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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mirror Is The Most Popular Kirby Copy Ability? Round 2!?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Are my tastes in Kirby's copy abilities more mainstream than I anticipated...?

Exactly two months ago, we told you about the Kirby Battle Royale: Kirby Copy Ability poll that was hosted by Nintendo. It lasted for a few weeks, I voted every day for Mirror, and that's all we heard. Yippee, 25th anniversary.

Now we know the results... and Mirror won! Mirror will now be added to Kirby Battle Royale as a copy ability, and there is a really underwhelming wallpaper you can download to your computer or smartphone.

Kirby Battle Royale Mirror Copy Ability desktop wallpaper
This is kind of lame. It's my current wallpaper, though, because I was using my previous one (Pokémon 20th anniversary Mythical Pokémon) for way too long.

Here are the top ten abilities per the poll:

  1. Mirror
  2. Yo-Yo
  3. Sleep
  4. UFO
  5. Plasma 

And then in an unknown order there are the Wing, Cook, Missile, Sword, and Suplex abilities for spots 6 to 10.

But wait... there's MORE! There's a ROUND 2! A FINAL VOTE!

Wait, what?

Starting today, you can vote again for your favourite ability in Round 2, specifically defined as the FINAL round. I guess having Mirror be the winner isn't enough for HAL Laboratory?

Kirby Battle Royale Final Vote 25th Anniversary Copy Ability poll round 2
You can no longer vote for Mirror, but you can vote for Yo-Yo, Sleep, and most of the other finalists.

I'm really still bewildered that Mirror won. I voted every day, yes, and it was for Mirror, but surely I can't be the only guy who voted in the thing. That means there were a bunch of other people out there who voted for Mirror. I don't know if there is a built-in Mirror fanbase out there that was pushing for Mirror. I know that Yo-Yo was supposed to be supported by a bunch of EarthBound fans, and Sleep was supported as a meme. But I can't identify what group of people other than me, myself, and I really like Mirror.

Even stranger is that Kirby Battle Royale is already out in Europe for some reason, and will soon be out in Japan. The Americas have to wait for January 2018. Critical reception has been... poor. The game apparently is lacking in content, especially if you don't have friends. It's also being charged as a full-price 3DS game, as opposed to the $7 price point for the “Deluxe” series of Kirby eShop games and Kirby Blowout Blast, and those games apparently all have more content than Kirby Battle Royale.

When the whole KoopaTV staff was excited and wanting to get Kirby Battle Royale when it was announced, we thought it'd have a substantive story mode with online multiplayer with a lot of hidden an attractive price point. Well, I thought that, anyway. Now? All of us buying it seems unlikely.

At least voting is free! And it lasts until December 2nd. You can vote every day.

By the way, they took out all of the Copy Abilities that are actually in the game for Round 2's voting, so you'll see abilities like Sword and Hammer are not present on the site. They also removed the ability to vote for abilities that cannot be in the game, like Light and Metal. Also, the Smash ability was never in either round.

It appears they really want people for the FINAL VOTE to be focused on abilities they can put in the game. So, the KoopaTV endorsement?


The KoopaTV endorsement for Wing probably comes from KoopaTV's professed adoration for birds. Do you have any idea why Mirror won? Which ability will you be supporting? Is it different than who you supported (or would support if anyone besides Ludwig voted) in round 1?

Kirby Battle Royale has released and it's not worth talking about. Meanwhile, Mirror Kirby is redeemed by getting a really cool Nintendo 3DS theme.
Sleep Kirby has won Round 2, and is now in Kirby Battle Royale. No word on how well Wing did.


  1. Replies
    1. Trying to butter up Ludwig to get more than one point for that zero-effort comment? :p

    2. Says the person purposely leaving out information in comment a, just so you can do comment b, with hopes of doubling your points.

    3. ...Just for the record, you only get one comment-point per calendar day, no matter how many comments you make. (Eastern timezone.)

      If your first comment sucks then your second/third/wotever comments could have Truth or Levity in at least one in them and you can get those.

      Charssie's comments never get Truth. Sometimes he gets Levity!

    4. I speak the truth, and only the truth.

    5. pls buy a real graphics card

  2. I didn't even know this was a thing...and I would have voted for Mirror if I did. I still love using it in Superstar Ultra! You can count on me in this round Ludwig!

    1. Err, actually, Mirror is already guaranteed to be in the game, oooooooops! But I'll go ahead and vote for Wing now because I don't feel strongly enough about any of the votable powers anyway. Toyed with going for Plasma, I did find it odd that Stone Kirby isn't simply an ubiquitous Kirby power and would actually NEED to be voted in.

    2. I thought Stone and Spark/Plasma would get in the game by default, especially since they also appeared in Kirby 64.

      Well, I guess Needle isn't there either, but Needle never had any business being there.

  3. I am not too surprised that Mirror won the first round. Although I did not play Kirby Super Star, I did play Planet Robobot where it finally returned. I enjoyed using it probably even more than the new abilities that were introduced. It's just a great ability all around.

    1. ...Oh, I didn't really realise that Mirror was in any game outside of Kirby Super Star. I mean, Yo-Yo is only in Kirby Super Star, too, so recency doesn't matter in this poll.


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