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Monday, November 6, 2017

Daylight Savings Time Withdraws. Abolish It Permanently, President Trump!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're interrupting our regular anti-DST cadence to bring this special interview.

Since 2015, KoopaTV has written an article every March bashing Daylight Savings Time, accompanied by a request for it to be abolished. For this year's (2017) article, we wrote directly to President Donald John Trump calling for him to abolish Daylight Savings Time in the name of Making America Great Again.

He never replied. It's been almost eight months now.

Why do I expect a reply? Well, aside from the fact that I AM a foreign almost-head of state (and President Donald John Trump is responsive to us types of people), we got a response from former President Barack Hussein Obama back when we sent him a letter. It took him a little over two months to reply back, and we considered that a long time.

I said that I would publish President Donald John Trump's response to our first letter, but since it doesn't exist and now Daylight Savings Time is taking a respite (until March 2018, if nothing changes), we figured that perhaps President Donald John Trump's extreme-vetting and work on THE WALL that cut KoopaTV's article production by 40% back between February and the end of April perhaps got our first letter lost in the mail. Now that we are well back into our one-article-per-weekday flow of things because America's legal system keeps staying his immigration orders, I sent him a new letter. Read it below.

Daylight Savings Time Donald Trump THE WALL Ludwig Von Koopa Super Smash Bros.
See President Donald John Trump's head/hair in relation to the background? That's what Daylight Savings Time does to a guy.

I sent this letter on November 3rd, 2017:
“Dear President Donald John Trump,

Over six months ago during March 2017, I sent you a letter requesting for you to use your powers as the nation's chief executive to free everyday Americans from the repressive regime of Daylight Savings Time. I still have not received a reply.
I understand that you are very busy trying to Make America Great Again with other priorities, such as tax reform and repealing ObamaCare, and that The Swamp is trying to cling to their big government power source. However, I submit that The Swamp controlling our healthcare and our finances pales in comparison to government control over time itself.
The Lord created time, and for many thousands of years time has gone undisturbed. Then, a relatively short time ago, big government decided that they needed to regulate and change time. The changing of time disrupts the lives of every single American, and there is no benefit to doing it. Abolishing Daylight Savings Time should get bipartisan support, if you can convince The Swamp to give up their grip on power.
Abolishing Daylight Savings Time is also very popular among the American people, and you would be considered a hero. Please be the hero America needs, President Trump!

Thank you!” 
It is obvious, looking at many of President Donald John Trump's policy decisions, that he wishes to be the anti-Obama in every way. One way that President Donald John Trump could interpret being the anti-Obama is that when President Barack Hussein Obama replied in two months — replied AT ALL — the opposite of replying is to never reply. This would be a most unfortunate interpretation.

Why not interpret it so when President Barack Hussein Obama took two months to reply, President Donald John Trump makes things happen fast? Ideally, even faster than he will remove MS-13. Perhaps in the timetable that he vowed to get rid of ObamaCare, which was “immediately” upon taking office.

Like ObamaCare, Daylight Savings Time does not work for anybody. President Barack Hussein Obama was fine supporting Daylight Savings Time. To be the anti-Obama, it must be abolished!

This week will be the one-year anniversary of President Donald John Trump's extremely miraculous election. It was so miraculous, that we thought that the miracle (would) never happen. Since that time, all of Washington D.C.'s swamp has turned against the President, essentially making him partyless. The president needs a populist win, and doing away with Daylight Savings Time is the win to have!

KoopaTV encourages the readers to take bets among yourselves on when, if ever, President Donald John Trump will reply back to KoopaTV. As soon as he does, KoopaTV will publish the response! ...As for the bets, KoopaTV itself won't be involved as a bookmaker, but KoopaTV is holding a raffle with an equivalent-to-cash prize at the end of December 2017, and the time to enter tickets is NOW, through Round 17 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! As an aside, Rawk wants to mention that he got invited to the President's inauguration long after it happened, as a pattern of the President's own poor sense of time. If the President can't keep a schedule with Daylight Savings Time in effect, how can anyone else be expected to?

Here is the 2015 article saying that Daylight Savings Time dooms the world.
Here is the 2016 article where KoopaTV passed along a petition to have Daylight Savings Time abolished.
In 2018 a year later, Ludwig tries writing to Senate candidates instead about Daylight Savings.
President Donald John Trump finally responds in 2019, and abolishing DST isn't his plan.
The President did not campaign on DST, and he lost re-election. Now it's up to Congress to do it.


  1. I don't disagree that Daylight Savings Time should go away entirely, but people--especially Americans these days it would seem--hate change way too much for such a thing to plausibly happen. :(

    1. Americans hate change too much?

      They voted for President Donald John Trump to be their leader. Americans are ready for change.

    2. Hrm, you may have a point there I guess.

    3. Besides, you're talking to the guy who has documented issues with change, and I want this changed.

      Though, the desired change is really to stop changing things.

  2. DST is an annoyance for everyone. It is much harder to adjust to DST than it is going back to regular time. By "leaping forward" an hour, many people will experience sleep deprivation as they are not getting the adequate amount of rest. It would be for everyone's benefit if we chose one form of time and stuck to it year-round.

    1. ...Yeah, exactly, and that one form of time should be the natural form of time that we've been going on for thousands of years.

      That said, even if the USA changes to normalcy, there will be many countries around the world that will stick to their corrupt timelines. We'll have to get them fixed as well, one-by-one.

  3. DST also affects my baby. She now sleeps an hour earlier because her internal clock has not adjusted yet meaning she may wake up earlier too when her parents need sleep.

    1. Babies and kiddies are just learnin' how to sleep. They don't need this stuff from a government they don't even have a concept of ruining that.


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