game, much like GameFAQs. So long as you're not concerned about the vitality of an individual community and trying to community-build (Miiverse's nature was to have hundreds of ghost-town communities after their first week of existence), you could at least find some like-minded niche folks to talk with in a very game-focused and game-integrated environment. Consider it gaming discussion and art purity.

Now we don't have that tight coupling of gaming and discussion anywhere in existence. Miiverse was beautiful in that it was very visual, with screenshots adorning the written/hand-drawn content. That's probably what Nintendo was aiming to embrace with the Play Journal in the Miiverse redesign, though I don't think it had a good implementation.

Given all of this, Nintendo's justification that you should now use Facebook and Twitter is rubbish, since as I wrote with their new Nintendo Switch video capture feature, no one on Facebook or Twitter gives a damn about your gaming.

At least on KoopaTV, we frequently find ourselves putting a lot of emphasis on important, relevant topics you wouldn't even think about. Stick around to this website, Miiverse folk. You should like it here.

By the way, I'm familiar with a variety of user-made Miiverse replacements. I don't think those capture the spirit of Miiverse, and I think they'll end up like the user-made copies of the official Nintendo NSider Forums.

For more information about how you can contact each KoopaTV staff member, click here for the KoopaTV Contact Information page. As you may expect, KoopaTV is interested on your own Miiverse experiences and all of that stuff. Feel free to be as stoic or sappy as you want. By the way, prior to the Nintendo NSider Forums (Nintendo's first major attempt at an online forum), there was Hyrule Town Square (which was really just a beta for NSider) and a series of chatrooms Nintendo had, which isn't a forum. There was also a Mario Super Sluggers forum that was heavily moderated where all posts had to be approved by a moderator in order to show up, though it was very temporary and not major.

For background, here is information on Ludwig's first Miiverse ban.
For background, here is information on Ludwig's second Miiverse ban.
As promised, KoopaTV has let you know when we got our Miiverse post history in the mail.


  1. Replies
    1. Charssie GodNovember 8, 2017 at 9:27 PM

      Miiverse sucked anyways, get over it.

    2. Charssie God is a community, we aren't just one user.

  2. Miiverse was more than a platform. It was a community. Everyone got to talk among each other.

    ...then again, you could say the same for anything else.

    Also, I feel Nintendo should really add support for Google Plus and/or Reddit when uploading videos. I can guarantee that no one gives an F when you upload gaming moments on a personal social media account (especially one like Facebook).

    Rest In Peace

    They never knew why Metroid couldn't crawl.

    1. Miiverse was uniquely designed to facilitate that.

      I don't think anything new is going to add support for Google Plus anytime soon.

      Does Reddit have direct video uploads...?

    2. In a sense then, it really is a community.

      Yes. The people on /r/NintendoSwitch enjoy capturing their most skillful moments. (Including myself.)

    3. ...oh, yeah, I guess it does have direct video uploads from the file.

      Then yeah, it could support that.

  3. Before Miiverse finally shut down two nights ago, I scoured through slightly over 3,100 of my "yeah-ed" posts as well as several drawings in the communities that I followed. I ended up saving nearly 1/3 of those images on my computer and then organized them into folders yesterday. The majority are related to The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon. There was just so many talented artists on the platform that it was really difficult to narrow it down to the ones I chose to keep.

    It's truly a shame that Nintendo decided to not place Miiverse on the Switch. I would have loved to see all of the Super Mario Odyssey posts that would have came out of the community, but alas, there is nothing I can do about that. Instead, I can only think about what could have been a great social media platform if only Nintendo would have implemented more features and supported it more than they did.

    With that all said, RIP Miiverse. You will never be forgotten.

    1. So you saved over a thousand images in one night or what?

      I considered saving less than 100 over the course of two months to be a pain in the ass.

    2. That's right. I even have one drawing of you.

  4. I never really cared about Miiverse myself, but this does a great job of getting it out there that it ending was NOT as inconsequential to many people as it was to me.

    So, you know, thanks for that. And I hope whatever they do to replace it on the Switch is at minimum not substantially worse.

    1. Oh, uh, you're welcome. ^_^

      Nintendo has signaled that their replacement on the Switch is using Facebook, Twitter, and the Nintendo Switch Online application (which you will need to pay $20 a year for starting in 2018 — right now it's not even worth being free).

  5. I only saved my best drawings and some screenshots in case my post history won't be given to be due to my temporary ban.

    1. I'm a bit concerned I won't get my stuff back due to a lot of violations, and my last few posts were violation-y.

  6. Miiverse shutting down didn't really upset me because I rarely used it... But you're right, if you were to post something about your gaming on Facebook nobody really cares. I guess that was the only thing I liked about miiverse, being able to share my gaming experiences with other gamers. \(• ◡ •)/
    Also I feel like your comments being deleted by admins was hilarious!


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