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Friday, November 10, 2017

Don't Tread On Me? Don't #MeToo Treddon!

By RAWKHAWK2010 - Let's examine abuse properly.

Some have expressed concern with the #MeToo campaign and how it ignores due process. Did the sexual harassment really happen? Did the victim really not express consent to it? Did Paper Mario really need a story? Usually no one really knows.

That said, here's an easily-understood example of what's definitely harassment vs. what's definitely not:

Official White House Photo of Barack's disrespect for fine woodwork.

The above photo -- capturing Barack 'So Vain' Obama propping his feet on the Oval Office desk -- sent shock waves across the nation. Maybe not exactly because he was the first president to ever do this, but more because he cherished this 137-year-old gift from Queen Victoria so little that he did it even when cameras were focused squarely upon him. Does the man shower with the curtain open too? Our current president would at least dismiss the press corps and cover the windows in black plastic or something.

I don't think Queen Victoria would have approved. I don't think the desk would have either, but it doesn't even matter what the desk thinks because the desk can't think. And an inanimate object that can't think obviously can't give consent!

Barack Obama harassed this piece of furniture. End of discussion.


Now let's move on to the other person:

Foxy Treddon Servius Vigilantes RawkHawk2010 Miiverse Professor Layton Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Capcom foot feet fetish
Official RawkHawk2010 Miiverse Photo of Foxy's disrespect for "Treddon".
(Foxy also just so happens to be KoopaTV's Best New Character of 2014.)

During the final witch trial of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, present is a character named Foxy who does not take her pleasures lightly. She's one of ten Vigilantes who testifies before the court, and testifying alongside her are two willing slaves ("Servius" and "Treddon") who follow her every command. "Willing" is the key word here. Vigilante Treddon willingly becomes a prop for the Steel Angel's stiletto'd feet, a process during which he becomes "the happiest man on earth." It's apparent from Treddon's NON-fetish-related testimonies that he isn't much smarter than the piece of Oval Office furniture he's being compared to, but should a lack of intelligence neutralize his consent? That's like saying a rapist didn't really rape someone because they were too dumb to stop!

Foxy and her slaves barely have ANY presence on the internet aside from this very site (KoopaTV 2014 GOTY Awards!, Bonds and Stock...ings?), but Treddon's consent is preserved in a Court Record and that's all that matters. (Plus my Miiverse post history assuming things don't go horribly wrong.)

Vigilante Foxy did not harass, nor tread on, Vigilante Treddon. End of discussion.


Actually, to open one discussion back up for just one second, a question needs to be addressed which I'm sure at least one reader is asking. That is, "How can you say an inanimate object not giving consent is a problem if the inanimate object in question can't give anything?" Well, let's say Mayor Pauline pulls an Evelyn McHale from a New Donk rooftop and one of Donkey Kong's more retarded depictions still tries to abduct her. Does that suddenly go from kidnapping to petty theft just because she's inanimate now and because her human composition has less value than a $10 eShop card (unadjusted for inflation)?


If you read and understood the entirety of the article, share your #MeToo experiences in the comments below! If you didn't read and understand the entirety of the article, then don't. Also, there will be no #MeToos when Rawk gets Power of Caging'd and made property of Lady Palutena. Instead, he will focus on actually being of commendable service. Willingly.

Treddon would not enjoy the company of Fire Emblem Awakening characters after discovering they have no feet to tread on him with.
Not all shoes/heels are the same, nor their wearers.
You can thank Miiverse for that Foxy pic not being some terrible off-screen capture. Don't count on it ever again for a 3DS game.


  1. President Obama was not the only one to put his feet on top of the Oval Office desk. President Bush (43) and President Ford did so as well.

    1. As mentioned in line 5 he wasn't the first or only, but sexual harassment in the workplace also didn't carry the same stigma back then. It's why Former President William Jefferson Clinton was able to harass someone of a different species in the same office and face little criticism from supporters. In 2012 though? We were in a totally different world, man. To broadcast harassment so willingly in the age of social media required an EXTRAORDINARY lack of prudence. In addition to views on harassment changing, being on camera in 2012 also meant you were going to be posted in places actually looked at by people. He knew even Sasha and Malia's friends would see those photos and just didn't care.

    2. I just wanna mention that "line 5" means something different to mobile users.

  2. I must have skipped over that line. I do see your point. In the past, accusations were not taken seriously as they are today.


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